Agent denies Malkin's signing

ESPN is reporting that Malkin’s agent JP Barry is denying that his client reworked his 3 year deal into 1 year. His agent told the AP in a telephone interview that Malkin wants to play in Pittsburgh this season.

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  1. muckies says:

    This is turning into a bit of a Gong-Show. If it wasn’t for Crosby, Pitt would be a really sad franchise What next is Mario going to come out of retirement and not play? With the way they treated Fleury, the entire sale of the team, the signings they made last year, the Jagr trade, it just seems like a really sad for the fans in Pitt.

    What happened to the Pens, they used to be so good only a few years ago????

  2. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Actually im a pittsburgh fan and im really happy with the direction the penguins are heading in with sheo so no im no its not sad here at all. I have to say it will be sad for you when u have to read the hundreds of posts over the 5 years on this site and others when they start winning stanley cups

  3. muckies says:

    hey, Pitt will be awesome in a few years, and Sid will win a Cup one day, but this is just a joke his Malkin scene, Pitt should call his agent and tell him to keep everything quiet for a while. Pitt should be focused on Fleury and Crosby, not a player that has never played 1 minute in the NHL

  4. J_Retz says:

    Pitt still is a sad franchise even with crosby. Didn’t they only improve by a few games?The entire penguins franchise is a gongshow and I’m sick of hearing about it. Just move the team and get it over with.

  5. lrdstanley says:

    Crosby will win the cup one day,,,but it won’t be with Pitt. It will be with the habs, when he signs with them once he becomes a free agent.

  6. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I could totally see that happening. I don’t think the Pens will win another cup in Pittsburgh. They’ll be moving before the franchise gets a winning record.


  7. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    You seriously can’t think that a team with Sid will win the cup just because of him and a few other young prospects. What about Washington and Ovechkin. As of this point, Washington is the better team, and I personally think Ovechkin’s better than Crosby, why aren’t they winning cups? Look at some of the other teams. San Jose has the Art Ross winner AND the Maurice Richard winner, but no Cup. Ottawa had their whole first line in the top 15 in scoring, but no cup. Atlanta had two of the people in the top 10 and they didn’t even make it into the playoffs. If you honestly expect the Penguins to start winning cups because they have Crosby and a few other good prospects, you are strongly mistaken.

  8. muckies says:

    I actually think it will be In montreal with carey Price in net, I didn’t want to derpess the Pitt fans

  9. PensinWpg says:

    Ovechkin and Crosby have been in the NHL for one whole year, get a clue. Thornton has been with the Sharks the same time. I don’t think anyone expects the Pens or any other team that is rebuilding young to start winning the cup immediately. What I believe he is saying that they are players teams build around to become contenders. And Ovechkin and Crosby will have far greater success in their careers than any players on any of those teams you mentioned.

    Ovechkin is and will be a superstar, Crosby however has all he has plus far greater vision and playmaking ability and substantially better checking and defensive awareness.

    The Pens this coming season are a vastly different team than the last two. They are building around him as their franchise player. Ovechkin is an offensive wonder, no doubt about that. The Caps organization has done next to nothing to support his talent. I could surely see him wanting out of Washington soon enough to play on a team where he can really shine and possibly be a contender.

    As for word on Malkin, I agree that all these “stories” we keep hearing should be kept quiet until a final decision is made on his status.

  10. PensinWpg says:

    You are entitled to your opinion. Although it is sad and we are all sick of hearing it. Just move on to topics you support and get it over with.

  11. 7h3hYp3 says:

    lmao lrdstanley your a retard.. that was the dumbest comment i have seen on this site.. montreal wont be winning no cups with trades like theodore for abeischer lmao and sidney is a garbage little ***** who i expect to see injured for good next season hes got no one to protect him again this season hatcher n kovalchuck throw him around like a ***** hatcher took his tooth and everybody in the nhl hates him hes more hated for his whining almost more then avery i dont expect to see him win a cup or another team pick him up do to the fact the players wouldnt want to deal with another whiney ***** like mario where i think he learnt it from.. but at least mario had earned respect by sucking gretzky off …

  12. 7h3hYp3 says:

    no seriously enough about pittsburgh there garbage crosby isnt going to be a player whos going to take them to the cup malkin should be wanting to get a 1 year contract with the penguins so he can get in the nhl and ditch them i dont see him staying with crosby for too long players dont like crosby so why should he.. plus pittsburgh aint winning no cups.. god the leafs have a better chance of winning a cup and i dont expect them to ever win one again or for the next 10-20 yrs at least

  13. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    You gotta be 13 years old. Try posting something that we don’t have to decode to understand. Go eat a dick.

  14. PensinWpg says:

    You kind sir have got to be most ignorant person I have read on these forums. Players don’t like Crosby? Hatcher and Kovalchuk? Don’t make me laugh. Sources??? All I have heard regarding Crosby around the league is most contrary to your self satisfying tirades.

    If you actually followed hockey and the NHL you will have seen the protection the Pens acquired. And experts and hockey fans that know the game alike all agree that the Pens will have very talented team, entertaining team soon enough. They may not be the best ever or become a dynasty but they are a sense of pride for their fans. As fans we see the changes being made, the prospects showing their worth etc etc…

    Which team btw do you support or do you just go around bashing others to make yourself the ultimate internet tough guy?

  15. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    Some food for thought. Malkin restructures his 3 year deal into a one year deal. He puts his two weeks in and comes over to the US. His Russian club sues for breach of contract. If he LOSES, he only owes one year to his Russian team instead of 3 years. If he wins, it’s a moot point.

  16. gg_idiot says:

    MALKIN’S AGENT? I thought he fired him 3 days ago? Is he really a credible source?

  17. gg_idiot says:

    Not only are you predicting something ridiculous but you are predicting something that couldnt happen for 5 years. And people make fun of Leafs fans for making outrageous trade rumours.

    Leafs will sign Ovechkin in 5 years mark my words.

  18. Yann says:

    First of all crosby is not hated, he has rivals, (kovalchuk), and how do you expect tme to be a contender? you said yourself they had prospects, prospects cant make a team win but prospects become stars then they can make a team win(in a couple of years)… point is crosby is great and pittsburgh WILL BE

  19. PensinWpg says:

    Bring back the Jets….yes please.

  20. Kyleton says:

    He did fire his agent but it was to go back with his old agent. So he still has an agent

  21. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Actually pittsburgh crushed washington when they played each other this year… i believe one time they put up 8 goals against them so no i think pittsburgh is the better team at this point … TEAM ovechkin isnt a team player

  22. OldGoalie says:

    Iteresting idea…depends on how Russian courts determine damages. Assuming he does what you suggest, they might say “they don’t pay him in advance, so they’re not actually out of pocket anything so they don’t get anything.” Or…”well, if you can prove what you lose without him in your lineup, he could still cancel the contract anytime he wants with two weeks notice, so the most you can get from him is two weeks’ worth of that.” Or “OK…he owes you whatever you lose by him not being in the lineup for an the entire length of his contract.” Or any one of a million other things…U.S. courts don’t even compute damages in contract cases identically.

    Given that Magnitogorsk’s home arena seats a grand total of 3,000 people, though, I don’t know how much him not being there can possibly mean in terms of gate revenue…anyone know how Russuan club teams realize their income?

  23. gg_idiot says:

    damn this kid is confusing

    i hope when he is in the nhl he doesn’t pass to the other team so he can steal it from the other team before he scores

  24. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    From what I have heard I have no idea what you are talking about. On the few games I have seen the Pens play last year when went to the players on the “miked up” potions the way other players talked to and about Crosby is just a little hard to swallow your acusations. Plus when you speak poorly of Crosby’s talent all credabilty on your behalf in gone, since like him or not Crosby is a great players far from his prime.

  25. Waffles says:

    I just read someone say “Ovechkin is and will be a superstar, Crosby however has all he has plus far greater vision and playmaking ability and substantially better checking and defensive awareness.” Are you out of your mind, I might possibly agree with the more defensive awareness, and possibly playmakin ability considering Ovechkin is a scorer. But to say that Crosby has better vision than Ovechkin? bullshit, and checking? Yeah right Crosby hardly throws himself around, why not go back through this past season, Ovechkin is a hard hitter, it’s hard to find a player with finesse, sniping abilities, great vision and TOUGNESS especially. You cannot honestly say Crosby has all Ovechkni has and more, thats just not right, Crosby is too overrate, Ovechkin is clearly a much better player. Now I’m not necessarily trashing Crosby, the kid is amazing, but i dont agree saying he’s better than Ovechkin. I mean he has it all, and Ovechkin would be a great addition to any team at all given the way he plays stays consistent. We’ll have to see I guess

  26. Veggetto19 says:

    2nd line center pssshh this guy is gonna show sid the kid how a man plays the game ur looking at your number 1 center

  27. Guinsfan87 says:

    Crosby does have better vision on the ice then Ovechkin its pretty obvious actually. Checking I dunno who posted Crosby is a better checker but there out of their *****ing mind

  28. Guinsfan87 says:

    Kovalchuk throws him around? really ive never even seen Him and crosby come into physical contact with each other, but i dunno what in the ***** your talking about. And who cares if he whines? the 2 greatest players in NHL history were both whiney as rookies, and both of them have led there team to several championships and gotten several awards themselves.

  29. lrdstanley says:

    First of all, Crosby has stated that he would like to play in Montreal, so if he does become a free agent in 5 years or so then there is a chance that he will sign with the Habs. By that time, hopefully, Carey Price will have developed into the star goaltender that everybody is predicting he will be. Montreal’s future looks very promising right now, can you say that about the leafs?????

  30. kamullia says:

    pensfan21 wrote on this news post that ESPN was reporting that “agent JP Barry is denying that his client reworked his 3 year deal into 1 year.”

    Now, ESPN is well known to botch specifically hockey stories, and I am not pointing fingers. I just want to clarify for all interested about the news and about some posts I have seen.

    As of media 7 a.m. Aug 7, 2006:

    1. JP Barry is the latest agent for Malkin. He was the original agent, who was fired months ago (replaced by Meehan, the latest firing), and now has been re-hired.
    2. JP Barry did a telephone interview with the Associated Press, and this is where all the comments have come when you read “his agent” in any media, about this new contract. Barry has not confirmed nor denied in that interview, that Malkin reworked his contract with Magnitogorsk. Someone (not interested in who) botched that part on this original post, and I wanted to make that clear.
    3. The latest news on this subject by ESPN does not state anywhere on the story that Barry denies that Malkin signed a new contract with Magnitogorsk. Again, not interested in where the “denying” originated, but what is important is that ESPN, which is pensfan21’s source for this post, is at least now reporting exactly what all the other sources are reporting and nowhere in those is there a comment from Barry denying the contract. So Magnitogorsk claims there is a new contract, but no one has confirmed it, but at the same time, no one has denied there is a contract either. Confirmation is therefore still pending (although my personal belief is that he indeed signed a new contract, otherwise you’d think someone would have categorically denied it by now).

    I hope that helps clear up some of the confusion.

  31. lrdstanley says:

    Once you learn proper sentence structure then I will take your opnion seriously. Till then GROW UP!!!!!!!!

  32. PensinWpg says:

    I would be the someone who stated this. And I will maintain my position that Crosby is a far more complete player than Ovechkin. And by my assertion of checking I do not solely mean by physical hitting as you tend to believe checking only entails. This is to include defensive play at both ends of the ice which Crosby does well enough to compliment his offensive and playmaking talents.

    Despite Ovechkins awesome offensive abilities he is a one way player. He has always been likened to Bure in this regard. I am not making this up, it is the way he plays.

    Regarding on ice vision, Crosby has always been compared to the greats of the game how well he sees the ice and his teammates. Again, I am not making this up or simply running from personal perspective on this one.

    I do agree with you that time will tell and I look forward to watching both of them and being entertained by them for a long time to come.

  33. PensinWpg says:

    It is no secret that Crosby was a fan of the Habs growing up as most are out in far eastern Canada. And who wouldn’t want to play for their childhood team? Especially a team that is the most successful professional team of all time.

    However try not to mix his comments made when he was 16 yrs old with that of his as an adult hockey player in the NHL. If the Pens keep the team competitive and surround him with quality linemates he will surely stay in Pittsburgh.

    Truly the Habs have a promising future, they almost always do, it’s Montreal. Contrary to your comments the Leafs do indeed have a good bunch of promising young talent you seem to overlook due to your bias.

  34. lrdstanley says:

    Well he did state at the lottery that he was hoping for Montreal to win the #1 pick. I just hope that when the time comes he still wants to play for Mtl and Mtl has the money to get him. It would be nice to see him in a Habs jersey.

  35. PghPens06 says:

    One of the Pittsburgh newspapers, the Tribune-Review, reported today that Malkin’s agents have confirmed the one year contract signing by Magnitogorsk Metallurg. However, Pat Brisson and J.P. Barry are still working on ways to bring him to the Pens for the 2006/07 season. According to Tom McMillan, VP of Communications, the Penguins have not yet received any confirmation of the Malkin’s new contract.


    The story also stated that there are reports indicating Malkin fired Don Meehan / Newport Sports last Friday because they were directing him to go with the Russian 2-week notice contract escape law. That option could involve the potential of future lawsuits by Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the United States. Even if a lawsuit would turn up fruitless, consider that Malkin grew up in that town, his family lives there, and he has business interests there. It appears that he doesn’t want to leave under those type of cir*****stances, wanting to save face for himself and his family in his hometown. If that’s the case, I can’t say that I blame him. Even with the two week notice option available, he probably feels morally and politically trapped by the situation. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported today, this has the plot intrigue of a murky Russian novel.

    IMO, the only way Malkin will end up in Pittsburgh this season is if the Pens buy out his Metallurg contract. Perhaps that’s the reason for the renegotiated one year term because it reduces the total value of his contract with them. Metallurg will still want some serious cash in return. I’m guessing that we’re talking somewhere in the $1M range rather than the $2M+ that Metallurg was originally looking for. A comprimise for all parties. We shall see. Otherwise, it’s wait till next year.

    If Malkin plays for the Penguins this season, I’ll buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too.

    BTW, can some of the posters please stay on topic here? Somehow this turned into a Crosby basher vs. supporter forum.

  36. bpanther83 says:

    Crosby is hated cause of his *****iness. Crosby will be a great player, but no way he stays with Pittsburg, they can’t afford him, and even if moved won’t be able to afford him once he becomes a star. He will pull a Jagr and pack up and go.

  37. mike7psu says:

    I have read all the reports as well, and find it very unlikely that Malkin will be a Penguin this year. After reading the Post-Gazette, Trib, and the actual russian version on the Metallurg webiste, I see that the russians are putting huge pressure on Malkin’s shoulders to stay and be the superstar of the Russian Super league, and boy is it working.

    The On your idea of a Penguin buyout, I find the NHL the biggest one to stand in the way of that deal. After Russia more or less laughs in their face, the NHL will “strongly” discourage the Pens, or any team to bow to the Russian demand for money. They would rather go another year without Malkin in their league before they will tuck tail and give into the demands

  38. PghPens06 says:


    After reading your post, I have to agree with you that it would set a dangerous prececent if the NHL would allow the Pens to buyout Malkin’s Russian contract. Therefore, if he wants to play for the Pens this year, it comes down to him leaving Metallurg with the two week notice like Ovechkin did to the Dynamo team last year or Metallurg accepting the $200K that is set forth in the unsigned transfer agreement. Obviously, Malkin is the main reason that the transfer agreement is still unsigned.

    It’s up to Malkin if he wants to face any potential hometown repercussions if he were to leave this year. By the looks of it, him serving the one year contract is currently his only face saving move at home. What a shame. Whoever advised this kid to sign the original mult-year Russian contract must have been smoking something.

    Does anyone know how long the Russian Super League season lasts and how many games? I was just wondering if he could end up here at the tail end of the NHL season just for the experience. I heard somewhere that the NHL may have rules against European players coming over here at the end of the season. I’m not sure if those rules still exist with the new CBA or if they ever existed.

  39. intelligentscorpio says:

    The NHL Executive is awefully quiet on this subject. They need to come out and make a statement as to what they are doing to get the Ruskies to sign the IIHF agreement. Paying off the Russians is not an option. Once they understand this, they may be willing to sign on the dotted line. It is not just about Malkin. Over the years, there have been many good Russian players, who have made their name in the NHL. The NHL executive should be working hard to get this point across to them and ensure that all Russian players are able to join the NHL if they can compete at this level.

  40. kamullia says:

    Daly already stated days ago that signing the transfer agreement for this year, with the Russians is not going to happen. They put a deadline out, and they are sticking to it. They have also quietly (not too quietly because it has been leaked in the press) told all NHL teams to forget about the thought of paying a transfer fee on their own, or buying out contracts, or else…

    The transfer agreement expires this year, regardless, and a new one or an extension will have to be agreed upon by all the parties. I suspect there will not be an extension, and they will slightly increase the amount from $200,000 per transfer to try and get the Russians to sign off.

    In the long run, the Russians are going to lose on this one. Any player who thinks has a shot at the NHL will require from now on an escape clause, or the contracts will be 1 or 2 year deals from now on, and on both cases unless they sign a transfer agreement they get NADA when the players leave.

    They will eventually sign. I am sure of it. But how long will it take for them to realize it and sign is another matter.

  41. AHLoldie says:

    Are you an idiot? There’s a cap limit. Everybody is under the same cap. With a new arena, the Penguins will be capable of paying the same salary as the other teams. Their problem is going to be too many high end players in seven seasons.

  42. AHLoldie says:

    They played 8 times this past season and Crosby totally outplayed Ovechkin! Crosby had 8 goals to Ovechkin’s 3, Crosby had 6 assists to Ocechkin’s 2. Crosby flattened Ovechkin with a check in the open ice, and once in the corner in a game in Washington. I don’t remember Ovechkin ever laying a glove on Crosby. Crosby is much faster, better stickhandler and passer. Ovechkin has harder shot, but doesn’t use his linemates well. In the long run, barring injuries, Crosby will have the longer, higher scoring career. Ovechkin will move from team to team because he is too one dimensional. But he’s a good one dimensional player.

  43. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    ur post is obviously a bunch of bs cuz all ur facts are made up. they only played 4 times. their not in the same division… so they didn’t play 8 times. also i highly doubt crosby had 14 points in these 4 games. so i don’t kno where u came up with this crap other then pulling it out of ur ass.

  44. kamullia says:

    The Russian regular season ends in mid-March, followed immediately by the playoffs which take roughly a month to complete.

    Mettalurg is expected to make the playoffs, therefore unless the Penguins made it into the post-season Malkin would not be able to play.

    But regardless, I would be surprised if Malkin did do something of the kind after playing an entire season and the playoffs and if the Penguins would agree to put him into the playoff lineup by taking someone’s spot who would have gotten the team into the playoffs. Not only that, but add no time for acclimatizing, not nowing the language, and on and on and well…basically you have a flight by the seat of your pants operation.

    I do not see it happening.

  45. PghPens06 says:

    According to a story today in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Sergei Gonchar talked to Malkin a couple of days ago about his plans. He told Gonchar that he is staying in Russia this year for a reason he would not divulge to him. (Russian Mob Threats???) Gonchar said that he had plans to take Malkin under his wing this year and even have him live with his family in Pittsburgh during the season.

    Here’s the URL for the story:

    For Pens fans, let’s hope that Jordan Staal is capable of playing in the NHL this year. Otherwise, Ray Shero is scrambling for some center help.

  46. OldGoalie says:

    As I’ve said before in other threads, I no longer believe that Malkin wants to be in the NHL, for a variety of reasons. He has family and business interests in Magnitogorsk. In the Super League, he gets to be one of the biggest stars in the league…in Pittsburgh, we don’t even know yet if he’d be the best player on the team. The language barrier. The purchasing power of what he makes in Russia might be greater or in the ballpark of what he would ever earn in the NHL (anyone know what the cost of living is in Magnitogorsk?). And so on. None of that is going to change between this year or next year, or ever, really…so while it is plausible that renegotiating his Russian contract to one year was done to get him to the NHL sooner, it is also absolutely plausible that it was done as a means of getting the pressure to come here off of him for this season, and he’ll deal with finding another reason to stay in Russia next summer.

    Both because I don’t see any of the above changing next year or the year after, and because the Pens are in the position of having a surplus of youth and not much in the way of established talent, I think Shero has to at least investigate the possibility of trading the rights to Malkin away. I hate to be saying this because I think he would be a great player if he ever makes it to the NHL, but if you can get good value back for him (which might be tough at this point), maybe it makes sense.

    But assuming Shero stands pat with the personnel he has right now (which may not be a safe assumption…almost $1 million is freed up if Malkin stays in Russia, and the Pens weren’t exactly in imminent danger of breaking the $30 million total salary barrier, if I recall correctly, so they now have both a motive and, perhaps, the means to bring someone else in, even if they keep Malkin’s rights), this is a HUGE opportunity for Staal. It will be very, very interesting to see what he can do with it.

  47. mike7psu says:

    It is still too early to throw Malkins rights to the highest bidder, the pens are not going to be a playoff ready team this year with or without Malkin, so why throw away the kid when there is so many unknowns. I also disagree with you that he does not want a shot in the NHL. You do not go out and find a english speaking agent if you plan to play in Russia. Also you do not call up Gonchar to tell him your not coming, you say nothing to no one if your mind is set on Russia for life. The call to Gonchar in my mind was to mend bridges that he hopes to use later in life.

    Now on your comments for spending. I am waiting to see what Shero does. He doesnt just have to spend, but needs to spend to even make the Cap floor. With Dumont out there, and Carter. You have to take a chance on one of them. Either that or make a trade, but the problem with that is the trading partners are in your conf. and NJ in division, so its hard to make a deal there.

    Anyway if Shero goes into the season with the team he already has put together, it will be a better team than last, and he did a good job. But i still think he is dropping the ball a bit by not trying to find a Top 2 line Winger, or a solid Vetern D-Man to go along with the ones we have.

  48. PghPens06 says:

    I think it’s a reach saying that Malkin doesn’t want to be in the NHL at all. I’m convinced that he really wants to be here, but feels trapped. I get the feeling that he’s afraid of the repercussions to himself and his family if he left now. There is tremendous pressure for him to stay in his hometown and I don’t think we have a total understanding of what’s really going on over there.

    IMO, it looks like this one year renegotiation is a compromise between him and Metalurg and a face saving move by them. Since they realized that $2M ain’t coming from the NHL to buy out Malkin, they probably said let’s keep our top star for one more year and then let him hop over the pond in 2007 to explore his real aspirations. Long term, he will make more money in the NHL, too.

    I don’t see how reducing his contract by a year really fits into Malkin wanting to be in Russia for his career. If he wants to stay there, why bother renegotiating? You think the pressure to get him here would have been greater if he still had his three year deal? I don’t buy that.

    It isn’t the NHL, but one more year in the RSL will still be beneficial for Malkin’s development. We’ll see what happens.

  49. OldGoalie says:

    Re-read what I wrote…I did not say send Malkin’s rights to the higest bidder. I did say investigate the possibility of perhaps dealing him. You’re right to think that the Pens should not under any cir*****stances trade him away for nothing, or even for the best offer available. Shero does have the luxury of not being forced to do something, like, say, New Jersey may be.

    But, at the same time, it would be stupid to blindly believe that the kid wants to be in the NHL just because a few quotes were attributed to him saying that he does. This is particularly true when you look at the last few months…virtually every concrete (i.e. not just words) action that Malkin has undertaken at least implies that he never had any inclination of coming here this year. And sure he’s under pressure in Russia. But will that be any less next year?

    Bottom line…if he wanted to be here, he would’ve followed Meehan’s advice, given his two weeks’ notice, and let the litigation proceed. Why didn’t he? More interestingly, why did he fire Meehan right when he was about to start negotiating with Pittsburgh? Because he didn’t want to leave Russia. That may change next year…he could wake up tomorrow and decide “I absolutely must win a Calder Trophy” or some such…but it would be naive to assume that something along those lines is a certainty.

    My point is that Malkin should absolutely not be viewed as untradeable by the Pens. My own belief is that they drafted Staal with three things in mind, all of which suggest to me that he is actually more valuable than Malkin in Shero’s long term plan: (1) he’s a potential prototypical big Eastern Conference Center and would be a perfect complement to Crosby as the #2 guy long term, (2) we’re not keeping both Malkin and Crosby once they’re past their rookie contracts, so we’re going to need a slightly cheaper option as our #2 center, and (3) we need a fall back in case Malkin never comes over.

    In my view, Malkin is strictly ornamental…nice to have, but almost certainly not a guy who’ll be raising the Cup with Crosby, if the Pens ever get to that point on his watch. We’re already asking “how are they going to keep all these guys once they get into their next contracts?”

    Given all of this, it would be utterly irresponsible for Shero not to at least listen to any offers that he might get…and if one of them involves the Pens getting good value with long term viability and at positions where they need the help, it might make sense to do it.

  50. kamullia says:

    There is only one glitch in your reasoning.

    What about Angelo? Where does he fit in?

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