Aebisher a Wing? Lindros and Nolan Could be LA Bound?

According to Detroit free press and Montreal Gazette…

Rumours about restricted free agent David Aebisher intensify that the wings have made an offer to the Montreal goalie and that is why the talks between the Detroit GM and Belfour have stalled a bit.

The Wings are very interested in Aebisher but no names have been mentioned of whom the Wings would give in return if that deal could be made.
According to the L.A Times, Spector`s hockey, hockeybuzz and Sportsnet

Eric Lindros and Owen Nolan are soon to be signed by the Kings it`s just a matter of time, both would be signed according to the newspaper at the league minimum.

I think those two would be a nice fit overthere.

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  1. BeginRocks24 says:

    Why in the hell would Montreal do that?!? I know you tried to be objective, not being a fan of either team, but we definitely don’t need:

    1) another farm goalie (we got Denis, a 2004 5th overall pick in Carey Price + other good prospects like Lacasse & Halak)

    2) any injured defensemen, Fisher is such a gamble at this point that the Wings will have to keep him (which may turn good in the future, but it stays THEIR gamble!!!)

    3) any high-average prospective defensemen look-alike to ours (Emelin, O’byrne, Fischer, Carle, Côté,…)

    4) loosing Guillaume Latendresse. He’s already a fan-favourite. No way he’s heading out before he can proove how much of a power forward (desperately needed in Mtl!) he can become…

    5) This one is more personal: I would love to see a Belarus line with Grabovsky and the Kostitsyn brothers in a mid-future, so let’s not trade them, they couldn’t have a lesser value right now.

    Conclusion: Gainey would never do that in a 100 years!

  2. BeginRocks24 says:

    Don’t worry. Gainey would be the big looser in that deal, so he won’t do it!

  3. BeginRocks24 says:

    To Detroit: Aebisher & Zednik

    To Mtl: Lang & 3rd round pick

    If you Wings fans love Lang that much and want more than that for him, you can keep him! To my eyes, he’s not worth much more (old & expensive)…

    And if you don’t want Aebisher, we’ll keep him! He’s quick & very good technique, I’d rotate him with Huet (Roloson/Fernandez-like) and have the best goalie-duo in the league!

  4. JohnnyCash says:

    aren’t you in korea ? 😛

  5. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    Exactly my toughts good job!

  6. Downtown says:

    Oops… you’re right. Didn’t read the part about Montreal’s prospects (boy, do I feel stupid).

    Just saw what Detroit was supposed to part with and how Aebischer was “the key to the deal.” The Montreal prospects mentioned are worth a thousand Aebischers.

  7. Wingsin4 says:

    There are like 15 articles on both sites, I read the majority of them and didn’t see anything. If there really is something there then why don’t you just make it a little easier for everyone and provide us with the links?

  8. Downtown says:

    For a guy with a 3+ GAA and sub-.900 SV% (who played seven games for Montreal last year), he’s thought rather highly of by some Montreal fans.

    I don’t get it. You guys did see him play in Colorado, right?

  9. detY192003 says:

    Jason Williams last I heard was going to arbritation

  10. Downtown says:

    Though I have to say your proposed deal is pretty reasonable for both sides.

  11. edouardmorin says:

    Here here sir…

    Gainey will not give up prospects for a guy like Lang. While he is a great player and an upgrade from Zednik, he remains an older player who can score. At 3.some Mil, he is slightly expensive, but nothing we cant absorb for a few years.

    As someone said above: In bob we trust. He will not make a deal just to appease the Montreal media.

    As GOD Gainey said yesterday — “This was never about just signing a player for the sake of doing so. I know I can hurry back to my office right now, place a phone call and have someone signed by this afternoon, but it wouldn’t be the player that I want,” admitted Gainey, before turning his attention to an unsuspecting journalist. “I’m sure you would like to get married, but you want it be with the right person, right?”

  12. BeginRocks24 says:

    Fak ça veut dire que t’es d’accord ou pas avec ma proposition d’échange?

  13. BeginRocks24 says:

    Good, I’m reassured…

  14. Freeze says:

    …will likely never play hockey again. I can’t see this deal happening at all.

  15. magnifikko says:

    I like this trade, not cuz of lang but because we would get rid of Zednik and Aebisher , thats like 4millions right there, Zed 2 m. and aeb 2m. We save like a million AND no more stupid floating zednik 🙂

  16. Freeze says:

    Lang has Kovalev type numbers. Zednik is worthless.

    I say keep Lang and just sign Manny Legace. That way, you don’t need Aebisher. Let Montreal keep Zednik and Aebischer.

  17. neilios says:

    Best goalie tandom in the league with Abby and Huet???Thats friggen funny man what about Luongo and Noronen or what about Toskela and Nabakov they are way better then the Montreal tandom.

  18. BeginRocks24 says:

    Luongo/Noronen is not a tandem since Luongo will play over 70 games (and Noronen hasn’t yet proven anything). Also, chances are Toskala and Nabokov won’t begin both the season in SJ.

    I’m talking about a Roloson/Fernandez type of duo. Like splitting the games 50-50. Aren’t you reading well?

  19. wingfanto says:

    As a Wings fan I’m not interested in Aebisher or Zednik. I’d MUCH rather keep Lang and sign either a veteran goalie for league minimum salary (Belfour or Hasek) or trade for a more reliable netminder like Nabokov or Biron. I’m not impressed by either of the Habs mentioned. Abby is no better than Osgood. Hope these wings/habs rumours die quickly!

  20. neilios says:

    Just dont be mad cause the Canucks have the best damn goalie in the NHL in Luongo and Huet is a ok goalie but Abby just sucks ass,and dont be mad cause no1 wants to play for the Habs why didnt any UFAs sign with the Habs????

  21. hab_o_holic says:

    ryder will wear a habs jersey next season. no doubt.

  22. hab_o_holic says:

    I agree SensDude. Williams over Lang in Montreal any day.

  23. habsoverserver says:

    Some guys signed the guys they wanted and some guys are working on plan D.

  24. habsoverserver says:

    to Detroit: Belfour

    to Montreal: nothing

  25. BeginRocks24 says:

    Whoever team you’re cheering for (not clear Wings or Vanc), the Habs will finish ahead of you next year…We got a damn solid team! Sorry, if you didn’t already know.

    And btw, those aren’t things that make me mad. They are just for fun, I don’t get highly emotionally involved. I get way more mad when I see new policies under Bush’s administration…

  26. dcz28 says:

    Some of you seem to think that the Wings have to trade Lang because of his salary which is total B.S since they have some cap room to work with.

    Here is how the Wings payroll is set up as of right now (took this from the Detroit Free Press) :

    The Wings signed defenseman Brett Lebda to a four-year deal. They now have 15 players signed for about $32.5 million. The salary cap will be $44 million. Here’s who’s under contract:


    Nicklas Lidstrom D $7.6 million

    Pavel Datsyuk F $3.9 million

    Robert Lang F $3.8 million

    Mathieu Schneider D $3.3 million

    Henrik Zetterberg F $2.65 million

    Kris Draper F $2.13 million

    Kirk Maltby F $1.4 million

    Tomas Holmstrom F $1.37 million

    Mikael Samuelsson F $1.2 million

    Niklas Kronwall D $1.14 million

    Andrea Lilja D $1 million

    Chris Osgood G $900,000

    Chris Chelios D $850,000

    Dan Cleary F $650,000

    Brett Lebda D $550,000

    So as you can see they are not up against the cap as some might think since they have Huddler, Filppula and Franzen will all be signed for less then 1 million per season. Williams will likely be signed at around 1.5 to 2 million per season no more. MacLean could be re-signed for under 1 million also…Tomas Kopecky is another young option the Wings could bring up to the big club also for cheap.

    The Wings could have all the roster spots filled with a couple of million to spare for injuries and UFA’s to sign and it has been reported that Holland has been in contact with Markov, Carter and Samsonov to try and get one or two of them signed if the price is right.

    No where in the Detroit News or Detroit Free Press does it ever say anything about Aebisher or the Wings having any interest in him since they have seen him play with Colorado a lot and know he is not a viable starter. Zednik and Aebisher for Lang would make the team weaker while most likely adding salary to the payroll so why would the Wings want to do that? Makes no sense what so ever…i would rather the Wings sign Belfour (i hate him and don’t want to see him with the Wings) and not give up anything then add an average backup in Aebisher and less productive and smaller forward in Zednik while adding salary. Hab fans seem to think highly of those two so they can keep them. Wings are in a better cap position then a lot of teams (Boston, Ottawa, Philly to name a few) so Holland will not trade Lang just to dump his salary or because he has to…the only way is if they get something to make the team better (Aebisher and Zednik) would not do that so could we please let those rumours die!

    Not as bad as the Zetterberg for Antropov the Leafs fans had last offseason but this would still be a dumb trade for the Wings.

  27. BeginRocks24 says:

    You know the habs are gonna be great next year, whichever move they do or don’t do…

    According to your name, you seem pretty desillusional though…

  28. BeginRocks24 says:

    The Wings are going down, that’s fow sure!

  29. dcz28 says:

    Wings will still finish ahead of the Habs this season so i guess that would mean Montreal is already down?

  30. Burgergold says:

    zednik to WAS for a 3rd round

    johnson from PHO for a 4rd round

  31. dcz28 says:

    Good now Habs fans can stop with the Zednik & Aebisher for Lang rumours…it also says on TSN that the Habs have signed Aebisher 1.9 million for one year.

  32. edouardmorin says:

    Je te dirais que j’étais d’accord, mais la Bob est venu mêler les cartes un peu.

    Je suis content de l’échange de, mais il reste a voir si Aebischer va rester a MTL. Il a signé mais bon… Moi je crois qu’il va commencer a MTL et si il y a un goaler qui se blesse dans la ligue, sa valeur va augmenter du jour au lendemain. Reste a voir…

    Les Stats de Johnson son nice. Il semble être plus fort que Zednik en Defense, et il faut aussi voir que Bob a donner un choix de quatrieme ronde pour en fait recevoir un choix de 3ieme.

    Qu’est-ce qu’il est rusé ce Gainey!!!

  33. LongPond says: also reports that the Canadiens signed UFA S. Samsonov

  34. Francis10 says:

    Not sure why everyone is so rough on Lindros about his time in TO, he helped us through the 1st part of the season when our captain was out. He cetainly wasn’t Alexander Ovechkin, but still what this guy did when EVERYONE was on his case in TO, he deserves alot of credit!

  35. habs_fan_in_korea says:

    Aeby etais la goaler qui a gange quand Huet a perdu les matches contre NY et NJ. Je pense que nous dois donnons une chance?

  36. wingerxxx says:

    There are too many problems associated with him. It’s no accident that he hasn’t played over 40 games in a season since 02-03. Plus, he hasn’t had a really good year since 01-02. Playing Eric Lindros-style hockey nowadays is just going to get him hurt. Again.

    There are better ways for your team to spend its money.

  37. Freeze says:

    Lang’s salary is around $3.6 million. That may or may not fit in Montreal’s payroll structure. Maybe trade Aebischer plus another player/salary for Lang???

  38. worsley3 says:

    What happened to Mike Barnett’s promise to sign a qality forward for the Coyotes? Even Nolan would fit. Roenick is ‘over the hill.’

  39. ahuja21 says:

    Us? What are you talking about ur not on the team

  40. Habman77 says:

    This is one of the worst trade proposals i’ve ever heard of!!!!!!!!!! Give your head a shake

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