A Trade Idea For the Leafs

I have an idea for the Leafs. We all know the rumours about Columbus wanting Nikolai Antropov, and how Brian Burke wants a first rounder for him. Then there is Tomas Kaberle. He may very well be on his way out of Toronto this Wednesday. I though of a deal sending Antropov and Kaberle to Columbus.

I’ve posted this trade in a previous comment, and I recieved some positive feedback.To Columbus: Tomas Kaberle, Nikolai Antropov
To Toronto: 1st rounder in 2009, Nikita Filatov, Jakub Voracek

The Leafs would benefit from this because they are getting a first roubder from Columbus, along with two stars-to-be.

The Blue Jackets have rumours constantly swirling around Antropov, and Kaberle would fit nicely as a number one defenseman.

Let me know what you think.

8 Responses to A Trade Idea For the Leafs

  1. SpamIam says:

    Not going to happen… Burke loves skilled canadian players, he is going to dump as my europeans/russians as possible and look for picks or prospects that fit a prototypical Burke type player. 

  2. hatterson says:

    I could maybe see Kaberle to Columbus since he's under contract for a couple years, but there's no way in hell the Jackets are giving up anything for Antro who is just going to walk in 2 months.

    Either way this trade ain't gonna happen
  3. yama9997 says:

    Hi Everyone, My name is Yama, Im a long time memeber but first post. I usually just like to ready all the rumours and idea.

    There is no way Brian will send two of his main assets for just a 1st rounder, and two future great players. Maybe Kaberle by hime self is a possibility.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    I agree that rental players are not woth first rounders, however history shows us that it happens all the time. GMs over pay at the deadline, so Antropov, like him or not will get a first round pick from someone.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    Kaberle is NOT going to Columbus…..the list he submitted was eastern conference teams. I could still see him ending up in Fla. don't know why just do….lol.

  6. EmbsdLeafFan says:

    Another Possable trade could be

    TOR= Derick Brassard, 09' 1st rounder, Stefan Legein

    CBJ= Thomas Kabarle

  7. EmbsdLeafFan says:

    The most "realistic" trade the leafs will make this year will be NONE.

    They will start playing well and win a bunch of games between now and the playoffs and put themselves just shy of a spot yet AGAIN! not having any good picks from the draft or obtaining any good from good trade offers.

  8. GoLeafs13 says:

    didn't stefan legein like retire already?

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