A War To Look Foward To!

Montreal & Boston just finished playing 3 games in 4 nights and despite the players being bumped, bruised and exhausted they still managed to put on a show.

Montreal leads the series 2-1 but haven’t been dominating like everyone thought…..

Montreal should be the one loosing the series 2-1 because Boston out skated them in the last two games.

“We gotta play our game, that’s not what were doing right now,” said a disappointed Steve Begin after the game. “We need to get back to the basics, back to what we’ve been doing lately, and we gotta work. We gotta skate, we gotta be first on the puck, and pay the price. That’s not what we’ve been doing the last two games.”

Montreal’s unsung heroes have been the fourth line of T.K./Smolinski/Begin.

They managed to get another goal to tie the game and Carey Price made some huge saves to take it into over-time only to see Marc Savard score his 1st playoff goal in OT because of a bad line change from Montreal.(But that’s no excuse, they deserved the win)

Montreal fans are scratching their heads asking:

What’s going on with this team? Didn’t they beat the Bruins 8 times this season? It should be a sweep? Oh no?…What if they loose?

Few reasons why their struggling(last two games):

1. Face-offs

Higgins is playing center while Koivu is getting rest. Even though Higgins is playing well he isn’t winning most of his face-offs. Smolinski has been used only to take the draw then goes to the bench once Montreal has the puck. Plekanec hasn’t done a great job so far either, he played well in game 1. Montreal is always chasing the puck, even though they are the faster team it must be tiring.

2. Power Play

Where’s the leagues #1 Power play?

Montreal’s power play has looked extremely flat. Nobody is moving, nobody is getting in front of the net and their trying too many cute plays. Does it really matter to get the highlight of the nigh? Time to get back to basics!

3. No Saku Koivu & Frankie Boullion:

Montreal is missing their Captain right now. They have managed to play impressively well without him in game one and managed to steal game 2 but they are missing him on the power play, face-offs, playmaking & leadership.

With Boullion in the line-up Montreal gets some much needed sand-paper/grit on the back end to help Komisarek. The last two games Montreal’s defense hasn’t been as physical as they were in game 1. Boullion’s speed is also needed, Brisbois is playing well but Boston’s fore-check is to quick for the old veteran.

4. Boston is actually playing their game!

Too many Montreal fans thought this series was going to be a sweep. Here is a little stat for you:

Montreal Vs rest of league: 39 wins

Boston Vs rest of league: 41 wins

Never mind the fact that Boston lost 8 straight to Montreal. These are two very good teams and the series can go either way.

Boston clogged up the neutral zone, chipped the puck and had a vicious fore-check on Montreal’s defensemen. Montreal didn’t react right. They kept trying the same plays over and over.

Point being:

I predicted this series would go 6 games & Montreal comes out on top basically because they are the more skilled team. Montreal just needs to play their game because they haven’t in the last 2 meetings and it only cost them 1 one game on the road fortunately.

The series just got a little more interesting so I’m very exited for game 4.

If Montreal can play their game/style which is:


Good Defense

Balanced Attack

Power play

If they can do all those like they did in game one(except the power play) this series should be won by them. If they fail to play their game there is a very good chance Boston can win if they get goaltending like they did from Tim Thomas in game 3.

Anyways, I still feel Montreal has the advantage simple because they played awful in game 2 and still managed to win. Carey Price has been GREAT and they are still playing without their Captain.

CBC reported Saku Koivu is to be re-evaluted on Wednesday and can be cleared to skate…so it could be good news….if he could skate.

Go Habs!

Your thoughts on the series?

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  1. Canadiens81 says:

    I agree with you but I think that the reason we aren't scoring more has to do with Boston that they are clogging up the neutral zone.  I think that in the next round whoever we face it will be a little more wide open.  Boston is playing for the 1-0 2-1 games which we ahve proven we can win.  So I think that it is encouraging because most people thought we would have to score alot to win but we have proven we can win the low scoring games.

  2. hockeyhead says:

    thats what is annoying about you soccer chanting fans…this is hockey.

    youre going to compare koivu to patrice bergeon?  that is a joke.

    the reason you arent dominating the bruins is because the habs cant stand the aggressive play that is the stanley cup playoffs.

    a bunch of journeymen and ahl talent on the b's taking it to the habs.

    what would the flames do?  the sharks?  the wings?  the ducks? dallas?

    if a rookie (mind you) takes them to the cup it will be a blood bath.  then the habs would really be wearing red LMFAO.

  3. hockeyhead says:

    you hab fans are so disillusioned.

    going to win the cup are you?  laugh.

    the bruins were picked to finish 15th with manny fernandez and patrice bergeron and they made the playoffs without them the whole year.

    enjoy it now.

    i heard quite a few hab fans were sent home beat up.  stay out of our building ole ole your gay.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    any team in the nhl wish they had milan lucic.

    and ill tell you what…he’s being mentored by cam neely, one of the greatest hab killers of all time…

    so get your laughs in now…they are not going to last very long.

    even carbo likes lucic.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    can't stand the physical play/what the heel are you talking about ?we are handling it just fine1 your bruins can't much us with skil and talent and we are beating you at your own game physical play! i'm not comparing koivu with beregeron you are the one that used bergeron's injury as an excuse and i simply countered that if you use that then we can use koivu as ours!i don't think the bruins are taking it to the habs!who has the series lead?i think it is the other way around!also the reason you guys are losing toois that your putting to much faith into a beer league goalie who we habs fans so rightfully call him(the funnel)because everything goes through him like a funnel!what would the flames do against us not much i'm afraid,the sharks would be a good battle the wings would be a skill vs skill battle the stars would try much like your bruins and would ultimatel fail! the only team i thinkwe 'd have trouble with is anaheim and not because their that much more phsyical but because any team that has pronger,niedermayer, schnieder, and beauchemin om defence is already at a disadvantage!

  6. Habroller says:

    Wow, talk about some biased bitterness!

    We were picked to finish ONE rank above you in 14th place. And yet we won the Conference title.

    Don't know about the Cup, but I like the fact we got a real shot compared to the last times we've made the playoffs.

    I'm not disillusioned but I sure am prouder than ever to be a Habs fan!

  7. Habroller says:

    Believe me, I love Lucic and think he's going to be great. But the Habs are a few steps above the Bruins in terms of youth development and I don't see the B's being a real Habs threat until Rask has a few NHL years under his belt.

  8. hockeyhead says:

    not many bruin fans have any faith in thomas anyway so who cares there.

    the flames would destroy the habs.  who are you kidding.  they are prolly going to beat the sharks.  mikka kiprusoff and jarome iginla.  phaneuf.  what ever there guy.

    dont think your team is all high and mighty cuz they can skate.  just dont.

    you fans have no respect and think you are so elite.  that will be the down fall.

  9. hockeyhead says:

    thats fine.  sounds sane.

    read what some of these other fans are saying.  bunch of crap.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    ok, finally a sane hockey fan.

    you are probably right about rask.  but the bruins will not wait.  either manny does something or they go out and get another goalie.

    most of us are sick of timmy thomas.  he should not be a starter.

    providence is the best AHL team this year…..so.  we have plenty of guys.

    zach hamel will be up next year too.  kessel might be traded for a quality player.  the b's will go after hossa.

  11. Komisarek_Pwns says:

     Dude, seriously, everytime someone makes a comment about Price or the Habs you are right there to make some contrary comment. I can see I'm going to have to start bashing your logic and your pens on a more permanent basis. Man.. I used to get angry but now I just laugh at your comments. I hope hockeytraderumors is paying you for this because it is obvious you spend around 40 hours a week on here. I seriously hope Ottawa exploded in game 4 tonight and butcher MAF's stats so I can be as quick as you are to point out any faults.

  12. HABSSTAR says:

    For crying out loud it was a F'n hip check!  They've only been around, and perfectly legal, for the last 100 years!  So apparently you'd be the one who doens't know anything about hockey. LOL!

    Have him suit up in bubble wrap if he's that fragile!

    You're giving him aufully big boots to fill kind of early for someone who can't take a hip check.  

  13. hockeyhead says:

    what ever.

    why was lucic so pissed about the hit?

    komo wouldnt fight lucic so i guess he's the one in the bubble wrap.

    speaking of big boots.  dont they say that price is the next dryden and roy.

    so please.

  14. careyprice31 says:

    So because carbo likes lucic we have to like lucic your reasoning is dumb

  15. careyprice31 says:

    Thank you to all who notice what im trying to say about BRU Mangus

  16. careyprice31 says:

    I registerd here about two weeks before trade deadline and i was reading stuff before i was even registerd and all he wrote was a bunch of baloney and stupidity. For all the veterans on this site how did u guys not notice what he was writting previously was complete nonsense.  How can u honestly take this guy seriously. I truly believe hes related to eklun din some way

  17. HABSSTAR says:

    Lucic was pissed because he got tuned with a pefectly acceptable hip check, then wanted to fight about it like children are want to do when they are diciplined.  Oh Lucic didn't like getting flattened so there MUST have been something wrong with it.  Ha Ha!   I wouldn't trade Komi's 5 mins for Lucic's 5mins ever. 

    Price might be, he might not.  I know he's playing well enough to beat the Bruins right now though, and I guess that's all that really matters at this point.  

  18. simplyhabby says:

    I hope you are right from a habs perspective because I don't want a neely to face 8 times a tear however, he is showing a great nose for th enet.  If he can evolve his scoring a little, watch out.  Iwoul dlove him on my team any day.

  19. simplyhabby says:

    He sold it no doubt but it was definately a trip.  The stick was wedged between his legs.  Morally, Kovy should of attempted to catch himself falling but he sold it. 

  20. simplyhabby says:

    To be honest HH, PB is a great player and would add some scroing dept but in this type of seires, I think his impact would be minimal.  Its a series of physicality vs skill.  Two teams who style of play compliment each other very well.

    I would rather face philly anyday over the B's.  I think Boston is more intense and better coached,  I also have doubts about the rangers.  I think Montreal mataches well up against them and there defense is much more penetrable then the B's with the game montreal plays.

    And what  is Montreal's weakness? Game 4 was one of the best games I have seen in a while and both teams played very well.  The b's have taken away the PP, the habs have adjusted and are up 3-1.  YOu can nitpick but I thing the habs are now finally doing the neccessary adjustments.

  21. HABSSTAR says:

    I know I noticed the same thing throughout the series.  I mean it's Tim Thomas.  Just put it on net the guy is genetically engineered to let in one insanely weak goal every 100 shots!

  22. TimTheBone says:

    yeah plus he's a nineteen yearold rookie…. he's got lots of time to develop …..

  23. TimTheBone says:

    yeah boston are playing very well defensively… but there are ways around any defense… if they stand the line… you dump in hard around the boards and beat them on the wing when on their pivots…. also start moving the puck around more…. make them chase …. besides our forwards the past three games havent been skating like in game one…. also our puck movement was horrendous….. i get frustrated watching our powerplay… they arent shooting….. BUT i am hoping your right and the game opens up in the second round …. i really like our team and if they play the way they were near the end of the season, we have a very good chance to win the cup…

  24. Komisarek_Pwns says:

    Lol give me a break Bru. You claim you see 15 penalties that should have been called against the Habs? How about the penalties every ref in the NHL are calling if Crosby even gets a scratch? It's obvious the NHL and Gary Buttman are banking on the Pens and Crosby to have a deep playoff run to increase revenue. Ovechkin too for that matter. The enforcers of the game know if they touch Crosby they will be penalized up the ass. He's the posterboy and heaven forbid if you touch him. BTW the only bs call i seen last night was in the first when Komi got called for tripping but the bruin's player practically ran him over. Then the exact same thing happened later in the game to a Canadians player but no call. Bad officiating affects every team, but doesn't benefit any team as much as your beloved pens. You want to see bias? Pay more attention to your pen's games.

  25. Komisarek_Pwns says:

    Sorry, but the reason Boston's shot went wide is BECAUSE Price came out to play it.

  26. Canadiens81 says:

    I agree if we skate the way we are capable of we have a chance to win the cup.

  27. Komisarek_Pwns says:

    I agree completely. I also made an effort to enlighten Bru on the Price/Fleury debate. Fleury did not come close to Price's first year stats untill his third year. Unfortunetly Bru likes to let any contrary evidence to his claims go in one ear and out the other because whenever fleury's stats improve for a day here or a day there he is back singing his praises. Then usually the next day Price's stats are better than MAF's and instead of praising Fleury he switches to Crosby or Malkin untill the next time Fleury happens to put out some good numbers. lol

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