An Analysis of our future talent.

This is my first news post on HTR , I’ll try not to rattle on too much.Montreal is truly a great team with a huge amount of depth and prospects to fill up our lines for years. I’m tired of hearing Marleau, Briere , Yashin… We don’t need any overpaid stars to win the cup and I think Anaheim proved this point. There big stars were mostly in the defensive end but they won the cup by working hard and with the right amount of team work as well as chemistry We have goalies that can take us all the way, we have forwards that are speedy , skillful and cheap. why spend 5-6 million on potential chokers (cough kovalev cough) when we can just let our prospects grow into a pack of brothers that will grow beards together and bring us many cups , hopefully in time for all-star year 2009. We may have to wait for our prospects to fully mature but I assure you it will be worth every moment.

Here is the REALISTIC habs roster within the next few years :
Forwards :
We have great depth , maybe lacking abit down the middle but no team is perfect.

1) Higgins/Koivu/Ryder (Once the team is in sync they will be back to their speedy tic-tac-toe play’s.
2) S. Kostytin/Lapierre/A. Kostytin (think Sedin brothers )
3)Latendresse/Plekanec/Milroy (These guys should work well together)
4) Locke/Begin/Ferland (until they develop into 2nd line players , watch for Locke he will certainly get paired up with Lapierre they did wonders in Hamilton.

Defense :

Markov – Streit. Can you think of a harder working pair of defensemen)
Komisarek – Bouillon
Georges – Dandenault
Prospects that may make the line up in case of injury: either Cote or Biron.
Goaltending :

– Carey Price (starter by 08-09)
– Jaroslav Halak (will see alot of action in 07-08 I can assume at least 30 games , Huet isn’t always a safe bet even thought I never blame him for any of the habs misfortunes.

That’s our future not made from concentrate with no added players that will become cancer’s in our road to victory , Go Habs Go.