An Analysis of our future talent.

This is my first news post on HTR , I’ll try not to rattle on too much.Montreal is truly a great team with a huge amount of depth and prospects to fill up our lines for years. I’m tired of hearing Marleau, Briere , Yashin… We don’t need any overpaid stars to win the cup and I think Anaheim proved this point. There big stars were mostly in the defensive end but they won the cup by working hard and with the right amount of team work as well as chemistry We have goalies that can take us all the way, we have forwards that are speedy , skillful and cheap. why spend 5-6 million on potential chokers (cough kovalev cough) when we can just let our prospects grow into a pack of brothers that will grow beards together and bring us many cups , hopefully in time for all-star year 2009. We may have to wait for our prospects to fully mature but I assure you it will be worth every moment.

Here is the REALISTIC habs roster within the next few years :
Forwards :
We have great depth , maybe lacking abit down the middle but no team is perfect.

1) Higgins/Koivu/Ryder (Once the team is in sync they will be back to their speedy tic-tac-toe play’s.
2) S. Kostytin/Lapierre/A. Kostytin (think Sedin brothers )
3)Latendresse/Plekanec/Milroy (These guys should work well together)
4) Locke/Begin/Ferland (until they develop into 2nd line players , watch for Locke he will certainly get paired up with Lapierre they did wonders in Hamilton.

Defense :

Markov – Streit. Can you think of a harder working pair of defensemen)
Komisarek – Bouillon
Georges – Dandenault
Prospects that may make the line up in case of injury: either Cote or Biron.
Goaltending :

– Carey Price (starter by 08-09)
– Jaroslav Halak (will see alot of action in 07-08 I can assume at least 30 games , Huet isn’t always a safe bet even thought I never blame him for any of the habs misfortunes.

That’s our future not made from concentrate with no added players that will become cancer’s in our road to victory , Go Habs Go.

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  1. Hoondog2 says:

    Where's the grit?  Your lineup is very skillful but, to use your comparison of the Ducks, there is no May, Pahlsson, Perry, Penner, Getzlaf, Pronger.  Your team is closer to the Sabres, which isn't bad, but you need some gritty playoff performers, who are tried, tested, and true, and know what it takes to win in the playoffs.

    I see your point of building from within, but it is also important to add those intangibles via free agency.  With the right ingredients you could have a pretty good team there.

  2. Avim86 says:

    Begin , bouillon , komisarek are pretty gritty but I see your point.

  3. cristowall39 says:

    Good article but we need at least one Star players and and possibly even Yashin

  4. Habroller says:

    So where is the analysis of our future talent?

    Nothing new brought up here.

  5. Habroller says:

    …and please switch Plekanec with Lapierre in your line-up. It just doesn't make any sense.

  6. ferron says:

      I don't think MTL should spend money on UFA Fowards this year cause theres not much available right now and the one available wont give us what we need, Briere would not produce as much with the habs  as he did with the sabers, same thing goes for Kariya and most of the UFA, the only guy that would change things in MTL even though i hate him is "Ryan Smyth". We have lots of talent in MTL but no one can show the youth a good example, all of are veterants are example of money hungry players and lazynest. we need a player(Smyth) who would die for is team not a Vertigo infected muthaf—a(Kovi)! We also need a couple d-men to replace Souray and overaged Dandenault

    ps; It's time to give Archer, O'Byrne, Cote, Locke, Grabs and Chip a chance!

  7. habsoverserver says:

    compare and contrast montreal's top youngster's with pittsburgh's and then tell me how montreal beats them for the cup every year.  crosby is winning mvp trophies as a teenager.  malkin, staal, whitney and fleury are all superior players.   only in fantasy land does montreal beat pittsburgh. 

    i would bet that if they lose sourray, half the nhl previewers don't have montreal making the playoffs.

    your comparison to anaheim is really stupid.  on their team, only Bryzfalov (back-up goalie), Getzlaf and Perry were drafted by the ducks.  everyone else was acquired either through trade or free agency.  anaheim proves the point that teams need to actively sign star free agents like Selanne and Neidermayer and need to trade for big time players like Pronger.  The difference between montreal and anaheim is that montreal trades for nimiinaa and the ducks trade for pronger.  montreal signs samsonov and the ducks sign selanne.  montreal finds wimps and anaheim collects bruisers.  montreal was disappointed with kovalev and endures his rants.  anaheim dumped federov as fast as they could.  teams that make good deals win cups.  teams that push mediocre players in and out of the lineup end up on the golf course. 

  8. The_Dynasty says:

    Agree with what you said, with the exception of the spoiled veterans part. While most of our vets are spoiled, Koivu is EXACTLY like Smyth in the sense that he would die for a team (cancer and eye injury).

  9. habsalicious says:

    Although I agree with most you say, Fleury is way overrated. Price will be a much better goalie.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    that could be, although it is tough to compare them since Price has yet to play in the nhl. 

  11. TheStryker says:

    Not a very good line-up. Im not too sure how near the future is in your mind. You seem to be forgeting a few players on the roster and in the system : Kovalev, Chipchura, Valentenko. First off Lapierre is not and will never be a second line center. Guys like Locke, Ferland and Milroy, are guys you call up in case of injury. Montreal is in desperate need of a BIG center. Im fed up of hearing about Briere. Sure he had 95 points this past year, but if anyone thinks that he can get 95 points playing with Montreal, they are nuts. Montreal should be looking a signing a vetran center that they don't have to sign for 4 or 5 years, or look to trade for an established center who is already under contract long term i.e. Brad Richards.

    So if im Bob Gainey I call Jay Feester in Tampa and offer him this

    Ryder, Kovalev, Dandenault
    To Tampa
    Richards, Ranger


    Eric Belanger
    Eric Boulton
    Dainius Zubrus
    Vitaly Vishnevski



  12. habsrock_19 says:

    ok well this line-up is OK. i think this is basicly what our line-up will look like in  a couple of years with a few exceptions. i think Chipchura will definetly be there in a few years if not next year(with bonk and johnson gone) i also think one more big name on the forwards and its done and this team will be fine, its hard to say who that big name should be but we obviously would need a bigger forward just because this team lacks grit, so add Chipchura and someone like bertuzzi. I DONT want bertuzzi but someone like him wiould be good. also i think yemilin will be i montreal by then with a good team i think he end up leaving russia for this line-up. other than that good post

  13. habsrock_19 says:

    very solid, surprisingly i love this line-up send this to BOB right away lol. but only if it was as that to get richards, but another thing why is everyone all of a suddon bringing up trading Ryder i love ryder and think he'll be with montreal for a long time.

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