Action going down in March Madness

With March Madness coming up, there will be lots of action going down in the next week. Check out the latest rumors involving the Leafs, Sens, Canadiens, and more!!!Ottawa Senators:

The Senators are looking to get grittier. John Muckler has stated that he is talking with several teams. The regular names are being mentioned but a new one has been added to the rumor mill. The Senators are supposedly interested in Flames LW Chris Drury. He would be exactly the player the Sens need. He is gritty, has heart and always seems to score big goals in the playoffs. In my opinion Colorado made a mistake by trading him in the first place. Ottawa is supposedly using Magnus Arvedson, Shane Hnidy, Tim Gleason and picks as trade bait.

Toronto Maple Leafs:

As always, Toronto has been mentioned in almost every trade rumor. From Owen Nolan to Adam Graves. Pat Quinn told the media that they were actively pursuing Vaclav Varada before Ottaw got him. This might have been the key to other deals the Leafs were going to make. T.O has many players like Varada, so maybe they tried to acquire him to replace another gritty player that they were readyy to trade away. Possibly Darcy Tucker. He was rumored to be involved in a deal that would bring Owen Nolan to Toronto. In my opinion, Toronto should focus on getting a D-man like Zhitnik or Boughner instead of another forward.

Montreal Canadiens:

The Montreal Canadians are still in the playoff race, however they need another scorer to put them over the edge. Patrice Brisebois has been rumored to be going to Detroit. I don’t think this deal would help the Habs because Detroit is not willing to give up roster players, and Brisebois has a big ticket. Don’t expect the Canadiens to make a big deal, they will probably tinker with their lineup. On the block are Mariusz Czerkawski, Donald Audette, Patrice Brisebois, Randy McKay (Ottawa might be interested) and Chad Kilger.

Other Rumors:

-Flyers might be looking at Brisebois to quarterback their powerplay.

-St. Louis interested in Sean Burke or Arturs Irbe.

-Edmonton’s Georges Laroque might be on the block.

-Panthers Brad Ference is on the block. (Ottawa might be interested)

-Carolina’s Bates Battaglia and Glen Wesley on the block. (If the Leafs can’t get Zhitnik, Boughner, Schneider, Miller or any of the defenceman on the top of their list, look for them to acquire Wesley)

13 Responses to Action going down in March Madness

  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    In cae if you were wondering what the Leafs were offering Buffalo for Varada in the first plave,,Well….Its was Tucker,

  2. Aetherial says:

    I would say about a zero chance of any specific names you mentioned happening.

  3. TC_4 says:

    Where did you get all that last part from??? Are those strictly guesses because there kind of poor guesses. I don’t see why Philadelphia would want Brisebois, because that isn’t an upgrade from Dejardins, of course the Blues want a goaltender, Georges Laraque isn’t on the block, because he’s been playing very well lately, why would the Panthers want to give up a tough young d-man like Ference??? And everyon knows about Carolina and who they’ll give up. Now…my question is why there are no rumors about the Ducks getting anybody? Are they done after the Ozolinsh trade? They should get a second line centre, and winger, but I’ve barely seen them play this year so you guys have to tell me. I do know that they have a good thing going, but isn’t it about the same thing they had going from 97-99? Hot goalie(Hebert, Giguere)great first line(Karyia-Rucchin-Selanne, Karyia-Oates-Sykora)and an average defensive corps. I don’t know if I hope they blow it again or not. I do know that Giguere is better and younger then Hebert was, so that’s a start. By the way, the Leafs need to land Nolan, Graves, Marchment, and Boughner to have a shot at the Cup, not unrealistic, but more so with Quinn at the helm. Maybe they should suspend him for the next week and bring in Neil Smith, and give him an unlimited budget to work with. LOOK OUT!!!

  4. rojoke says:

    I’d be very surprised if Brad Ference was moved, given Keenan’s criticism of his team’s lack of physical play about a month ago. Ference is probably their best physical player, just ask Mario. If he is available, I’d love to see him go to Montreal, but I just don’t see it happening.

    As for Brisebois to the Flyers, I think Detroit is more interested, especially since the Flyers picked up Yushkevich recently. Mark Howe even came out and said he was in Montreal scouting Brisebois. Savard may take whatever Detroit offers just to get him out of the dressing room and out of the line-up, giving valuable minutes to Komisarek and/or Hainsey, should he be recalled.

  5. TheMinister says:

    Isn’t Rucchin the second line center?

  6. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Why would the Leafs offer Tucker for Varada? Unless there was something else as part of the deal.

    Varada hasn’t scored more than 10 goals in the NHL, ever. Tucker has scored, 24,21,16,and 14 goals in various season. Varada’s highest point total was 37 while Tucker has had 59 and 43 point seasons. Why would the Leafs offer that deal?

    It doesn’t make sense, because they could get more than Varada for Tucker.

  7. mikster says:

    Glad they didn’t do it, i doubt they made that offer because it sucks big time. I would trade Tucker for Varada. Varada is dirt….

  8. mikster says:

    I say Detroit will get Brisebois. Bowman says good things about him all the time. I think the Wings don’t need Brisebois….they should go after Zhitnik or Boughner.

  9. Jejunum says:

    I don’t see the Drury trade happening. Flames aren’t looking for 3rd and fourth line guys they’re buyers not sellers. They’re going for a first line center and a no.1 D-man

  10. guinsfan4life says:

    The Tuesday morning edition of the post gazette Dave Molinari writes that currently everyone short of Mario Lemieux is available on the penguins roster.

    Namely, goalie Johan Hedberg, Martin Straka and Jan Hrdina.

    He said that (in summary) the Blues could come calling for Hedberg’s services if they can’t land another decent starting goalie like Sean Burke of the Coyotes.

  11. guinsfan4life says:

    Ference physical?!?

    Try dirty and cheap!

  12. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Your out of your frickin mind. Yeah give up a guy with a bit of an upside for a guy with no offensive skill whatsoever. Hmmmmm

  13. bossman says:

    I can’t see the Habs being able to trade anyone except for Patrice “Breeze-by”. If Detroit honestly thinks he can help them in their playoff drive, then let them wheel and deal for him. If the Habs even get a 4th rounder for him, it would be a good deal. This deal has Jiri Slegr written all over it. Remember him? No? Well, that’s because he is nowhere to be found now after the Wings dealt for him last season to get some “depth” on the blueline. He was a decent player before that, but now, he’s out of the game. Patrice better watch it!

    St. Louis will get a goalie but what will happen once Curtis Sanford makes the jump to the bigs? This could happen very soon, probably early next season. The Blues will have to let one of their current goalies go. My bet is on Brathwaite. The Blues could get a 2nd rounder for him or maybe, if their lucky, a 1st. That would be a coup for the Blues if they could get that for Freddy.

    Finally, I believe that Glen Wesley has shot to the top of the Toronto Maple Leafs want list. The guy publicly stated that he would relish the opportunity to play for the Leafs. The Leafs should grab this guy to solve their defensive depth problems.

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