All the Optimism has been shot down.

Just a short period ago, there was renewed optimism throughout the hockey world. However, this is no more.TSN is reporting that today’s meeting ended, with no date for more discussions. While both groups hope to resume talking, they’ve made no plans to hold meetings just yet.

Bill Daly stated that there are still “philosphical” differences between the parties. The Coyotes and Mighty Ducks have also come out and said that they have in no way contacted any current players.

Markus Naslund and Dan Cloutier have also headed off to Europe, and one would think that if Trevor Linden thought there was an agreement in sight, he would have kept his teammates here just a little but longer. Cloutier, does not even have an escape clause.

So I began this day very optimistic, and now, I am more convinced that there won’t be a Stanley Cup winner this season.