Amonte Stolen by the Flyers

The Philadelphia FLyers acquired Coyote Tony Amonte for only Guillaume Lefebvre, Atlanta’s third-round pick this year (previously acquired) and Philadelphia’s second-round pick in 2004 reports

Not much else to say but here is my quick take:

I find it a joke that GM Bobby Clarke himself, that the majority of the media, and too many hockey fans were outraged by the Kovalev trade to the Rangers. They totally bashed the Rangers and called it a humiliation to the NHL.

What the heck do you call this? Lefebvre who is a minor leaguer and two picks for an all-star? That’s not a humiliation? That’s not a horrible trade for the Coyotes? Yeah, so mcuh trash about the Kovalev trade, so much trash said to GM Sather for stealing the guy yet this is pure crap. Great job GM Clarke, and as I told to Flyers fans, he will get a key player and he did. Great job, but Mr. Robert Clarke…you better take all those comments on the Kovalev trade which you basically called it a joke.

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  1. matteo says:

    To all of you who ripped me when I said that Clarkie was a top 3 GM around mid-year all I can say is…..suck it. Clarkie has once again proven himself. Sure he blew it with the Oates trade last year, but that was last year. He has built a very tough, very talented team.

    I think he still has one or two more moves left in him today. I am looking for Gagne to be sent packing for that puck moving defenseman that we need so badly. It won’t be Zhitnik, because i don’t think Clarkie would trade Gagne to a team in our division.

    I think Clarkie got away with the Amonte deal as part of another deal that will send Gagne to Phoenix for Shane Doan and another player. The second part of the deal will balance out the first half a little bit. There is something more to this…keep your eyes open.

  2. amazing_jesse says:

    I told you that Amonte was going to the Flyers about 1 month ago and no everyone said no way. Including you!

    I told you! I told you!

  3. zednik says:

    Nolan Vs. Amonte: Philly wanted a guy who could score a raw scorer and they get that in Amonte. Nolan is a better player overall but the Flyers needed amonte more then the Leafs needed Nolan so even though Nolan is better the Flyers got better.

    Yuski vs. Wesley: What is this a joke? Yuski is a playoff warrior. He has grit and size and is defensivly responsable. Wesley is also good but I would take a Yuski sort of defenceman in the playoffs any time. As above the Leafs needed a Dman more then the Flyers do so Wesley improves the Leafs more.

    LaPointe Vs. ___________: Phillys power play is better and they add anothr veteran leader who has some scoring potental.

    Winner: Philly

    It pretty much brings this situation back to where it was weeks ago. The Flyers are a better team going into the playoffs. That won’t change unless the Leafs add a defenceman.


  4. orlandomac says:

    I don’t want Amonte’s autograph ……

    neither do I want Alfredsson’s….

    Only like players that play with heart.

    Amonte is a cancer because he is another superstar player who plays when they want to play.

    When times are easy he puts up alot of points, when you count on him, add a little pressure, a pinch of anxiety, a dash of an important game it makes for delightful piece of nothing.

    He has a history of not doing enough to help any team.

    Should have gone too Ottawa he would ve fit in alot nicer, with alot of other noshow’s.

    By the way the smell your sniffing is the Sens playoff performance off in the distance, no revelation to you but its a stinker.

    Better hope the Rangers don’t get in or else its curtains in the first round again.

    PS love the aquisition of Ray, like all your other muscle that the Sens have brought in to deal with the Leafs, you’ll be carrying him off the ice in that last game of the season. Then what are your lil sissies gonna do…..


    As for the Philly Leaf series it should be a good one, probably the best in the whole playoffs.

  5. MossRocks says:

    Au contraire…

    History shows us that people (and nations and hockey teams) make the same mistakes no matter what the era. It is a fabulous source for the present and future.

  6. orlandomac says:

    Speak for yourself…

  7. MossRocks says:

    But… he has a high budget filled with top-notch talent and he never makes the deal to push his team to the Stanley Cup. This year is no different.

  8. maynard says:

    its been alot longer for you leaf fans, and to say Amonte isnt going to help you obivously dont know hockey, he didnt have any centers in Phoenix you dip shit!

  9. aafiv says:





    Damn this looks good!!!!!!!!

  10. esche42 says:

    Keon your a jackass you reall think the leafs will beat the flyers come on now your making me laugh stop it i can’t stop laughing…Eddie Belfour is old and rickety flyers beat the leafs in 5 games and that’s that

  11. orlandomac says:

    Talk is cheap moron, when Amonte implodes Philly you can kiss my ass……………

    I was so glad to hear Philly got Amonte makes it such an easier match…

    please rely on him please….

  12. orlandomac says:


    How long is it gonna take before you figure that out.

    Talk about bright bulbs!

  13. orlandomac says:

    You’re not even there Philly self implodes in 5, Leafs just have to show up in the first 2 games.

  14. orlandomac says:

    Only one going out in the first round like a lil bitch is the Sens….

    What are they gonna whine about this time now that they ve added toughness….

    The reason your team loses isn’t management, isn’t toughness, isn’t skill…..

    It’s heart and the losers that support them!

  15. orlandomac says:

    Roberts Sundin Mogilny

    Renberg Antropov Nolan

    Hoglund Reichel Domi

    Green Corson Tucker

    Looks better!!!!

  16. hound says:

    I see the lines as follows:

    1) Leclair – Roenick – Amonte

    2) Gagne – Handzus – Chouinard

    2a) Kapenen – Primeau – Recchi

    4) Brasher – Lapointe – Murray

    Somik and Fedoruk would be 10 th and 11th forwards. Somik would skate for Gagne now and maybe take Chouinard’s spot when Gagne returns.

    The top (6) d-men are still (not in any order):

    Dejardins, Weinrich, Therien, Ragnarson, Yuskevich and Johnson

    Vandermeer and Seidenberg are NHL quality d-men and could start for most any team and Pitkanen and Woywitka will be ready for the NHL next year.

    As I see it the Flyers have several veteran d-men and maybe one defensive prospect available for a trade. They also have some forwards that they could package, Williams being the most desireable. Plus the Flyers have 15 or so picks left this year.

    I think they need to make one more trade (it may not be today it could be this summer) for an impact player.

    I would rank the player as follows:






    One of these guys could skate on the Gagne – Handzus line. Satan would probaly be the best value.

    Other options would be Flyers verteran d-man + 2nd or 3rd round draft pick to Detroit for Zetterberg or Datsyuk.

  17. OKFlyer says:

    My jetta will beat that porshe

  18. big_booty says:

    Amonte in the playoffs:

    GP G A TP PIM +/- PP SH GW GT Shots Pct

    55 16 20 36 36 6 4 2 1 0 141 11.35


    51 18 15 33 62 -10 4 2 5 0 170 10.59

    Close, but I’ll take Amonte. Better all around and doesn’t take stupid penalties.

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