Acquiring Simon Gagne an intriguing thought for Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning has interest in acquiring Flyers left wing Simon Gagne. It is difficult to tell the level of interest because no one with the organization has commented publicly, but it would be naive to believe otherwise.

Why wouldn’t Tampa Bay inquire about a proven goals and points producer being shopped by a team desperate to clear cap space?

And why wouldn’t general manager Steve Yzerman salivate over the possibility of his top two lines being (left to right) Gagne-Vinny Lecavalier-Marty St. Louis and Ryan Malone-Steven Stamkos-Steve Downie?

Acquiring Gagne, 30, who in the past three seasons in which he was healthy scored 47, 41 and 34 goals, would make the Lightning playoff contenders and spike ticket sales. It would make Tampa Bay relevant in a market where it has been the butt of jokes the past two years.

And what’s the harm in a little short-term gain while Yzerman decides the future direction of the team.

Gagne has only one season remaining on a contract that will pay $5.25 million, so the Lightning would not be locked in long term. Given Tampa Bay is about $14 million under the $59.4 million salary cap (assuming forwards Adam Hall, Johan Harju and Niklas Persson make the team), it has room to maneuver.

The caution is Gagne’s history of injuries. He missed 24 games last season with groin and abdominal muscle problems that required surgery and four playoff games with a broken toe. It should be noted Gagne still had 17 goals and 40 points in 58 regular-season games and nine goals and 12 points in 19 playoff games.

But Gagne had double hernia surgery after the 2006-07 season, played 25 games in 2007-08 because of concussions and had hip surgery after 2008-09.

Then again, he has 259 goals and 524 points in 664 NHL games. And, boy, could Lecavalier use a scoring wing on his line, something he hasn’t had for the better part of two seasons.

6 Responses to Acquiring Simon Gagne an intriguing thought for Tampa Bay Lightning

  1. Eklund_Flyers says:

    sounds like you've really put some thought into this. 

    i, on the other hand, don't put thought into anything.  i will be making some fantastic roomers up off the top of my head in just a little while. they will be blockbusters, they will not make sense in relation to the salary cap situation of the teams involved, and they will be ridiculous.

    stay tuned …

  2. cam7777 says:

    Didn't the Lightning already try this with Alex Tanguay just last year?  Gagne's better than Tanguay, but he's also more than twice the price.  The team's problem was on the back-end, and all they did there was swap Meszaros for Kubina – which is a great trade off, no doubt, but still is hardly game-changing. 

    I suppose though, that if you can't improve your defense, you have to improve what you can, and if Gagne can maximize Lecavalier as an asset, that's probably a good bet.  The Lightning are like the reverse Leafs – completely stacked in one area of the team, and unable to add quality in another part.  Oh well, perhaps Hedman will step up and surprize everyone this year with a break out perfromance.

  3. Kev_Leafs says:

    People are saying it's a done deal – Gagne to Tampa.

    I'm thinking Mike Smith has to be coming back to Philly. Smith, a pending UFA like Gagne, but at 2.2 cap hit.  Helps Philly in both areas of concern (goal/cap hit).  But I don't think Smith would be the 'proven' number 1 that the fans would like.

  4. Kev_Leafs says:

    Nope – shows Matt Walker as the roster player going back to Philly. 1.7 cap hit for a 7th defencemen for Philly.

  5. Eklund_Flyers says:

    i would have broke this story, but i was busy finding out where kaberle is going to go using only my dog and 32 tennis balls.

    we're almost done getting the answer.  my dog fell asleep for now, so these negotiations could drag on into tonight.  ugh!

    keep it here for continuing updates…

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