Aebischer signs contract with Coyotes

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Aebischer, 29, posted a 13-12-3 record with a 3.17 goals against average in 32 games with Montreal last season after being acquired from Colorado for Jose Theodore in March, 2006.

“With the signing of David Aebischer we have taken the next step in creating depth at the goaltending position,” said general manager Don Maloney.

In six NHL seasons, Aebischer has collected a record of 106-73-12, a 2.51 goals against average and a .912 save percentage in 213 career games with Colorado and Montreal.

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  1. Lint07 says:

    Aebischer over Joseph?

    Good luck with that, Wayne!

  2. Wings19 says:

    If they were to re-sign Cujo him and Aebiscerh would be a pretty good tandem. It could be a good 1, 1A system. each of them could play half the season and if one is struggling the other could fill in.

  3. caliplayr21 says:


  4. Rico71 says:


    I sure hope Phoenix signed him for cheap. He sucks.

    He has NO rebound control and overcommits WAY too much on his lateral movements. You cannot count on him to make the important saves at all. At least…not in Montreal. Without a good defense…which I doubt Phoenix has…he ain't gonna cut it.

    Another poor signing for the Coyotes. Belfour or Cujo…despite being old…can still play. The 'Yotes better find another goalie to help them.

    And no…Aebisher is NOT a number 1 goalie…not even a 1a or 1b. He's an ordinary number 2.

    That's my 2 pennies.

  5. Tweek says:

    It not a horrible deal for the Yotes.  Its either sign Abby and make a possible trade for somebody and the current goalie market doesn't have much marketable talent thats better then Abby.  Last year was his only bad year in the league and I think he can rebound.

  6. EddieAVS says:

    aebischer was pretty good until he got to montreal. and if you look at the history, there are a few players who just fizzle when they get to hab land. Aebischer put up some quality numbers on a colorado team that wasnt all that great when he was around. he has some playoff experience, and i have a good feeling that he could be a quality goaltender.

    The guy was outstanding for the habs in the beginning of the season when huet wasnt so good.  they continued to rotate goalies until finally huet picked up his game and then threw abby to the curb. Abbys own fans in montreal would actually boo him when he was on the ice. and if they werent booing, they were chanting huets name.

    im sure hes ecstatic to be leaving

  7. fuzzbusterbubba says:

    i wonder if this takes away the toronto rumors of Raycroft going to the Yotes….

  8. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    I'm pretty sure Aebie set the colorado record for wins in a month, formerly roy's, right before they traded him so hes got some game to him. Montreal might of just been too intense for him.

  9. tml87 says:

    I still think abby has the ability to play #1 again. Ousted by Huet in Montreal, I think he needs to be shown some confidence by coaches. I just remember him playing fantastically not long after Roy retired in the playoffs (against dallas i think? but could be wrong)

  10. tml87 says:

    i'm guessing yes? what the flip are the leafs going to do with clemmenson, raycroft and toskala… not to mention I don't think pogge wants to ferment in the minors/backstopping like tellqvist did.

  11. slimdan70 says:

    When is Pogge commin to the front line? ***** i'm dyin to c him in tha NHL

  12. loco42 says:

    The problem with Abby last year was the pressure. That really hurt his confidence. Good signing for the Yotes, if he plays like he did at the start of last year. You will always be a saviour for me, as you were the man that came back for Theo-dort… IMO, even if Abby had his bad moments last year, it was still 100 times better that Theodore.

  13. bleedingblu says:

    Go figure it was playing for the Habs..LOL!!! Come to think of it… Samsanov had his first bad year too!!

    I know I know… its not the team… its the media that makes them play bad…AHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

  14. bleedingblu says:

    Add Samsanov to that list of fizzled talent from Hab land.

  15. bleedingblu says:

    One more year in the Marlies! Raycroft is a free agent next year too.

  16. bleedingblu says:

    Don't kid yourselves… Abby could still play! I'm glad his season with the Habs didn't ruin his career!

  17. canucklehead_101 says:

    and Kovalev

  18. loco42 says:

    agreed, I liked Abby. Montreal was just not a fit to him. I think his style of play will better fit the West. He should bounce back pretty nicely in Phoenix. Should be a good tandem with Tellquist. Now, if they could get some better forwards…

  19. leafsfan87 says:

    Remember People they still have Mikael Telqvist

  20. aneesh2K7 says:

    I guess this kills the Raycroft to Phoenix rumors. Man, I really wanted to get rid of Raycrap. Oh well i'm happy for the coyotes who picked up a much better goal-tender than raycrap.

  21. ferron says:

      Aebiescher is one of NHL worst Goalie, he could not lead Colorado to S–T and last year when Huet was injured he was allowing 5-6 goals a game and was an imbaressement to every goalie on the face on the earth,  if only we could of put Halak in a couple of days earlier and at last game of the year, we(the Habs) would of made the playoffs! Aebiescher is very lucky to have found work in NHL again. Now every body knows that the Phoenix Cayotes just signed the missing piece of the puzzle and now have all the tools to take a run at next year first overall pick(Tavares if elligible?) along with the Edmonton Oilers, the Chicago Blackhawks and theNashville Predators.

  22. I_hate_LA says:

    Aebischer still has potential and the Coyotes still have a great defense to help him out. I can see him bouncing back. GReat signing by the Coyotes. ARRRRRWWOOOOOO!!



  23. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Mediocrity Ftw!

  24. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    lol.  If you feel that way about aebiesher than i wonder how you feel about dan cloutier.  No matter what, at least he is better than Dan "
    the sieve" Cloutier

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