All-Star Teams To Date

If the All-Star votes were done as of today (November 29th) The Eastern And Western All-Star teasm would look like this (Assuming you have 13 forwards, 6 defensman, and 2 goalies)

Eastern All-Stars
Sidney Crosby (Pittsburg Penguins)
Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Daniel Briere (Buffalo Sabres)
Maxim Afinogenov (Buffalo Sabres)
Erik Cole (Carolina Hurricanes)
Chris Drury(Buffalo Sabres)
Jaromir Jagr (New York Rangers)
Marian Hossa (Atlanta Thrashers)
Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers)
Brendan Shanahan(New York Rangers)
Mats Sundin (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Tomas Vanek (Buffalo Sabres)
Rod Brind’Amour (Carolina Hurricanes)

Bryan McCabe (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Jay Bouwmeester (Florida Panthers)
Brian Campbell (Buffalo Sabres)
Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins)
Tomas Kaberle (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Henrik Tallinder (Buffalo Sabres)

Marc-Andre Fleury(Pittsburgh Penguins)
Ryan Miller (Buffalo Sabres)

Wester All-Stars
Joe Thornton (San Jose Sharks)
Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames)
Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche)
Jonathan Cheechoo (San Jose Sharks)
Mike Madano (Dallas Stars)
Ryan Smyth (Edmonton Oilers)
Teemu Selane (Anaheim Ducks)
Paul Kariya (Nashville Predators)
Martin Havlat (Chicago Blackhawks)
Markus Naslund (Vancouver Canucks)
Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings)
Petr Sykora (Edmonton Oilers)
Patrick Marleau (San Jose Sharks)

Scott Niedermayer (Anaheim Ducks)
Chris Pronger (Anaheim Ducks)
Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit Red Wings)
Dion Phaneuf (Calgary Flames)
Sergei Zubov (Dallas Stars)
Rob Blake (Los Angeles Kings)

Mikka Kiprusoff (Calgary Flames)
Marty Turco (Dallas Stars)

So far the voting has shown Sidney Crosby as the top forward vote getter at 247,854 votes. Bryan McCabe has the most votes for defensman at 174,205, and Marc-Andre Fleury as the top Goaltender at 131,151 votes. You’ll also notice that all of these players are in the East, as data shows that there are almost triple the amount of people voting for Eastern players as they are for Western ones. Which doesnt make sense because that would mean voters are simply skipping voting for Western Conference players.

Also it seems that no one out of Ottawas big Three of Alfredson, Spezza, and Heatly have yet to make line up. Buffalo has the most players in the All-Star game with 7, including write-in vote getter Tomas Vanek.

Another surprise is Marc-Andre Fluery, who is at the top of all Goaltender votes. Either he has a large family, or the Pittsburgh faithful are voting in record numbers, because as of right now hes holding Martin Brodeur out of a spot at the All-Star game.

Also for all you Rory Fitzpatrick fans, I’m sorry to tell you he hasnt even shown up among the top vote getters which means he has less than Lubomir Visnovskys 13,842 votes

If you don’t like what you see here, i suggest you head over to and cast your votes.

67 Responses to All-Star Teams To Date

  1. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Im not sure if youve actually seen Marc Andre Fleury but he deserves to make the All Star team.  He faces what seems like 40 shots a night and has made some miraculous saves this season while having 10 wins on a team that finished 2nd worst in the league last year.  Broduer is good but its time for the older guys to step aside… as told by Crosby and Malkin being the top 2 forwards.  Oh and maybe its not an error but i have to think Ovechkin is in the top 10 forwars in vote getting so check your numbers again.

  2. Oley says:

    what about wellwood? hes been playing great. what do u all think the chances of wellwood making it?

  3. Big_T says:

    How could they Keep Huet's Name out of the top goalies.  He's only leading the league in save % AGAIN.

  4. LaKingsFan626 says:

    How about Anze Kopitar?  Hmm I guess leading all rookies in points doesn't matter either.

  5. mojo19 says:

    Since when do only 2 goalies play in the all-star game?

  6. habs_punk says:

    Ok, I understand what you're saying, but if the All Star Game was today, this is NOT how the teams would look. The starting lineups get voted in only. The rest are chosen by the coaches.  Also there are three goalies per team.

    So we'd be looking at
    Crosby, Malkin, Briere
    McCabe, Bouwmeester…. *ouch*

    Thornton, Iginla, Sakic
    Niedermayer, Pronger

    And then add on the coach's picks.

    I guess considering it's an all star game, and defense won't matter too much, seeing McCabe in there won't hurt too much. Same with Souray, and if they both keep their numbers up, they'll both be there. Can you imagine the hardest shot competition with those two in it for the East?

  7. habs_punk says:

    I think he should be there, but will probably fall victim to the "politics" of the NHL All-Star Game. The coaches usually seem to try to get at least one player from every team. It doesn't always happen, it's pretty hard to make it happen with 21 roster spots and 15 teams, but Sundin is almost guaranteed a spot because he's Sundin, one of Kaberle and McCabe will get voted in in all likelihood, and the other stands a very reasonable chance at getting chosen, and Tucker's having a career year and might get the call. I don't think Wellwood would get the call ahead of any of those players, although he should, and there's no way Toronto gets 5 players on the all star team.

  8. Stuv_Dogg says:

    As the old cliche goes, Wellwood has two chances of making the All-Star game this year:  Slim and none.

    He's playing well relative for what you can expect from him but he is in no way near the same echelon as the real top forwards on this list.

    I don't know if you're a Leaf fan or not, but this might be valuing a hometown player above hs actual worth.

    Just my thouhgts, you can always disagree.

  9. nonhl2005 says:

    No way Turco makes it over Toskala this year, just look at the stats. 12 wins in 14 games 2 SO, .930% and under 2 GAA, all better then Turco. Marty's better days are behind him. Come on people, vote for the best, not your favorite's.

  10. habs_punk says:

    Fleury's 19th in GAA and tied for 13th in sv pct. Nothing overwhelming. Sure his team's winning, but his numbers don't overly warrant an all star selection. That's why it's a surprise. And that coupled with the fact that Crosby and Malkin are one and two make it pretty obvious that Pittsburgh fans are voting like crazy this year. Nothing wrong with that, I'm just saying that Fleury hasn't gotten to the top of the list necessarily because of his play.

    Right now, Huet, Emery, and Brodeur have the top stats. Unless Brodeur picks up in the votes, one of these guys definitely won't make it. Miller's right up there too.

  11. habs_punk says:

    As a Habs fan, Wellwood's one of the few players that I find actually fun to watch on the Leafs. His stats are pretty good, but you're right, they aren't among the leaders in the league, I'm sure he'll at least get asked to the young stars game though.

  12. muckies says:

    Come on, No Dany Heatley — 3rd in goals, top 10 in scoring, 2 hat traicks, give me a break

  13. OldGoalie says:

    Fleury is I believe 11-5-3 after last night's win over the Isles.  I personally don't care what a goalie's GAA or Sv% are…I care how often he wins.  In Fleury's case, he's gotten 25 of a possible 38 points (that's almost exactly 66%) playing behind the Pens defense, which at the moment is basically identical to last year's awful group in terms of personnel.  He's clearly doing something right.

    Don't get me wrong…I assumed that goalies from larger markets or with gaudier statistics (and very good teams in front of them) would be more likely to be at the top…but I also don't think you can say Fleury doesn't deserve serious consideration.

  14. OldGoalie says:

    Everyone is nervous about voting for him…if Heatley makes the team, he may give their favorite player a ride to the arena.

  15. muckies says:

    Wow, your fugking hilarious,   people like you have Karma coming there way buddy
    get a life, you think your funny but your just a massive loser with nothing to say

  16. papichulo71 says:

    The Western line-up has like 10 years the Eastern line-up.  I can't wait for the next wave of Western stars.  This group of guys has been together in this all-star game for too long.

  17. nonhl2005 says:

    LOL, good one oldgoalie.

  18. nonhl2005 says:

    Hello Keetle,
    Your Black

  19. wingfanto says:

    Cole instead of Ovechkin and Fleury over Brodeur – Brilliant

  20. wingerxxx says:

    Sorry, but numbers aside, Ovechkin makes the Eastern team.  It would be a crime if he did not go. 

  21. OldGoalie says:

    I'm sorry…karma?  A Dany Heatley fan is going to lecture me about karma?!?!?!? 

    Somebody had to die for this stupid, immature kid to learn to (a) behave responsibly and (b) not break the freaking law, and he suffered almost literally NO consequences for his actions beyond his Ferrari being totalled.  If he's just some guy who had an accident in which someone died while he was DUI instead of a rich professional athlete, he'd have been charged with homicide by vehicle (or whatever GA's equivalent is), convicted, and STILL be sitting in jail.  Instead, he skates (both literally and figuratively), goes on about his life, and continues to earn millions of dollars for playing a game (albeit an entertaining one).

    Guys like Heatley are some of the most prominent reasons why people snicker at the American legal system, and think it has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with socioeconomic status, and I will absolutely not refrain from or apologize for not tiptoeing around their manifest stupidity.  Do I think Heatley is a purely evil, cold-blooded killer?  Absolutely not…having worked in criminal defense environments for a lot of years, I used to sit across the table from way more of those types of guys than I care to think about most days, and Heatley isn't one of them.  But I do think that he deserves way more than a "shame on you" for endangering his own life…endangering the lives of literally every other driver, passenger, and pedestrian that he passed that night…and actually causing the death of Dan Snyder, and all for no reason whatsoever.

    And to me, the REALLY offensive thing is that (some) people are so thin skinned that making a one sentence joke about his complete disregard for acceptable and responsible social behavior means that they have to jump to his defense.  You're actually going to sit there and lecture me because I dared to suggest that – gasp – Dany Heatley caused the death of a human being because he was too stupid or selfish or arrogant to either (a) drink less or (b) call a freaking taxi?!?!? 

    You want to talk about karma, fine.  But think long and hard about who's defense you're rushing to and why before you do. 

  22. ThomasHawks says:

    Cristobal Huet is the best goalie right now.Vive la France.

  23. mojo19 says:

    no thanks, I'd rather vote for my favourites. I'm going to continue to vote for Marty Turco, who's better days are NOT behind him.

  24. 33roy says:

    I would say Stasny and Wolski see what they have been doing lately? Just ask the 'Nucks

  25. 33roy says:

    Every one makes a mistake if Snyder's family can forgive him then maybe we should as well.

  26. PhanufRoxs says:

    he's not in jail, because the Snyders didn't want him to and didn't charge him any money, probaly just said not to have a trial

  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    If Henrik Tallinder and Thomas Vanek make it, after Alex Ovechkin, Darcy Tucker, Vincent Lecavalier, and Martin St Louis DON'T, I'm boycotting.

    The goalies are nothing like they should be.

    There are 12 forwards, and 3 goalies.

  28. woodsco85 says:

    My bad folks, sorry, it was late and Ovechkins name was higligted on the site i went too. Currently he sits behind Malkin, which means Marleau would be out. Sorry

  29. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    There are 12 forwards making the team, not 13, and there are 3 goalies, not 2.

  30. Garny says:

    True crime is Huet wasn't even on the ballot…he is currently the top in the league in SV% and GAA and is 1 shutout away from the top at that as well!…why?

  31. 33roy says:

    The Snyder's do not run the State of Georgia or the city of Atlanta. Leave the poor guy alone he has suffered enough and will for the rest of his life. Man you guys a re a bunch of hard asses. I would hate to wrong any of you.

  32. 33roy says:

    And I am not defending what he did but we all ( even you old goalie) make mistakes and he has paid his punishement laid out by the City of Atlanta and will live with this for the rest of his days. NOW BACK OFF

  33. OldGoalie says:

    Or else?

    Let me put it another way.  You say Heatley made a mistake…which I think we can all agree upon.  You say we all do…which we also can all agree upon.  But what separates someone who should suffer basically no penalty from someone who gets popped fairly severely by the criminal justice system?  Is Heatley any different from the kid who was playing with a gun  and that ended up going off and killing his best friend?  Or the husband who said that he didn't intend to kill his wife, but just to scare her?  Or the drug dealer who sells to a guy who overdoses? 

    More to the point, criminal statutes are designed to take intent into account.  To be guilty of first degree murder, you have to have a specific intent to kill.  Some other statutes don't care about intent at all…you get a speeding ticket whether or not you intended to be going 65 in a 40 mph zone.  Homicide by vehicle statutes don't generally require specific intent to kill, but rather some form of reckless or negligent driving that leads to a death.  Recklessness and negligence are legally distinguishable concepts, but both fall into the category that most people would probably refer to as "mistakes" (one means knowing of a risk but proceeding anyway, the other is more of a "proceeding without even evaluating the risk" concept). 

    Now…my point.  People are punished for these offenses every day, and "I made a mistake" is not generally a defense that is successful.  Each and every one of them has to live with what they did for the rest of their lives, but they end up doing some of that in jail or while on probation (with all the conditions that routinely go along with that).  Why is Dany Heatley any different from any of them?

    And why do people reflexively jump to his defense (to the point that a one sentence comment generates this much angst), when they don't necessarily care even a little about anyone else in a similar situation? 

  34. Polecat says:

    I agree with most of the picks, but some of the others it's like, what the $%^? It's like voting for Homecoming Queen.  It's nothing more than a popularity contest where the most deserving do not always win.  The whole thing is a sham in my opinion.

  35. muckies says:

    Get your facts staight jerk-off, Heatley wasn't drunk and didn't get charged with it, HE WAS SPEEDING – have you ever been speeding IN YOUR CAR? have you ever been in an accident?  Heatley could have died in that accident, ALMOST DID – would that make you feel better if he did, probably the way you are going off.

    And you wanna make a joke about it after PRETENDING to care for the Snyder family and Dan Snyder, SHOW SOME GOD-DAMN RESPECT TO THE SNYDER FAMILY AND KEEP YOUR STUPID JOKES TO YOURSELF. 

  36. muckies says:

    Get your facts staight jerk-off, Heatley wasn't drunk and didn't get charged with it, HE WAS SPEEDING – have you ever been speeding IN YOUR CAR? have you ever been in an accident?  Heatley could have died in that accident, ALMOST DID – would that make you feel better if he did the way you are going off.

    And you wanna make a joke about it after PRETENDING to care for the Snyder family and Dan Snyder, SHOW SOME GOD-DAMN RESPECT TO THE SNYDER FAMILY AND KEEP YOUR STUPID JOKES TO YOURSELF. 

  37. HabsRUs says:

    Man that was one of the sickest things I've ever read on this site. You think its a joke that a guy was actually killed? Get a life. This guy should be banned from the site! As for your comment on Fleury getting a possible 22 or 38 points (or whatever it was) thats just plain stupid. The Pens WIN with Crosby and LOOSE without him. Its plain and simple! Check the stats, it proven. They still wont make the damn playoffs. And as for Fleury, I think hes a good goalie, but not allstar material. Man youre dumb

  38. HabsRUs says:

    Heatly was SPEEDING and not drunk!!!! And you wanna talk about the American Justice, check this one out….In Canada! You probably all heard about it anyways……SICK and disturbing!!!!!

    Here in Newfoundland, Canada. A guy gets loaded drunk and he decides to drive home. On his way home, he happens to run over a 10-12 year old kid (all-star hockey player in NL by the way) and kills him. Instead of stopping, the guy decides to leave the kid there and die. He does this because if he stops, he knows he will be thrown into jail for hitting a person while drunk driving. The guy then gets caught and put into jail or whatever.

    This month or late last month, the courtwork goes off here in St. Johns. The drunk driver who killed this little kid, is given 3 (or maybe 6, not sure)months of jailtime. He claimed to have diabetes and the sugar from the alcohol made him blackout.

    So get this…. the guy claims to have gotten drunk, drove home, blacked out because of diabetes, hit a kid, killed him and never noticed. Well how the HELL did he get home if he was blacked out???? Is it a coincidence that he would blackout for just a couple seconds, and in those couple of seconds he managed to kill a little boy???? Give me a break!

    That was a lame excuse and the court actually fell for it. A young life is lost, a family is destroyed, all because somebody got drunk and decided to drive home. And that "drunk driver" will go back to his normal life in 6 months, maximum!

    Can you guys believe that? Here in Newfoundland you get 18 months in jail, just for poaching a moose. To me its very disturbing. Anyway it has nothing to do with hockey but since the drunk driving topic was brought up, I thought Id share it with you all.

  39. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    tucker has more goals that heatley why isnt he there?
    becuase goal scoring isn't theonly thing that gets you on th team, and  there are too few sens fans.

  40. muckies says:

    Well Tucker siad it himslef, "I'm a gola-scorer now"  Tucker isn't the tough guy everybody thinks he is, without his pose to back him up, he's not so tough.

    But as of today he deserves to be on the team, in Febuary it might be a different story, Healtey will have more golad then him by then, this team is screwed anyways, the Sabres are good, but they don't deserve to have all those players on it. Briere, Campbell, Miller 3 is enough with all the talent in the east

  41. TheDugg1er says:

    Man i can't believe Blake is beating out Ohlund and Salo. Blake is past his days in Colorado and hasn't been doing anything special in LA. In the new NHL Salo's pokecheck owns everyone, not to mention his slapshot is money and Ohlund is good at everything he does except for keeping a puck in. Salo would most likely win hardest shot hands down, so if he isn't there you all know Salo has the hardest shot.

  42. burnz30 says:

    Voting doesn't decide the whole roster, just the starting line-up. The coaches pick the remander of the team, so it doesn't matter who's 4-12 in forwards voting. They will be picked(they usually get it right) based on recent performance. I think the fans are entitled to vote for the starters, but I'm glad(based on these results) that they don't decide the whole team. There are some puzzling votes here. Also, they usually try to get someone from each team which mean that Buffalo wont have 7 guys.

  43. OldGoalie says:

    According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the Georgia Crime Lab indicated that Heatley did not hit the 0.08% BAC level necessary for the full on DUI charge, but that there was enough alcohol in his system to potentially render him eligible for a charge that Georgia calls "DUI Less Safe."  But let's assume his BAC was 0.00%, and his speeding was the only cause of the accident.  Yes, you are absolutely correct, I have been speeding.  Here's the difference though…if I zip along exceeding the speed limit by a nontrivial amount, have an accident, and someone dies as a result, I get charged with homicide by vehicle (speeding alone can be the basis for that charge).  And so probably would you and most of the other people who post on this site.

    Now, if you want to say that the original joke was disrespectful to the Snyder family…I hadn't originally thought about it in those terms, but yes, you have a point there; it could certainly be taken that way.  I will unequivocally apologize for anyone who took it in that fashion.  It was absolutely not my intent to cast any aspersions on their loss, or trivialize their grief. 

  44. OldGoalie says:

    Re-read what I said…I absilutely do NOT think it was a joke that a guy got killed.  In fact, I think it's serious enough that Heatley got off monumentally lightly.  To the point that he needs to be profoundly grateful for his good fortune, and not waste the oppurtunity that he has been given by not having his career ruined (or at least sidetracked for a significant amount of time).

    Now…on the Fleury front.  I think you're oversimplifying on the Crosby issue…if it was ALL Sid, you would expect Thibault to have better numbers (particularly W-L) than he does. 

    Like I said…I'm shocked that Fleury is in the lead (and now that we discuss it, I don't really expect him to stay there, at a bare minimum because the Brodeurs of the world have so many more people to vote for them in their home markets), but I don't think he should be discounted out of hand, either, because he's doing a more than acceptable job behind a defense that is literally no different (at least at the moment) than the one that was so bad last year. 

    Now, if you want to argue that he benefitted early in the year from having Mark Eaton stabilizing the defense corps, and that he and the team have been far more ordinary without Eaton, that's a separate discussion and I think that position might have some more merit…

  45. zdeno_duchesne says:

    what a fuc king joke of an allstar game this will be

  46. saku_rulz says:

    i didnt see him too often but im pretty sure souray owns the hardest shot…he actually proved it in the 2004 all-star game…tied with aucoin!

  47. caliplayr21 says:

    maybe ovechkin, crosby, malkin up front.  3-1-2 in voting

  48. caliplayr21 says:

    i'm gonna have to agree with oldgoalie on this; like you guys have never made "jokes" about any tragic event. (i've always made refrences to things like this, and other hockey related issues like knusten, zoltok, briere, etc.  even the wtc attacks and most recently corey idle from the yanks. i usually only say it to my friends and certainly dont actually feel those ways toward any of the ppl involved. i feel bad for anyone affected by them. but nonetheless, its only in fun.)

    heatley shouldnt have gotten off that easy, but he did. and i don't think snyders family visits this site anyway.  if you dont like it, dont read it.

    and besides, his ferrari probably can't go below 55mph.

    as for him not getting votes. maybe the fans don't feel he's that good, or want to see crosby and ovechkin more. or ottawa is asleep.

  49. caliplayr21 says:

    ovechkin isnt on here becasue he's to good for the all-star game. he doesn't need to prove anything or show off. afterall, he is god.

  50. woodsco85 says:

    VOTE FOR RORY, campaign is making major strides, today updates the Westen Conference All-Star Votes and Rory Fitzpatrik currently has 31, 310 write in votes. Whats even more surprising is that he has more votes than Mathieu Schneider of Detroit who has 30,628, and is ON THE BALLOT. Still its along way from cracking the line up as the top two D-Men in the west have over 200,000 votes each.

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