Alfie + Fisher out

The Ottawa Senators don’t know the worst yet but Head Coach Brian Murray said they are both significant injuries and would be out for a while.

What does this mean for the Sens?

Its 2-1 Senators, Aflie is skating with the puck and just as he passes the puck to his team mate Mark Bell completely lays him out with a border-line dirty hit. Most fans thought he would suffer a concussion or some kind of head injury but Brian Murray & the media reported Alfie has a knee injury.

Alfredsson came back for about 30 seconds only to leave the game. Tsn’s Bob Mackenzie reported Alfredsson can miss the 1st round of the playoffs.

Was it a Dirty-Hit?

Mark Bell says it was clean. Brian Murray says it was dirty. The way I see it is this:

Mark Bell knew Afredsson didn’t have the puck so yes, finish your check but Mark Bell went 100% all in with that hit on Alfie‘s blind side. So it was border-line dirty. Mark Bell could have let up and not have hit as hard. Since there was no elbow to head it was ruled clean and no penalty was called.

What’s your opinion on that hit?

Hate to bring this up but a lot of Leaf fans were booing while Alfredsson was hurt/getting up. Why? A player was hurt? Anyways…

Mike Fisher apparently pulled a groin muscle during the game and should be gone minimum 1 week.

Last year Ottawa’s two best players in the playoffs in my opinion were these two players who just got injured. Mike Fisher is a gritty center who can also score while Alfredsson, the team’s captain provided most of Ottawa’s offense in last year’s playoffs.

The time the players would officially be missing has not been reported but it doesn’t look good.

Will the Sens go anywhere without Alfie and Fisher?

Although they had a convincing win against a depleted Toronto Maple Leaf team(8-2) I still say the Sens are far from getting back to where they were last year. Loosing 2 of their best players will not help the situation in Ottawa. Can the Sens win a round without their Captain?

36 Responses to Alfie + Fisher out

  1. Kramer says:

    NONSENSE!!!  Both Alfredson and Fisher were kidnapped by aliens right after Thursday's game.  It's all a cover up.  This is in parallel with flying saucers being sighted in the Ottawa area since Area 51 was built.

  2. Kramer says:

    I told you people there's a conspiracy at MLSE.  Read below.  This time the ruse involves ACC tickets.  Just another scam!

    So you people should know, next time Kramer says something, he's not just spouting nonsense.

  3. CofRED says:

    Alfie had just dished the puck off a split second before the hit.  He was admiring his play and Bell caught him hard with a shoulder/upper arm to the melon.  It was a hit to the head, but not a dirty hit per se.  It wasn't from behind, it wasn't an elbow, it was a hard, blind-side hit that caught a star player off guard when he should know to be paying attention.  The Chris Neil hit on Drury last year was almost identical, so it's not like Ottawa has never been on the other end of this.

    I think this is a pure hockey hit.  This is exactly what we're taught to do from minor hockey right on up.  I'm not trying to defend Mark Bell, because it is a hit to the head and the league needs to address this.  But it also is nothing like the Downie-McGratton hit, the Pronger-Holmstrom hit, or the Jones-Bergeron hit.  It will likely get a game or 2 (if that) but should definitely not be more than that.

    On a side note, on Off The Record on Friday, when talking about it, one of the guests went so far as to ask "what jail Mark Bell will be going to next week" (or something to that effect).  What an awful, classless move to bring that into an argument that has nothing to do with this.  The guy made a mistake what, 2 years ago now??  He knows he made a mistake, he's learned from it, and he's still paying for it.  Grow the hell up buddy.  He's going through enough shit without you reminding a national audience about that.  Show a little class and stick to the hit you're supposed to be discussing, don't attack his character to satisfy your own ego.

    These injuries are a huge blow to the Senators, who were already facing an uphill battle going into next week.  I personally don't feel they have what it takes.  If I were a fan of an eastern team, I would absolutely NOT be afraid to meet these guys in the playoffs.

  4. leafy says:

    I felt the Mark Bell trip on Redden during that icing was a lot dirtier and much more dangerous than the hit on Alfredson.  Redden easily could have been seriously injured there, and frankly, it looked intentional….Bell just shoved his stick at Redden's skates just as Redden was applying the brakes.  Very dangerous play by Bell.

  5. 08-09 says:

    i live in the ottawa area so i watch and listen to the ottawa sports media (the worst in canada i think) and its just ridiculous. Bell's hit on Alfie was better (and not as late) as Neil's hits on Drury and Reich.

    Even if they WERE comparable, the fact of the matter is this: how are some sens fans going to take the high moral ground on this issue to hits to the head or late hits or hits to players in vulnerable positions … then you'd better criticize Neil for his hits too and not turn a blind eye to them because he is on your team.

    I do think it was borderline dirty. Spezza is right calling it both clean (within the rules) and dirty. Alfie is right saying he should keep his head up.

    But, in the end, this is an issue that the NHL is going to have to deal with – hits to the head. and its a tough one to deal with.

    anyone saying that this is a late hit just hasn't seen a hockey game before or is biased. Again, how do Sens fans – not Murray (who is the coach and has a job to do) – think this is dirty but Neil's hits are clean?

    Seeing Kaberle get hit VERY late last year has brought me around to hits to the head. but, again, that was an EXTREMELY late hit.

  6. habskovalev27 says:

    Without Alfredsson, Montreal will destroy them in first round…

    but still, it will be a great battle.  Maybe the beginning of a great rivalry !

  7. muckies says:

    "admiring his pass?" He barely finsihed following through on his shot, admiring his pass bud, not at all, watch it again. 

    The really dirty plays Bell made in that game where when he took the feet out from Redden on an icing and sent him crashing into the boards, and stuck out his knee on Fisher. He's a dirty player and he is going to Jail, so screw him and the Lea-s – they are both classless and failures, on and off the ice. 
  8. habstruefan says:

    You seem to be the type of guy that would wear jogging pants everywhere you go with hair all over the place or maby your balding,holes in your running shoes,shit marks all over your shorts,stink like a mother f**ker,unemployed,can't get close to getting laid,you probably live at home with your parents.You just seem to be a guy with a lot of negativity.A pessimist as some would say.I never seen you write anything positve.And yes all you do is spout nonsense.

    Your not kramer,your GEORGE.And do you know what jerry told GEORGE one day when GEORGE was wearing jogging pants and being negative like he always is.


  9. muckies says:
    Ottawa's biggest problem is they don't have ANY faith in Gerber. He is just so nervous and so unpredictable in net, the netire team in their D-zone has lost its identiy, and you can see it in every aspect of their game. They are so afraid to make mistakes, they just don't look like the same team this year, because of the nightmare of Emery and Gerber. You will see Emery in the playoffs, before game 4 GUARANTEED. Gerber just has no game, especially come playoff time. 

    Pitt will just pick Gerber apart, and I think their depth and defence is underrated – the Pens will beat the Sens with the strenghth of their PP, and the great shooters they have.

    Ottawa could beat Montreal. They are 10 times tougher and more experienced then the Habs. This will be tough for Ottawa, but we have a solid team that can beat the Habs – because the Habs have so many Russians and such that have never seen the playoffs, they may be in shock when it hits….then again the Montreal forwards could pick Gerber apart over 4-5 games. 
    Either way Ottawa is in trouble heading into the playoffs. They have little confidence right now and are struggling to find their game, no goaltending and some big injuries. 
  10. CofRED says:

    I said "admiring his play" not "admiring his pass."  Read it again, bud.

    The Alfie hit was not a late one, you just confirmed that.  It was a hit to the head and I expect it to be dealt with accordingly, as I stated, but it was also within the rules as far as the timing.  I can understand how the Sens organization would be up in arms over it, but at the same time, plenty of other players have dished out the same hits if not worse.  If nothing else, Alfie got a much needed reminder that hockey is a high speed game and he needs to be aware of his surroundings a bit better.

    I'm not defending everything Mark Bell does, and I never saw the Redden trip or the Fisher hit (they haven't been shown over and over on SportsCentre).  From what I've heard, those were considerably worse than the Alfredsson hit, but I never got to see them.  I just felt it necessary to point out that it's pretty pathetic when someone goes on a national TV show and blurts something like that out in order to further ruin someone's reputation to satisfy their own ego.  I'm not a Leafs fan and I'm not a Mark Bell fan, but he knows he made a mistake and he's dealing with it the best he can.  He doesn't need some d***head going on TV making him sound like he's only person in the league who's ever done something incredibly stupid.

  11. Kramer says:

    You're just jealous because I'm smart and know about government secrets and conspiracies.  For all we know, you're probably one of "them".

  12. 08-09 says:

    either way, alfie was following through on his shot and THEREFORE Bell's hit on him should not be criticized in terms of its timing. it was PERFECT timing in terms of a hit.

    if it was before Alfie received a pass, its interference.

    if it is just as he is shooting the puck, just after that, or while he has possession, the hit is good.

    if it was well after the shot, then its a late hit (i.e. kaberle-jansen last year).

    in any case, the leafs fans cheering a good hit on a much-hated player says nothing about being classy or not being classy. if it is another player on the ice, the cheers wouldnt be as vocal but there would still be some in terms of a solid hit.

    it is NO DIFFERENT in any other arena in the NHL (well, except in ottawa where its always dead air)

  13. habstruefan says:

    A smart man would know that most conspiracies are overexagerated by the media.Most of the time they are unacurate,overblown,with no fax.Its called misinterpretation.I miself read the paper look at the news,go on the web and take all that imformation with a grain of salt.So much money is made out of bullshit.I beleive that there is no acuracy to anything you right.

    I totally remember when you said that conspiracies is what gets you out of bed in the morning.So you thrive on the negative shit.SO basicly what im saying is your life is all about being pessimist,which to me sounds like a bad case of depression.


  14. Kramer says:

    You mean to say you don't like my conspiracy theories?

  15. habstruefan says:

    What im saying is your conspiracy theories are all bullshit.

    In milatary terms that would mean HUMAN ERROR.

  16. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    Alfredson got his bell rung. That is it. There is no fine, no suspension and no problem, unless you are a Snator fan. CofRed brings up the only point that is necessary to bring up. Chris Neil. He was throwing the elbow around last week like it was on fire. The Senators have no argument. Bryan Murry can stick to his guns as long as he wants, the league says it was clean.

  17. careyprice31 says:

    Can u explain the term they have so many russians. And im not referring to any of the canadiens players cause yes they are inexperienced but there gonna be pumped and preform like mad dogs. But explain to me the term "they have too many russians". Are you trying to say russinaplayers are bad maybe?

  18. UWSensFan says:

    The argument wasn't about the cheering about the hit moreso than the booing when he got up.  A large number of Leafs fans seem to still be living in the past and have not done what their captain has done: forgive a player's mistake (the stick into the crowd incident, which is the only argument I've ever received from Leafs fans as to why they hate Alfie, beyond him being the C for the Sens)/

  19. chanman says:

    What does this mean to the Sens?

      It's going to make for a great excuse when they get booted in the first round. They are one the weakest teams in the playoffs, with no confidence and plummeting for the better half of a season. They squeaked into the top 8 after leading the east by what appeared to be a insurmountable margin.

     Fact is with or without these guys, although they are top leaders and Alf a great scorer, the Sens don't have what it takes. Weakened Dfence, 2-shot gerber, so named for the free second chance he coughs up, and we all know D and Goaltending is what takes you deep. Alf and Fisher arn't going to make the difference, no matter who they play.

  20. careyprice31 says:

    Good Game tonight for the babs thats foresure they could be playing ottawa or boston in the playoffs. Can be interesting

     P.S  BTw to the leaf fans out there especially u lefas nation who the last time toronto beat mopntreal were all claimingi was making excuses when i was actually complimenting your team on the win. What happened to your team tonight.  Feels good when u get a nice slap in the face eh?

  21. habstruefan says:

    I remember that.

    I think the habs fans at the bell center took care of the laughs and there fans when they chanted the goodbye song when there was 10 minutes left in the game.Man that must of hurt.

  22. muckies says:

    Kovalev has had a good season – but he floated hard core last year and has quit at times on his team before – he is on fire now, but he could still go away when the going gets tough.  

    And most of their Euro players have no idea what to expect, players like Gerbovski, the Kostitsyn brothers, and whoever else is on their team – won't have many places to run and hide on the ice come playoff time.  If they play Ottawa, come game 3 game 4, they will be hurting hard and who knows what type of heart they have – they may become soft on the puck and avoid tough areas, OR Kovalev may be able to show them all how to play in the tightest checking hockey they will ever face and they'll be fine
  23. HABSSTAR says:

    Anyone else think that McCabe is a classless individual, who pulled a classless move, while playing for a classless organization? 

  24. careyprice31 says:

    Complete jerk off.

    p.s BTW i want to apologize for all my typos and my grammatical errors in my previous post. My bad

  25. careyprice31 says:

    Ok valid point but what u wrote earlier seemed like u were condescending on the russian players in general not just the habs russians

  26. careyprice31 says:

    Major shoutout to gregory stewart. What a game he played.

  27. Sojourner says:

    The hate for Alfredsson is far older than that.  The main thing would be the hit from behind on Tucker in the '02 playoffs that cracked one of his shoulder blades for which no penalty or any discipline was handed out.  The other thing is that usually he absolutely OWNS the Leafs, like most teams he plays against with his skill. 

    I have to give him major class points for taking that hit though, because afterwards during an interview he said himself that he has to be aware of all the other players on the ice.  Murray is a hypocrite as he has nothing to say when Neil, the current worst offender of these type of hits, is dishing them out.  But Spezza had it dead on when he said that it was a "dirty, clean hit" as in it was within the rules as they currently stand but there is no reason to freight train a guy who has no idea it's coming. Especially a guy who doesn't play dirty for the most part himself and is an important part to a team a week away from the playoffs when Bell himself doesn't have to worry about playing him after that night.  The trip on Redden however was far worse, to me that's intent to injure, just plain ignorant.

  28. Radio says:

    Alfie will be fine. Ottawa is understating the extent of his injury.

    Cody Bass is playing much better in the past few weeks than Mike Fisher has played in the past 5 months.

    = Not a problem.

  29. muckies says:

    no doubt i do think the Montreal Russians are soft (and Ryder who is very soft), except for Hmarlik, But especially their forwards, and I do think the Habs will be a completley different team when they run into a forecheck like NYR, Ottawa, Washington with big forwards that hit and have skills in the corner. 

    Montreal survives by playing pond hockey in the offensive zone, and getting the puck out of their zone quick. The pond hockey days are over now, and i do think they are the first round matchup that has the greatest chance of an upset, beacsue of their inexperience, and they are a samll team that won't do well against bigger, meaner, junk-yard dog teams like NYR or Washington
  30. careyprice31 says:

    Well u make valid points were justgonna have to wait and see what occurs

  31. senators101 says:

    I'm 100% okay with the Alfie hit, just not happy with the lack of a reaction to it from the Sens.  This hit is identical to the Neil hit on Drury, so I'm defending both.  But what I liked in the Buffalo-Ottawa incident, was Buffalo's reaction, and wished Ottawa did the same.  THE only thing about the Bell hit on Alfie that I don't like is that he stuck out his knee.  I personally don't care about the head shot, neither do most Sens fans, but he blatantly stuck out his knee.

    The trip on Redden was pretty disgusting and there was clearly an intent to injure, that can't even be debated.  The hit on Fisher was also quite bad.  Bell went knee on knee with him as well.  So he went after two people's knees, got them injured, and could have seriously injured Redden.

    If this was someone not hiding behind a cage, I have no problem with this, because people will go after him.  But for a team heading into the playoffs, with 2 big injuries now, nobody is going to take a stupid suspension for taking Bell's mask off for him.  I'm thinking next year, he'll be a target for sure.

  32. 08-09 says:

    hmmm. you are going to need to re-watch the video tapes from previous Sens playoff games (not just with the Leafs – i.e. hit from behind on tucker … but even just last year – i.e. against the ducks).

  33. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    The Sens should just throw up the white flag now. They are done.

  34. Genejoke says:

    Strange, I thought this post was about the Sens, not the Leafs.  Guess you guys are missing all the Leafs articles, or maybe you guys love to talk about them and that's why the admins post so many Leafs articles. 

  35. BruMagnus says:

    Negative. His theories are often truth or half-truths. Sadly, you are one of the billions that will never escape Plato's Cave.

  36. BruMagnus says:

    Pens "should" roll them in 5 games. If it goes 7 it's an embarassment. If the Pens lose, it's the end of the world as we know it.

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