An Avalanche of Money, and various sources report that the Colorado Avalanche have signed BOTH Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne. Terms of deal have not ben yet announced, but the deals will be official at 4 pm et.

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  1. LetsGoPanthers says:

    First things first. Hats off to the GM of the Avs for landing Kariya and Selanne for the amount of money that he did. I am quite sure that playing together, on the same line that Kariya and Selanne will significantly improve from their last few seasons and may even have career years with either Sakic or Forsberg as their linemate. The Avalanche will dominate the regular season and probably win the President’s trophy.

    There’s talk of the Avalanche buying the cup. Let me assure you guys that what they did was buy the PRESIDENT’S TROPHY not the Stanley Cup. I predict that Selanne and Kariya will have a gr8 regular season but fizzle in the playoffs. Both of them are REGULAR SEASON players not PLAYOFF players.

    Watch the Avs lose to the Wings in the Conference finals in 6 games.

  2. OldNord says:

    By signing under the NHL’s average wage, Kariya will become an UFA again next season, I think.

    Spectacular move but they will not win the Cup even now…g.o.a.l.i.e.

  3. nathan says:

    It’s a longshot. Mainly b/c Roy’s $$$ was used to sign Kariya and Selanne. So if Roy wanted to come back, the owner would have to pony up on the money.

  4. Seattleaf says:

    Anaheim never wanted Kariya to take a pay cut(I’m sure they wouldn’t mind) but the paycut was Kariya’s idea in order to free salary to sign Selanne.

  5. Flyers_01 says:

    UN-FREAKING-BELEIVABLE. This was Kariya flipping the bird to the Ducks. Murray is on record as saying he offered Kariya and Selanne a much better offer to come play for the Ducks.

    I’m sure Murray is thinking that if Kariya would’ve played for the Ducks for 1.2 million last year he would’ve been surrounded with much better talent and had a better chance at the cup.

    I’m sure the NHLPA will have a field day with Kariya taking a 90% paycut to play for one of the Richest teams in the league. At least Lemieux will get a breather from the grief he gets for working below scale for the poorest team in the league.

    Let’s face it, we are all dying to know that “specific reasons” that Paul has for doing what he did to the team he said he never wanted to leave. The Ducks were even trying to bring Selanne back like he wanted to play with him!

    If I was an Avalanche fan and I’d suggested this happening at this price, people would’ve had me locked up. I’m still in a bit of shock over this.

    Federov is now the only really big name left on the market. I wouldn’t even guess as to where he’ll play and how much he’d play for at this point.

  6. mikster says:

    Yeah, when i posted that i didn’t know it was for a year, they conifrmed that later.

  7. nathan says:

    Yea, Murray, the Duck GM is probably blowing steam out of his ears and nose right now.

    Ducks General Manager Bryan Murray could not hide his displeasure. “I’m disappointed obviously, I thought we made a considerably better offer for Paul and Teemu,” he told TSN.

  8. MossRocks says:

    I was wrong too. The word is that Kariya’s deal has no bonuses. This is a shrewd move since he’ll be a UFA next year under the ten-year/under-the-league-average loophole.

  9. mikster says:

    I don’t believe in that bullshit. He is a super star, he won’t go from $10M to $1.2M. His agent wouldn’t even let him do that.

    It’s pure bullshit. He’s got bonuses….

  10. WildWing89 says:

    Wow. Paul Kariya Is Makin Himself Look Like A Dumbass. $1.2 Mil? That’s Pathetic, Even If He Wants To Become A Group V FA. He Went To The Cup With A Strong Ducks Team Who’s Goalie’s Only Getting Better, And He Left For Way Less Money, To A Team Who Has Strong Offence, But Who Have Average Defence And No Real Goalie. Now This May Make Anaheim A Leading Contender For Federov, And If They Sign Him And Something Else, Like Oates, They’ll Be Right Back Where They Were Last Year. Hopefully They Win The Cup To Show Paul The Mistake He Made.

  11. AVS4NYR says:

    Yeah I know, and that was what I meant when I said that the bonuses will be more than the Wild can afford in salaries.

    2bad Reinprecht got traded. But at least we get another great defensive prospect to make up for the Devries and the Marchment losses.

  12. avsfan19-33 says:

    Still??? What are you talking about. Look who won the Division last year buddy! You Canuck fans are almost as bad as Leaf and Ranger fans!

  13. avsfan19-33 says:

    The Rangers buy superstars that have no chemistry together. This is a smart move because Kariya and Selanne have amazing chemistry and therefore this move will work. Also, Kariya played with Blake, Sakic and Footer in the Olympics in 2002 so they should still have some good chem.

  14. titans says:


  15. Forsberg21 says:

    Well guess what, your wrong. The Avs couldn’t afford to dish out a bunch of money, and that includes bonuses.

  16. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually they don’t look anything like the Rangers. Pierre signed them both for $7 million, both on one year contracts. The Rangers gave more than that to Bobby Holik and on long term deals. Plus the Rangers don’t understand chemistry. I think it’s pretty obvious that Selanne and Kariya have chemistry.

  17. Forsberg21 says:

    Why do you keep saying Kariya got bonuses. It’s been printed in the media that there were no bonuses. Even if it could be wrong, which it probably isn’t since Colorado doesn’t pay people like the Rangers, you have no reason to say that he has bonuses. It just makes you sound desperate to cover up for the Rangers bad spending habbits, by falsly accusing the Avs of doing the same thing. Why do you insist on replacing your Rangers with the Avs. They are completly different situations. The Avs signed two players with proven chemistry for significantly less than they are worth at $7 million total for one year. Kariya has also shown chemistry with Sakic, which I think he will play with along with Selanne(not on Forsbergs line) The Rangers just sign the big name guys every year to expensive long term contracts, without looking for chemistry. They also don’t need a D man etiher. Even without the lesser known defensman trades the Avs made this offseason, they probably would have been fine. Blake, Foote, Morris, and Skoula is a pretty good four. And McCallister played well in his limited time before getting hurt as well. They also traded for three other defensmen(their names escape me becasue one is a rookie they got from Chicago I think it was, the other was supposed to be the best defensman in Nashville last year who I don’t follow too much, and the other was another prospect from buffalo today, and I don’t feel like looking up all there names because I am in a hurry right this second)

    And why don’t you think that Abby and Sauve don’t at least have a chance at playing well next year, even though it will be a tough choice giving this kind of team to either one of these guys for the entire season and the playoffs, who have no experience as a number one in the NHL.

  18. Forsberg21 says:

    Since when was anybody besides Shantz, out of all those guys you mentioned, leaving

  19. Forsberg21 says:

    Yea your right the Avs don’t have any D to work with. Blake, Morris, Foote, and Skoula all play for other teams.

  20. AVS4NYR says:

    Shantz was leaving? I said that? what?

  21. Forsberg21 says:

    What a shocker. The best line in hockey last year with the AMP line. Now Sakic gets to play in between Selanne and Kariya. Well there goes Pierre’s long stance on signing big name free agents in the off season as they were not part of the teams “recipe” even if they came cheap. I’m still sad to see that we didn’t acquire Chris Drury, after knowing he was available and went to Buffalo. I would have been happier to see him in Colorado than either Paul or Teemu, but thats only becasue he was one of the favorites in Denver for good reasons, and he probably would have played here for longer than one year which is when Kariya will go back to Aneheim as well as Selanne.(Just a guess at where they’re going, I’m pretty sure they will be gone after next year with or without a cup) I wonder if the Avs were going to trade for Drury, but than changed their minds at the last second when Don Baizley came running in with Kariya and Selanne’s offer. Or maybe vice versa ,the Avs were trying to get Drury and when they couldn’t get him they went with this. Especially since it would have been horrible PR to trade Drury back to Colorado.

    Sad to see Rhino go too, he played hard for the team, and showed some flashes of great play.

    Also why does everyone keep comparing this team to the Rangers. They are two completely different situations. The Rangers sign the big name free agents to big long term contracts, without regards to team chemistry. The Avs signed these to guys to one year deals for a combined $7 million. That is less than what the Rangers gave Bobby Holik last year. Plus Selanne and Kariya have proven chemistry, and the best chemistry between two players since Gretz and Kurri. Also Sakic has chemistry with Kariya, and Paul knows players like Foote, Blake, and Sakic well form playing for Canada all those times. Plus neither one of these guys will be trouble in the locker room.

    I also have the same argument to all you people comparing them to the Stars. Dallas screwed up their chemistry as well as dished out a lot of money long term, so that isn’t the same either.

    Avs D also looks good for you people forgeting about that part of the team. They have a strong four with Blake, Morris, Foote, and Skoula, plus the addition of Karlis Skrastins will help replace De Vries, and McCalister played well before he got hurt last year as well. ALso who says the Avs won’t resign either De Vries or Marchment. Pierre recently said he still hopes to resign both of them. THe only question mark is in goal, and thats exactly that a question mark, which means it could turn out well like in Dallas last year with Turco who was in a similar situation after being a good bacakup being given the chance to be number one. I don’t think either Abby or Sauvve will play as well as Turco did in his first year, but Sauvve is supposed to be good, and Abby showed flashes of briliance looking a hell of a lot like Roy in some games after completely stoning guys while emulating Patty’s style. I think Both guys will be given a shot, and both will play well, maybe one better than the other, but Pierre will want a proven guy for when the playoffs roll around, and will make a deal for somebody come Christmas time when he usually makes his big deals. Plus there is plenty of time for more trades to add another defensman, or add some better role players/penalty killers.

  22. zeck says:

    You are an idiot.

  23. zeck says:

    All you bitches who said that the avs were done for can go sit in the corner and cry, because your team aint bringing home the cup.

  24. TC_4 says:

    Can’t blame Pierre for doing this. He got two superstars for under the regular price of one. Federov wanted more than what these two got combined, and there may be some GM’s that would willing pay one of Selanne or Karyia more then him. 1.2 mil, shrewd move by Paul. These guys fit in there. I hate there coach, but they’ll probably get a cool goaltender, so I love this team. Just as long as Roy doesn’t comeback!

  25. tradebait says:

    The trade starts to make sense now… Maybe Selanne and Kariya had planned to play in the same team and then got an idea of going to Avs. This is Selanne’s last season and Kariya wants to play one more year with him in a winning team. If Kariya will be UFA next summer it makes even more sense because then he can go back to Anaheim.

  26. MantaRay says:

    Your obviously trying to make the Av’s look like something they are not.

    Your basing you opinions on myth “but probably the bonuses…”. He is not getting any bonuses on the reports I have read.

  27. calflyers says:


    someone on this site with at least half ‘o brain

    everybody should read THIS post to find out WHY (and how) this signing came to be

    well said!

  28. Flyers_01 says:

    I can’t imagine under what circumstances that Paul would go back to Anaheim now. If I was the Ducks he’d be persona non grata.

    Can you imagine Paul telling Murray he’d come back for 5-6 mill after playing for 1.2 mill for Colorado?

    DUCKS : Why did you turn your back on us Paul?

    PAUL : Uhh .. I did that so I could play with Teemu and try to win the cup.

    DUCKS : Paul, we were in the Finals last year and the series went the distance plus the plan was for you to take a pay cut so we could sign Teemu to play with you. You both were going to make more money playing for us than you made last year in COL.

    PAUL : SCREW YOU .. I’m gonna go play for Detroit for free this year just to show you how wrong you are!

    DUCKS : Huh?

  29. Flyers_01 says:

    Can’t blame LaCroix at all for his involvement in this. His involvement consisted of saying “YES” to the offer.

  30. Flyers_01 says:

    I guess we’ll see. While the Avs must be considered favorites, they are not a lock.

  31. Flyers_01 says:

    Put some more emotion into it TITANS :p .. that outburst was only 3 lines long.

  32. Flyers_01 says:

    It is making him look stupid for all those things he said about the Ducks during his career. Not to mention Murray was trying to accomodate him. The Ducks already had Selanne pencilled in for Kariya’s line next year.

  33. Flyers_01 says:

    Is what exactly happened between Murray and Kariya to cause all this to come about? The Ducks were a contender last year and were trying to bring Kariya’s buddy Selanne into the fold for money than they got in COL.

  34. titans says:

    Sorry I’ll try harder next time.

  35. guinsfan4life says:

    Let’s face it everyone, these two players are not going to be the sole factors IF colorado wins the cup next year. All they are going to be are spare parts on a well oiled machine. If Colorado wins the cup next year neither of these players will win the MVP of the finals–that distinction will likely go to either the goaltender or Sakic/Forsberg. Sakic and Forsberg remain the heart/soul of this team.

    Perhaps Kariya and Selanne both just realized that they will never win a cup as the main focus of any team; so they enlisted the help of the two most dominating offensive/defensive forwards in the game today.

  36. guinsfan4life says:

    oh and one more small thought..

    What do you all think the players union think of these signings?? I mean clearly they have to be scratching their head because both players signed for significantly below their market value. The sharks offered Selanne 6.5mil., while Kariya could have returned to the Ducks for at least that much.

    Very interesting..

  37. tradebait says:

    Yea and I meant to say signings, not trades.. XD

  38. Forsberg21 says:

    Sorry I guess I misunderstood you. I guess you meant that all those guys were being left to the system, not that they were leaving. It kinda looked like thats what you were saying though when you said, “Leaving Shantz/Hahl/Smith/Messier/Willsie/Paul/Brule and a couple of other youngsters still in the system.”

    But, yea Shantz isn’t being resigned. Even before we aquired Nikolishan, that was the plan. Especially since he made a lot more than he was worth last year, and was the fourth line center, and is an unrestriceted free agent. He made more than what Kariya is going to make next year, now thats weird.

  39. TC_4 says:

    A)because after Karyia had been so loyal to this oraganization for the last 9 years, they stabbed him in the back. Yes, it made good hockey sense, but they owed it to him to qualify.

    B)does anyone REALLY believe that Anaheim will do that again next season? I’m telling everyone right now that THEY WILL NOT!

    C)add to that, they also dumped Adam Oates, so they got pretty weak down the middle.

    D)Teemu and him added to Sakic, Forsberg, Hedjuk, Blake, Foote, Morris, and maybe Theodore. That’s a Cup(if they get Theodore, or even Potvin).

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