Alfredsson defers $200,000 to make room for trade.

According to the Ottawa Sun:

Sources yesterday confirmed Alfredsson has agreed to defer $200,000 of his salary to clear money in the budget if the club wants to add a player before next Tuesday’s NHL trade deadline. While Alfredsson couldn’t be reached for comment last night and his agent J.P. Barry of IMG Hockey wouldn’t confirm the decision, it’s believed Alfredsson will up his base salary to $5.15 million (all terms US) next year, which means the money is guaranteed.

With the Senators in bankruptcy protection and the club up for sale, Alfredsson’s decision allows the club to free up money without having to subtract anything from the current roster.

“I’d really rather not comment on it,” said Barry from his Calgary office. “All I can say is that Daniel Alfredsson wants to win a Stanley Cup in Ottawa and he’ll do whatever it takes for that team to be successful.”

A decision like Alfredsson’s isn’t unprecedented.

Detroit captain Steve Yzerman, defenceman Chris Chelios and winger Brendan Shanahan agreed to defer salary in the summer of 2001 so the Wings could sign free agent Brett Hull.

Of course, Hull played a big role in helping the Wings win the Cup last year.


And who says that Alfredsson is not a great captain, it seems he’s intent on winning and is willing to make the sacrifices in order to do it.

Alfie has also stated that he is willing to waive his UFA status in order sign a long term deal with the Sens. I guess there are still players that care for more than just money.