Agent: Turco will end up with competitive team

Kurt Overhardt chuckled when I asked if he is worried that Marty Turco might not end up with a place to sit in this free agent game of musical chairs.

“You’re the second guy to ask me that exact same question in that exact same manner,” said the agent for Turco. “The answer is no.”

Overhardt is confident that something will get done in the 7-10 days and that Turco, the all-time Stars win leader who was not offered a contract extension, will be on a contending team.

“He will be on a contender, he will be the starter and he will get a chance to show everbody the kind of goalie he has been throughout his career and will continue to be,” Overhardt said.

The reason for the concern, of course, is that Turco is one of the last goalies out there, and that many teams already have taken care of their net situations. Overhardt confirmed that Turco has turned down offers from other teams in search of the right fit, so Stars fans and Turco fans are wondering what the plan is.

Overhardt assures that things are in place.

“This has never been about money with Marty, it’s been about winning, so we are being patient,” Overhardt said. “It’s down to three teams right now.”

Overhardt wouldn’t say which three. Philadelphia has had talks with Turco and even was granted the ability to talk to him before free agency started. Chicago has an arbitration hearing with Stanley Cup winning goalie Antti Niemi scheduled for Thursday. If that goes too high, the Blackhawks could walk away and sign Turco to a bargain contract.

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