An Embarassment to Bruins Hockey, Sharks Not Done Dealing, Same with Other Teams

GM Mike O’Connell should be fired.

A forward and an “offensive” defenseman missing in San Jose.

More trades to come?General Manager Mike O’Connell of the Boston Bruins ought to be fired for this trade alone. You are trading a franchise player for a bunch of “okay’s”.

I was about to post a totally different article regarding Luongo. In that article, where I explained in other discussion boards (such as McKeen’, I mentioned that if the Panthers were ever to trade Luongo, it would be for a franchise player. And, my first target was Joe Thornton himself.

Why not? The trade would have worked out well where two franchise players, dubious about their future with their respective teams, would have been swapped, and then the salary structure adjustments would be included in the deal, like Stumpel and Huselius.

That is the kind of level trade that a player like Joe Thornton would be invovled in.

But, MO’C chose to trade Thornton, who most likely wanted to be traded, for a solid 2nd liner in Marco Sturm, a hard working 3rd liner in Waybe Primeau (great gutsy player though), and a struggling offensive defeneman.

What…….the……….hell…….is that?

Bruins fans, I would be furious with this trade, but do not hate the players you received.

I always was a fan of Marco Sturm. He is a smart German player, playes hard and is solid at both ends of the ice. Could be used on the 1st line, on the PP and definitely on the PK. He has good speed and solid checking abilities. Knows how to score when getting chances.

Wayne Primeau is one cool player. Plagued with injuries but he plays as hard as his brother. I recall one goal where he was hit with the puck (offensive zone) on the face, and the guy was in pain. He was really really really in pain. The puck dropped in front of him though and he went to get……held it around a few seconds, and took a great slapshot that resulted in a goal. Went straight to the locker room and came back on the bench with his face half black from the hit. In pain, but worked hard.

Brad Stuart can be looked as the Tom Poti of the West, but smarter defensively. He has offensive potential, but he just cannot get it going. Never scored 40 points….. he has size, but does not use it effectively. I think the Bruins are really looking for offense from the D. They got Leetch, they got Tanabe, and now Stuart. Leetch may be a great mentor to Stuart, and who knows….Brad may finally turn it around.

I think the Sharks made a great statement. This reminds me of the day when the Colorado Avalanche traded Owen Nolan for Sandis Ozolinsh. This trade has The Re-Incarnation of Owen Nolan written all over it. The Sharks lacked that kind of player ever since trading Nolan (and who knows, he may make a comeback later into the season). Even though they made the playoffs after it, they lacked Owen Nolan character.

Thornton should find himself well welcomed in San Jose; his cousin (Scott) playing there. Jonathan Cheechoo may fit in extremely well with Thornton. Great trade for the Sharks…..they regained the status of owning a franchise player.

A forward and a defenseman are missing in the Shark Tank though. Who can the Shark seek?

For defensemen, there is a definite market out there. From Tom Poti, to Janne Niiniima, Pavel Kubina, even Brandon Witt…..though not offensive, he makes a strong presence on defense.

The Sharks still can trade Nils Ekman, Alyn McCauley….even make another big trade. But they are lacking a forward and a defenseman.

Sharks will make another trade. Prime targets?

Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens, and the Edmonton Oilers.

The Sharks can offer for Pavel Kubina and the Bolts may even try to dump Brad Richards, who will not be re-signed in 2006. They are slumping, they are not playing well. A change is needed. The Bolts, Sharks, and another team may even solve a three way deal regarding goaltending, where Nabokov finds himself wearng a Bolts jersey.

Rangers fans thought of a swap between Tom Poti and Brad Stuart, but it was unlikely to happen. Also, Poti was rumored to the Sharks from bloggers such as Eklund. Now, the Sharks may actually find interest in Tom Poti, they may be able to trade. The Rangers should not be looking to make many changes, or any major ones at least. So you may see a minor swap like Poti for Davison.

The Panthers were desperate enough to rid of themselves of Kristian Huselius. Did that work through waivers? No. But, a re-entry waivers will get someone interested. The Sharks should be looking to inquire of Huselius’s services. They lack a defenseman? Why not try out making another big deal?

Joe Thornto and Patrick Marleau give the Sharks a great one-two punch line. But, how will Thornton change life for Marleau? Anything is possible. Though doubtfull anything like that would happen, it would be interesting to see Marleau traded to the Panthers for Olli Jokinen. How about Marleau a Hab? Or a threeway deal with the Panthers, Sharks, and Canadiens?

The Sharks are not done dealing, and neither are the Bruins. Samsonov, Murray, and Raycroft may still be on the block. Thornton is gone, will Murray want out? Possible. The Bruins could still find a way to make a good deal. Again, the Panthers…..or Lightning. Glen Murray, Samsonov, Olli Jokinen….Boumweester, Boynton?

Bob McKenzie was wrong when saying trades won’t happen. Not to brag, but I had a good response to that, saying he was wrong and that more trades would happen. Have they? Yes. Will more come? Yes. The Devils have to think about trading. Elias will come back sooner or later in December, and they are missing out on all the action. The Panthers wanted Mogilny, and they will definitely get him. The Devils may be forced to put him on waivers, or trade him for next to nothing.

The Islanders will be looking for a change. Mad Mike saw O’Connell steal his nickname Mad by trading Thornton. Will the Isle’s pull a deal? You betcha.

All it takes is to have one GM pulling a trade, like Burke with Fedorov, to then have other general managers pull other deals. Expect more to come. The Bruins will be looking for a center. As mentioned before, Olli Jokinen may be a possibility. Brad Richards….Dougie Weight… The Bruins and the Sharks are not done dealing yet.

The other 14 Eastern Conference teams are smiling, but the 14 Western Conference teams are hating this deal. Bertuzzi has been on a goal scoring slump….would Nonis look to be making a swap? I know he disregarded any Bertuzzi trades, but anything is possible.

Mike O’Connell ought to be fired, though. Trading the frachise player, re-signed for three more years. Prior to that, trading Dave Scatchard…. putting McEarchen on waivers, and Colton Orr (though just a goon…..he was well liked). Where is he going with this team? Nowhere… he just paved the way for total disaster in Boston.

Still…..expect more trades to come.

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni

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  1. tim95030 says:

    Funny thing is apparently the equipment guys decieded not to put the J. and S. on the jerseys so only the number will differ, well and the points.

  2. tim95030 says:

    Just FYI, Brad Boyes is a Toronto Product, the sharks had him just one season in Cleveland, and while he did learn some their he really isn’t a true SJ product. And Primeau is better than you think. He is a third line guy, but he plays his butt off and he’s a better skater than you might think. He recently took a puck to the face and while bleeding and blind from that scored a goal.

  3. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Obviously, what I tried to say came out wrong…I don’t mean that LEGALLY one signing was contingent on the other, as such a thing doesn’t exist…what I meant is that both guys (Murray and Thornton) re-signed under the assumption that the other would be there, and while we all know what assuming does, you can see why either guy would be furious about this turn of events.

  4. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Alright, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad…you hate the “Leaves” as you affectionately call them, because you’re a Sens fan which is totally understandable, but how can you hate the Bills? They’re professional sport’s loveable losers! Who’s your NFL team?

  5. Lint07 says:

    nah, he’s a Hab fan too… but he’s right.

    But hey, with all the injuries to our key players it’s kinda hard to win many games.

    I think Gainey should try and get a package of Ozolinsh & Sykora from the Ducks. I’m not a big fan of Sykora but he would help us complete our second scoring line. Ozolinsh would make our PP a bit more creative and would give us a legitimate quaterback.

    Hopefully at least Koivu & Kovalev get back soon…

  6. rojoke says:

    They shouldn’t, but they do. Don’t you think that the Canadiens could have started a huge bidding war for Patrick Roy back in 96 when they dealt him to Colorado? If you’re talking franchise players, start players, those you build teams around, they rarely get dealt within the conference.

  7. Kraftster says:

    Ah, thanks for the reminder on Boyes. I was thinking back to the Mclaren deal and thought back no further than that.

    I saw Primeau play a lot when he was with the Pens, and I just kind of feel that the only time a team should trade for a player like Primeau is if they are so lacking that type of player and it is the last piece they need to become a true contender. The Bruins however, have Dan LaCouture who is a similar type player, and I just don’t feel like they were desperate for a Primeau type of guy in their line up.

  8. rojoke says:

    When you look at some of the deals Leafs management has dealt, particularly the younger players they’ve dealt, I find it hard to believe that any price was too high. You’re saying that a package of Wellwood, Colaiacovo, Ian White, Jay Harrison, Matt Stajan, or Alexander Steen and a pick or two wouldn’t have been at least equal to what San Jose gave up?

  9. Kraftster says:

    As I said, I think the Heatley-Hossa deal is an exception to trade precedent. While Thornton has superstar caliber skills, and can certainly put up the points, what message does a team really send if they keep a guy who is so disappointing when it comes to leadership. At least if they keep the ‘C’ on his chest. Thornton could be a top 3 player in the league, but until he can light a fire in the guys around him, I think he can be titled an underachiever or at least someone who failed to live up to the expectations that he was given.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    back in the hunt boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the weight has been lifted and the new blood is gonna take over.

    new core players…bergie, boynts, b. stuart, sammy, HANNU, marco, boyes

  11. 92-93 says:

    is this year been a good year for cdn. teams or what!!!???

    i think the Habs are the worst canadian team right now – and they aint that bad! right now their just in a slump. i dont want to jinx anything by talking about it too much though. but we all know that it would be awesome come apr-may.

  12. hockeyhead says:

    thanks gretz but i am so pumped. this trade may have not returned the talent but it gave us what we need as a team

    marco sturm was number one star on

    i said i always liked this kid. he replaces what we lost in brian rolston.

    speed,,PK, PP. energy.

  13. salemnic says:

    I disagree. The sens are a one-line team, riding a couple of hot goalies. It works great during the year, but I can see trouble for them in the playoffs when the shadows come out to play.

    Getting someone like Big Joe would have made them absolutely unstopable, instead of very good.


  14. Neely4Life says:

    pretty optimistic

  15. 92-93 says:

    yeah there doesn’t seem to be a plan in beantown. and i think that is partly the reason why everyone is so confused over this.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    yaa, man. the smile on marcos face and the celebration was something we were missing.

  17. baltic_thunder says:

    Man, a year off and every arm-chair expert has turned brain-dead. This is an awesome trade for both teams and shows that the much maligned Mike O’Connell does have balls. Sturm is a perfect fit for the Bruins and Stuart will be raising eyebrows by this time next year. And one can never have enough Primeau’s. Meanwhile, the Sharks get the type of player they were desperately needing. One doesn’t get nothing for nothing and the best trades in hockey have always been such blockbuster shockers. Bravo Boston and San Jose.

  18. MTLROCKS says:

    Ummmm ya ur mom is a *****

  19. Pucked says:

    Would disagree on Marleau, I think they will keep him and truly need him. Agreed on the goalie situation. All 3 are potential trade-bait. Wouldn’t be shocked if any of them went. I think the sharks still need some good wingers. Lots of talented d in the system to call up. I will personally miss all 3, Marco was great to watch with his enthusiasm. Preems was just a gritty, solid player every teams wants and Stuart was still finding his potential. Was thrilled to see Marco score the first goal last night against Ottawa. Lets hope Joe is not just hype and can take it up a notch with the sharks.

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