All’s not quiet on the NHL trade front

Yahoo sports is reporting
For a moment, it was quiet. After the latest big news – winger James Neal(notes) and defenseman Matt Niskanen(notes) traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins, defenseman Alex Goligoski(notes) to the Dallas Stars – there wasn’t a single NHL deal for two whole days. “It seems like everything’s done,” Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk said Thursday morning. But he was smiling as he said it. There were four more deals later in the afternoon, and there was one more as of Friday afternoon. And even though there have been 23 since Feb. 9 – with first-round picks, notable names and young players changing hands – there is the potential for even more significant action before the trade deadline at 3 p.m. ET on Monday.“Some of the bigger moves and the bigger names that you expect on deadline day have already moved,” said Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford, who has made three deals in the past week himself. “There will be activity through Monday where teams are going to try to tweak their teams, and then there may still be some big moves.” The NHL hasn’t seen trade activity like this in years. The moves have come so early and often that some have worried there will be nothing left to buzz about on D-Day, which has blown up into a hockey holiday of TV specials, radio shows and Internet chats. But which would you rather have – a holiday or a holiday season? “It’s been an interesting month, but it’s been a pretty good one,” Rutherford said. There have been at least 20 deals on deadline day alone each of the past seven seasons, with a record 31 last year. But even if there are fewer on this particular Monday, there will be an opportunity to dissect how much has already happened and why. To read more;_ylt=AkhMCdYXNlE8RV0BQfcXiR57vLYF?slug=nc-pretradedeadlineflurry022511

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