Amonte Stolen by the Flyers

The Philadelphia FLyers acquired Coyote Tony Amonte for only Guillaume Lefebvre, Atlanta’s third-round pick this year (previously acquired) and Philadelphia’s second-round pick in 2004 reports

Not much else to say but here is my quick take:

I find it a joke that GM Bobby Clarke himself, that the majority of the media, and too many hockey fans were outraged by the Kovalev trade to the Rangers. They totally bashed the Rangers and called it a humiliation to the NHL.

What the heck do you call this? Lefebvre who is a minor leaguer and two picks for an all-star? That’s not a humiliation? That’s not a horrible trade for the Coyotes? Yeah, so mcuh trash about the Kovalev trade, so much trash said to GM Sather for stealing the guy yet this is pure crap. Great job GM Clarke, and as I told to Flyers fans, he will get a key player and he did. Great job, but Mr. Robert Clarke…you better take all those comments on the Kovalev trade which you basically called it a joke.