Agent: No talks with Caps about Theodore

It appears the Caps are prepared to make a change in net next season.

The agent for goaltender Jose Theodore , who just completed his second season in Washington, said there have been no discussions regarding an extension for the 33-year-old unrestricted free agent to be.

“They haven’t communicated with me at all,” Don Meehan said this morning from his Toronto-area office.

Meehan didn’t want to speculate about the Caps’ plans. But we know this: If there hasn’t been a single discussion of an extension by now, most likely there’s not going to be one.

“Jose can’t control anything as far as his association with Washington,” Meehan added. “It’s a matter of going to free agency on July 1 if Washington chooses not to establish a relationship with him. He’s a veteran, he’s been around a long time, he’s positive.”

If Theodore does not return and the Caps don’t make any other moves in net this summer, that probably means they’re going to go with their two 22-year-olds, Semyon Varlamov and Michael Neuvirth , next season. Each carries a cap hit of $821,667 in 2010-11, while Theodore earned $4.5 million last season.

As everyone here is well aware, Theodore went through a lot off the ice last winter after the death of his infant son. He endured some struggles in November and December as a result, but he rallied down the stretch and finished with a 30-7-7 record, a .911 save percentage and a 2.81 goals against average — numbers that guarantee he’ll have a job somewhere next season.

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    Toronto should sign him. 5yr./30 million deal… come on Burke we all youre dumb enough to do it…

  2. reinjosh says:

    your a moron. Although why don't the Canadiens just trade away Subban for Drury.


    Oh ya I forgot Toronto already has a washed up 6million dollar goalie… Sorry I couldn't understand your last post, I was staring at all the cup rings my team has won…

  4. leafmeister says:

    Good one.

  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    You can't understand something because you were staring at something? Well multi-tasking is pretty tough, I'll give you that.

  6. Boston_Bruins says:

    7yr/51.5 million

  7. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Yep, Montreal's championships are still relevant.  Hey did you hear about this wicked new band called Spacehog? They'll be great forever!

  8. number15 says:

    Theodore ruined his career and legacy himself. To be honest, he is a decent goalie, still, not a star or MVP material obviously, but better than alot of starters around the NHL today……. kinda like Luongo

    Luongo to be honst was nothing special before he came to Vancouver. His numbers were average and he didnt really accomplish anything but a reputation. Then he came to Vancouver became a true star. mind u for 1-2 seasons. Now he is just an above average goalie with the reputation as the next Martin Brodour. in truth he is not even the first goalie id choose to build around…..

    over-rated, yet paid like a SUPERSTAR!

    same could have been true for Theodore. If he was still in Montreal, i bet he'd be popular as hell, with a lucrative long term contract and possibly backing the Habs in the playoffs. even if they would lose in the first round, the heat would not be on him, similar to Luongo


    Montreal should sign him as a backup, once or if they decide to trade either Price or Halak.. they could probably get him for about 2.5 milllion per year.


    Hey dont worry I bet your grandkids will get a chance to see the Maple Leafs win a championship, or I hope make the playoffs…. oh wait I'm sure Seguin or Hall will lead the Maple Leafs to the promised land… Whats this I just read they traded that pick, 32nd overall and probably another top 5 pick for some guy named Kessel…I thought Ferguson was fired… I hope Burkes not relying on him for scouting tips.. I thought the Leafs were going to build the team up with good drafting???

  11. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Whatever it's just a tv show, I'm not the queerburger that draws wood by staring faded twenty year old bling on middle aged men.


    Why can't Hab fans and Leaf fans get along… oh ya you guys are too jealous of all those banners hanging from the rafters.


    I know it was a weak attempt to mimick Patrick Roy when him and Roenick were trashing each other in 1993.

  14. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Do you put the Habs banners on your resume, as if you've accomplished something?

    You're confusing being called a loser with hocky dispute.

    Now say something really clever like 1967.


    no I was going to say 1993….do you know what happened in 1993? is 1967 the last time the Leafs won the Cup?? I'm unsure because they haven't won in SOME time.. Don't worry though, once all the high draft picks Boston gets from Toronto you'll realize that the Leafs are doomed forever.

  16. LeafsneedSteen says:


  17. TmLeafan says:

    Yea exactly, he should worry about his own organization and the unbelievably poor situation they are in moving forward.


    what do you mean "poor situation" they just made the Conference Finals!!!! thay have Subban, Cammalleri, and two great goalies to trade and get some good pieces… If I were you guys I would be tired of the Leafs losing EVERY season, and not 1 real good prospect to show for it.. the Leafs have sucked for so many years they should be a powerhouse like Chicago, but they continually to make stupid trades..and stupid signings like Beauchamin, Komisarek, Exebly, Blake, Toskala… and hey the Boston Bruins want to also thank you guys for Rask!!! what did you guys get in return?? Raycroft WOW… and the Kessel trade  will haunt all you fans for many years to come…

  19. TmLeafan says:

    Not likely, I think you guys should take a page out of Burke's book and trade some 1st sound picks for an actual star because we all know the habs 1st round picks never amount to anything.

    And regarding you guys making the conference finals see Carolina Hurricanes/ Edmonton Oilers in 06 that is why i said "poor situation moving forward".  We will see in 4 years time when Kadri hits his prime, you still have Gomez on your team and Gionta is collecting the same amount of money as Kessel who is potting 40 goals a season.
    And Subban hasnt played a full season in the NHL yet I would temper your expectations a little bit. We will see how many turnovers he makes over 82 games when fore checkers figure out his spin move. 
  20. TmLeafan says:

    And with your goalies you are right you do have 2 awesome goalies ill give you that much credit although their value may be hampered by the fact there are so many free agent goalies available this off season.

  21. reinjosh says:

    no one likes a troll. but its ok, everyone can have fun screwing with one.

    How about giving up McDonagh for Gomez. Enjoy that contract. How about signing an aging Gionta to more than 5 million. Enjoy watching him deteriorate with age. Enjoy the Hamrlik salary. and Spacek. And good luck getting any more talent with no money to do so.

    Enjoy the next season. It will be a real treat to watch.


    Nice posts guys!! if the Leafs played with the same passion as you guys do with youe emails maybe the Leafs could make the playoffs… I agree the the Gomez trade is potentialy very costly.. I think Gomez is a good player, but way over paid, I think he is a good 2nd line player, but with his contract he will always take heat… but you have to admit he played great in the playoffs, and he only has 4 more years left on his contract, an well as Gionta, so their contracts arent as bad as someone as Lecavalier's.. Hamrilk and Spacek suck I agree and should be traaded or bought out, but MTL has way more of an upside than Toronto…. if MTL can get another top 6 forward for one of their goalies, they will be fine..

  23. LeafsneedSteen says:

    What emails? No one cares about the Habs, including their fans, that's why there is no longer a Habs community on this site, everyone bailed after last offseason.  No one is suggesting the Leafs are a contender.  Get a grip.

  24. number15 says:

    if u trade Halak, then Theodore makes sense since Price might not be ready still……. but if u trade Price, then it dosent make sense to make Theodore a 2.5 million backup to a atleast 3 million Halak (minnimum)

  25. DannyLeafs says:

    Gomez can be a good player, but on that team, he is pretty ineffective. He was absolutely terrible it the playoffs. He had some assists, but not because he was making good plays. He turned the puck over a lot, and was completely invisible when it mattered. He has no chance of providing anywhere near his cap hit in terms of value. He will likely struggle to be worth half of what he is being paid.

    Gionta was the Canadiens best forward. Camelleri got all the recognition, and while he did play good, I don't think he really raised his game as much as his goal totals suggested. Just happened to hit a hot streak at the right time. He didn't seem to be creating any more chances than normal, just scoring on all of them. That's not a knock on him, his contract was fair value, I just think Gionta deserves more praise as he really played great, and showed a lot of doubters that he can be as good as his contract suggests. I still think the contract is bad at the time of signing(mainly because I don't think people were knocking down his door with offers, I think 4 million a year for the next 4 seasons could have gotten it done), but that doesn't mean he wasn't worth the money this year.

    Montreal's goalie situation is a good one. It's too bad there are as many decent goalies available as there are, otherwise they could be in a good situation going forward. I still think they could get something of value for Price. Their best bet might be to try and land JVR out of Philadelphia. He has size and plenty of potential. Also, the extra year on his rookie contract would allow the Canadiens some much needed flexibility.

    On D they are doing ok. Seems strange to allow Komisarek to walk and then go after a Defensmen that plays a similar game but is 7 years older and only pay him .65 million less than Komisarek got. Quickest fix for them is to buy out Hamrlik and go with a cheap D for a year, and hope that Subban can continue to play big minutes.

    Finally, I think they should just part ways with Plekanec if he demands anything over 4.5. The season he just had was worth about 5 million maximum. The problem is that ideally he would be playing second line center minutes and second powerplay time, meaning that his production would decrease in that scenario, and his contract would be over valued. Kesler is a younger gritty player who had a better season and did it while playing second fiddle to Henrik Sedin, so the Habs should definitely use this as a precedent for Plekanec.

    For what it's worth, I don't think the Habs are in as bad a situation as most Leafs fans seem to think, or as bad a situation that they appeared to be at the beginning of the season. They still have plenty of Challenges ahead, but there is definitely a way to make this into a decent team. I still think the Leafs are in a better situation, but I don't think there is much of a difference right now. I think where the Habs run into trouble is a couple of years from now. Lot's of things that could go wrong, and lots of money tied up in players that could be hit or miss. What the Habs do in this off season and next will be absolutely vital to the long term success or failure of this franchise.


    How can you say Maple Leafs are in a "better situation" than the Habs.. Toronto was the second worst team in the league last year!!!! besides Kessel NOONE on the Maple Leafs can score 20 goals!!!! and the only half decent propect they have is Kadri.. MTL has two good young goalies, PK Subban, Cammalleri(who led the NHL in scoring in the playoffs.. and don't say he sucks because Burke was trying to sign him, but he choose MTL), In the Hockey New's Future Watch 2010, the Habs have 3 top 40 propects, they also have guys like Gionta, Gomez, Plekanec, and Kostisyn.. while I don't claim they are top players in the league they are alot better than the Leafs forwards…If the leafs still had Rask, and the draft picks from the Kessel trade maybe.. The leafs could've gotten Kessel for ALOT cheaper.. theres a good reason Boston didn't want him… hes a cancer to a team and VERY one demisional player..MTL will make the playoffs next year, wheres as Toronto will be one of the worst teams in the league.. the Leafs forward group is probably the worst in the league, the defense are all bums noone wanted( besides Schenn/phaneuf) the only decent propect they have is Kadri…. unless Toront gets a first line center to play with Kessel, he'll be lucky to score 25 goals next year..they also have NO FIRST round picks for two years!!!! Toronto should learn from Chicag, Pitt, LA… and not trade those top 3 picks….

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