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Usually at this time of the year, we would wait before jumping on trade rumors. All teams needs time to evaluate their staff, but this year is so different that a few teams are in urgent need for specific style of players. Based on daily reports taken on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, same as for the Forecaster, here’s a list of teams and suggested needs. Some suggested by the staff, some added by me. Need a goalie and stay-at-home defensemen. Lehtonen is coming back soon, but Dunham is not the solution, being injured also.

ANAHEIM: Fedorov is rumored to be on the trade block, but he’s very, very hard to trade being injured and with his salary. They are testing youngsters Perry and Getzlaf, so no move underway.

CALGARY: Give them time to adjust, and wait until Robyn Regehr gets back from his injury.

COLUMBUS: Bad start but they have Nash, BrulĂ©, Fritsche and Klesla injured, leaving the team to veterans and players that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the league.

FLORIDA: Keenan can’t wait to ship Huselius and Krajitek elsewhere, but he has to show them to the other teams for a few weeks so they get value.

MONTREAL: An offensive defense would be welcomed to help Markov, since Souray is proving he was an offensive flop. But no urgency here and I don’t understand why so many fans are already trading Zednik. Damn, can’t they keep an offensive team for one full-year?

NEW JERSEY: Kozlov rumors won’t stop.

NEW YORK ISLANDERS: Niinimaa is on various trade rumors, but his numbers are bad.

EDMONTON: They need an offensive pivot. Now. Martin Havlat would be welcomed, but at which price? Wondering also if bringing Rob Schremp is a good or bad time to do it?

PHOENIX: Comrie has been scratched. His reputation is on a downward spiral. Ship him to Columbus as he deverses.

PITTSBURGH: Everybody knows they need defense, but they are stocked with 8 one-way contracts defensemen… They have to trade offensive D for defensive D. The Pens look like a Potatohead mounted by a 1 year-old baby.

TORONTO: Antropov, I know.

WASHINGTON: Brendan Witt is anxious to know where he’s going. For the rest, Washington is not a team as bad as people think. Kolzig can be traded to one of the various teams in need of solid goaltending. Edmonton among them.

On a different note, have you noticed how many goalies that are injured? Seems like a problem with the new rules, and there are no great goalies left on the market.

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  1. Marky2Fresh says:

    Was that English?

  2. hockeyhead says:

    the boston bruins love the pens.

    the game vs toronto monday was brutal as eddie stole the show, and last night vs the canes blowing a 3-1 lead.

    they cant hold a lead but they also come back from multi goal leads.

    the canes are a lot like buf and mon. small quick. the bruins d-men except for leetchy look like cones.

    it would help to get mcearchern, zhamnov and isbister back.

    mark stuart will be up soon if the d-men cant contain. at times the b’s look great at others they look like they implode. injuries all year have hurt.

    leafs rematch tonight. go wounded b’s go.

  3. simplyhabby says:

    The B’s MVP so far has to be Leetch. This guy is playing with renewed passion. You would not think the guy is in his 40’s. Probably a top 3 defenseman in the league at this point of the season.

    I think the B’s will take the Leafs and I really hope they do because I am sick of hearing Leaf fans gloat that they won a few games. I know there is a lot of Hab fans doing the same and its just as bad.

  4. simplyhabby says:

    yes I have seen Rivet play the best hockey he has ever played and the little ice time Komisarek has had, he has done well but, you forgot to mention Bouillion who has elevated his game and a guy like Whitt would add some size and much needed strength on the Blue line.

    Even in the New NHL, we are going to need some tough defenseman during the playoffs. Our forwards, Markov and Souray can lead the offense but we need defenseman to shut down teams like Ottawa, Philly, Toronto and TB in a 7 game series. I don’t beleieve another offensive d-man is going to do improve this already offensive team.

    During a playoff run, I would like to see Dandenault play on the 4th line to add another element of defense on a penalty kill. It has become very apparent that a single dimensional fighter is pretty much useless now so that spot on the fourth line would be ideal for a speedy defenseman like Dandenault.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    leetchy is 37. dont put him there yet. HAHA.

    monday vs the leafs was the worst loss yet. coming back from 2-0 to go ahead 3-2 in TO was awesome and then to let a shorty goal with 4 minutes left is unreal.

    0-10 on the powerplay with 2 men ad.

    they are playing too many games. they have played the most in the league with calgary and phx who have about the same records.

    i am not going to worry. 70 games left. one month at a time.

    however, i wouldnt be surprised to see some moves.

    with these new rules…i notice theyre are a lot of talented guys with the stick moves.

    one thing with the bruins top athletes i notice is that they out fool themselves. but not patrice….he plays such a simple game it is beautiful.

    well, win or lose i still love watching every game. i like when they win but i think i like the stats better.

  6. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Luongo is Restricted, and the maple laughs could trade there whole team and Keenan still wouldn’t be interested.

  7. simplyhabby says:

    Remember a while back I was talking about who would you rather build your franchise around, Patrice or Joe?

    The question was posed because they are 2 completely different players and you would have to mold your team accordingly.

    Being a fan of the finesse game, I picked Patrice and he is surely not disappointing. Possible Patrice Crosby unification in Turin?

    Not to discredit Joe, His as always been one of my faves. Sure tough being a B’s hater with guys like Thorton, Patrice, Murray and Leetch in the system. Great hockey players. Boston will wake up starting tonight. I think the B’s will get their revenge.

  8. hockeyhead says:

    if it wasnt for eddie the other night, they would of destroyed the leafs. 53 shots, 24 in the second period. they get beat by the small mental lapse.

    so many players that are small and quick are going to have more of a chance in this new NHL. brad boyes had a nice game last night.

    i know the bruins have some of those types in the system but it has hurt them NOW always trying to get size out there. the defense is really lacking right now.

    look for ben walter (ryans son) to make an appearance. he is another youngster that has that hockey savy.

    (by the way, i was hopin so bad patrice would score the other night in the shootout just cuz he is patrice and he needs some more hype in the league)

  9. crazzzy says:

    There is no way the Pens will trade Pallfy. None of their top 6 forwards will go. Lemieux, Malone, LeClair, Recchi, Crosby, and Pallfy will stay. Gonchar and Jackman are also not going anywhere. The only player I can see them trading is Dick Tarnstrom. Maybe they trade him for a good, sold defenseman.

  10. Pabs says:

    Actually, Edmonton can offer Pittsburgh something that no one else can. We could always dangle Crosby’s old buddy, Pouliot. Now we’re talkin’. Throw in a couple of other players or a player/draft pick combo, yeah I think we could pry Palffy loose. Can we afford him? That’s the real question. We’ve got cap space but how deep are the pockets of the owners? I’m just sayin’…

  11. Pabs says:

    Actually, Edmonton can offer Pittsburgh something that no one else can. We could always dangle Crosby’s old buddy, Pouliot. Now we’re talkin’. Throw in a couple of other players or a player/draft pick combo, yeah I think we could pry Palffy loose. Can we afford him? That’s the real question. We’ve got cap space but how deep are the pockets of the owners? I’m just sayin’…

  12. neilios says:

    You guys wanna hear a rumor thats going around Vancouver and Bob MacKenzie said something about a blockbuster that might go down between the Nucks and Panthers.Ok this how it might go down.

    To Canucks-Luongo,Jokinen,and Weiss

    To Panthers-Cloutier,Morrison,and Kesler and a pick.

    I would love to see this deal go down because Morrison aint doing crap this year and I think Jokinen would be a awsome fit playing with Bert and Nassy and plus Kesler would get some playing time in Florida and put up some big #s,and Weiss would be a big help for the 2nd PP unit.

    This is a deal I would like to see happen but I know Iam dreaming.

    To Canucks-Brodour,Gomez

    To Devils-Cloutier,Morrison,and a 1st or 2nd round pick

    what does everyone think????think its just a pipe dream or does everyone think its possible,and can anyone tell me what the sallarys would be in these trades.Thanks

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