a trade rumor that might actually be true!

Not just because i saw this link from ESPN,


The Flyers really ARE interested in Jagr!

(i have a reliable “friend of a friend inside source”)

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  1. mikster says:

    Interesting parts I caught:

    I would not even believe Nostradamus if he’d say the Flyers would acquire Jaromir Jagr. He sure does give you the much needed goals…but the guy would only make the Flyers worse in the locker room. I would love to see Jagr in a Flyers uniform though! Not gonna happen….

    I totally forgot about Eric Lindros’ contract ending this season with an option. Not sure if it is team or player, however, the chances of Lindros leaving the Rangers are existent. Would not surprise me one bit.

    Kovalev’s days are numbered as a Penguin. Where is he headed to? Tough call. I suspect a Western Team.

    Aebischer is playing more often this season, Roy’s contract comes to an end (option included). Time to see the great one’s number retire in Colorado, Montreal, or both!?

    The Ottawa Senators will definitely try to transfer Lesychsyn’s contract to another team. If they fail to do so, i wouldn’t be surprised to see Curtis end up as a UFA after two weeks without a pay check.

    I doubt Witt is available, no reason for the Caps to trade their captain.

    What intrigues me is Jay McKee’s name. What surprises me is the unmentioned Chris Gratton. That makes me wonder how reliable Wigge’s rumors are….or just thoughts? Reason why i am starting to lose interest in Wigge’s article:

    “Big-name stars like Pittsburgh’s Mario Lemieux, Colorado’s Patrick Roy, Detroit’s Sergei Fedorov, Steve Yzerman, Igor Larionov, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille, San Jose’s Vincent Damphousse, Mike Ricci and Teemu Selanne, along with Los Angeles’ Felix Potvin, Aaron Miller and Ziggy Palffy, plus Brian Leetch of the Rangers and Toronto’s Gary Roberts aren’t likely to dealt before the deadline.”

    Well, i would but SOOOOOO shocked to see 66 still in a Pens jersey. I heard the Wings are interested in acquiring him. Yzerman won’t be traded? Why not? The guy has not played yet, he’s been a Wing for too long…mahhhhh i think he is a great fit for Nashville. Larionov won’t be traded, since he is worth too much. Potvin not on the block come March? Why not? I thought it was a good thing to trade your numero uno! Leetch not traded? Why not? Slats sure wouldn’t mind.

    “Best bets to move: Hackett or the possibility that the Thrashers might decide to deal Byron Dafoe, who has an option with Atlanta for next season as well.”

    Dafoe for sure. He is letting Nurminen keep the number one spot, and making Waddell scratch his head and ask, “Why did i sign him?”

    Oh well, it was an interesting article to read too.

  2. bit82 says:

    maybe this.

    TO PHI: Jagr, Sutherby or Nepriayev, 6th rd pick

    TO WSH: Williams, Primeau, 4th rd pick.

    Why WSH would like this trade: i’m not sure the caps would need another center because they have

    enough. but they could use the physical presence of primeau. Most of their centers are not physical players. Getting Williams would put imediate offense to this club. Over the past couple of years, Williams has showed that he has the finishing touch and just has to put all of his aspects together to become a very potent forward.

    Why PHI would like this trade: I’m looking at the stats and see that philly has problems scoring goals. So why not bring in a multi time art ross trophy winner and a guy who prooves he is cluth in post season. I believe Jagr will give the flyers what he gave the pens which is a player who creates scoring chances ansd finishes when given the chance to. he never really shined in WSH because he didn’t play next to many big time players. imagine gagne, roenick, jagr on a line. pretty scary for any opponent. Sutherby and Nepriayev are too very talented prospects who have potential.

  3. mikster says:

    No way…..why should the Caps give more value than just Jagr. Hell, i wouldn’t even trade Sutherby and Nepriayev for Primeau alone…

  4. BWbullies says:

    I could see going after Bondra but not Jagr.

  5. mikster says:

    Yeah really, Bondra looks fit in a Flyers jersey, but i think the Caps wouldn’t trade their franchise player.

  6. BWbullies says:

    They might be thinking about it since he can leave at the end of the year. I believe he has an option at the end of the year. The Flyers could give up a future scorer. Williams and another player and a draft pick or maybe even Gagne.

  7. mikster says:

    Gagne is the very least they can trade.

  8. calflyers says:

    i didn’t hear any names (because of the “code” of not disrupting a “fellow human being’s life” for no reason)

    but IMO,

    Jagrmeister for Gagne, Brendl, some high draft picks, and any prospect EXCEPT Woywitka and Pitkanen (if i spelled that right)

    Sure you miss Gagne, but I really like Williams – he’s a keeper in my opinion

    Washington is “kinda” weak on Left W

    they still do have Bondra (on the RW) for a nice “top” line

    Gagne Lang Bondra (respectively)

    and of course “who knows” with Brendl

    Gagne has more years left in the league than Jagr,

    that’s the “down” side of it i think…

  9. Scottishguy says:

    as a Flyers fan, i wouldn’t want Jagr. The flyers are a defense first team, and i don’t think Jagr would be happy in that system and would cause friction in the locker room due to his unhappiness

  10. calflyers says:

    the Flyers (management) LOVE Williams

    i would be SHOCKED if they traded HIM…

  11. calflyers says:

    besides my post, (if i may say)

    E! – A! – G! – L! – E! – S!


  12. shorn89 says:

    What is your obession with pushing Roy out the door? He has started to resemble the the Patrick of old with his play lately. If he wants to play a few more years I would not want to be the one who tells him no.

    Also the part about trading 66 was a joke right?!?! It would be the first time that a owner of one team was traded to another. I would think there would be a little bit of a conflict of interest there…..

  13. mikster says:

    Yes i was sarcastic about 66.

    Don’t have an obsession with Roy retiring. Just saying, he could….

  14. shorn89 says:

    sorry, not great at spotting sarcasm some times

  15. big_booty says:

    First of all, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. There was exactly ONE SENTENCE that linked Philadelphia to Jagr:

    “The biggest of those rumors are whispers we’ve heard of big-time interest by the Philadelphia Flyers in Washington Capitals’ star winger Jaromir Jagr — with Simon Gagne being the lead Philadelphia player in a package for Jagr.”

    One sentence in a five-page article. Aren’t we jumping the gun just a little bit?

    I read this story a couple of days ago, and immediately brushed it off as a Larry Wigge brain fart. Wigge is a smart enough individual, and knows a fair amount about the game, but it sounds like he bought some pretty well-advertised snake oil. Maybe there are grumblings and loud whispers coming out of DC about possible future destinations for the coach-killing Czech, but if the Caps think that they’re shipping him off to Philly they are sorely mistaken.

    This deal doesn’t go down, and I’ll tell you why:

    1) Jagr’s salary – Bob Clarke commented last week on possible deals brewing, saying that the major stumbling block to any deal is the payscale in the NHL. Clarke went so far as to mention Jagr and the “problems that Washington is having” with him because there are few teams that can pay him and even fewer that might want him. Coyotes GM Mike Barnett even brought up the point that “unless you can swap dollars for dollars” deals just won’t happen. Which brings us to….

    2) Comcast – The parent corporation that owns the Flyers put their foot down last off-season, telling GM Clarke in no uncertain terms that there was to be no significant increases in payroll. For Philadelphia to take on the $11.5 million that Jagr makes, they would either have to give up that much in current salary (read: Primeau and Recchi, both $5 million, plus Brashear at $1.5 million – might happen? I didn’t think so. Or maybe an injured LeClair at $9 million plus Marcus Ragnarsson ($2.3 mil) or Chris Therien ($2.6 mil), same thing) or have the Capitals eat a substantial portion of Jagr’s pay (which they don’t want to do anyway, no matter how deep Ted Lenosis’ pockets are).

    3) Simon Gagne – If he’s what George McPhee wants in return in a package for Jagr then Clarke will tell him to go pound sand. Bob Clarke has made it known time and again to every single GM in the league that Gagne is untouchable, dating back to the instant after he was drafted.

    4) Jagr – While he would bring instant offense to a club that needs it, his reputation as a sullen and sulking superstar that needs constant coddling precedes him. Does anyone out there really think that he would get treated the way he demands get it that way under Clarke and Ken Hitchcock? I didn’t think so. Does anyone else think that Jagr might all of a sudden gain a defensive side to his game under Hitchcock? Didn’t think so, either.

    I don’t doubt that Clarke wouldn’t mind having a player who could score a bunch of goals on his team, but when you look at the total package, it’s just not worth it.

  16. booty says:

    It is time to pour drinks for the common folk PIG> The Flyers need to recall Joe Sacco and Mark Greig to win the Stanley Cup. I believe M. Hartz and the family are the answer to the teams scoring problems.

  17. Tradedude says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY do NOT think the Flyers will pull off a deal to get Jaromir Jagr. I think his price is not affordable to the Flyers.

    Jagr will not be a scorer in Pittsburgh, how many times do I have to tell these people this.

    These are the teams that Jagr would play good and his normal self.

    1) Lots and Lots of ice-time (25 mins. plus)

    2) A one-Line team (to get the ultimate players among his side)

    3) A team that can afford him (11 mil. you kidding me?)

    4) A team that needs him, desperate of scoring.

    My take that if he is traded by March 11 deadline, it would be to a team such as Los Angeles who could probably afford his salary, and ofcourse they need scoring, and he might get his ice-time. Maybe Palffy who becomes a UFA this offseason will be a named popped up often.

  18. Kingsfan1 says:

    FYI He’s in Washington now not Pit.

  19. Habs4ever says:



  20. big_booty says:

    Hartz? Hmmmm….let me see, I know I’ve heard it somewhere….yes, coming back to me now….tall, geeky-looking, ugly as sin…..likes to talk all sorts of poop…

    Oh, yeah! He owes me money!

    Pay up, pig.

  21. titans says:

    Has anyone noticed any and all trade rumors we babble on endlessly about here never comes true? And all the trades that do happen never get so much as a whisper around here. We couldn’t predict What day tomorrow is let alone who’s getting traded in the NHL. WE suck!

  22. calflyers says:


    that is the only team that scares me

  23. calflyers says:

    you are correct sir

    besides the “lindros rumors” a few years ago, i can’t recall any of rumors “from this site” being true.

    I hope they will NOT trade Gagne

    I really don’t think we “need” Jagr in the first place

    (especially at that cost)

  24. calflyers says:

    i agree,

    i hope they DON’T get him…

  25. Tradedude says:

    I meant “he will not be a scorer in Philadelphia”


  26. titans says:

    Jagr is a cancer. Although we do need offense we don’t need him. There are players out there who don’t bring as many headaches with them.

  27. Kingsfan1 says:

    lol is cool i knew what ya ment just giving you a hard time

  28. booty says:

    “…WE do need offense WE don’t need Him.”

    What’s this? You’re back to bein’ a Flyers fan now?

    p.s. Bruins suck

  29. sportside24 says:

    Why do people always put trades that will never happen on here????????

    Jagr to philly? Think about it…

    This site is always full of bullshit rumors!!!!!!!!

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