An in depth look at the Toros……. Kinda

Here is my in depth look at what the Toros could be like.
First goalies….

The Toros did ok picking goalies. They picked two goalies that might go. Garon and Kidd are ok. Except Kidd will have to be used sparingly. Kidd did horribly as an NHL backup but lets not forget the talent in the WHA is not as good as the talent in the NHL. Still I can only see Garon as the starter.

vs. Leafs: Leafs win by a long shot I would rather have Eddie then Garon and Telquvist proved better then Kidd.


I can see Crosby playing in the WHA for a year until he is old enough for the WHA. Gretzky actually did think while he was in the WHA he would never play in the NHL.

Thornton and Kovalchuck. Well Thornton was a stupid pick because he has his lock out plans. It would take a Toro miracle for him to play. Kovalchuck is a player who’s fate lies within the lockout. I can see him signing with a runaway clause.

Aaron Gavey I can understand playing there because Gavey is an AHLer who isn’t going anywhere. He would be a good signing for the Toro’s. Same for Holden and Leeb.Chee-choo could come. But he is just starting to make his name in the NHL. Yet another runaway clause player.

Brad May and Petr Schafer have about the same chance of coming as Travis Green. They would fit well in the Toros lineup.

I would like to see Scott Hartnell in the lineup. Hartnell is a good tough player who fits into the Toronto style lineup. I can see him there. Dougy Duoll is another tough one who will play.

Steve Thomas I think will be captain. He has good leadership and experience but plays like he is in his 20’s.

Shayne Corson I don’t think would be wanted at all in the NHL so he will play in the WHA. Battaglia will play. Sandy McCarthy I think will join this team. The final piece of the forward lineup will be Jason Chiemra who will be an impact player with a runaway clause

Vs Leafs: tie

The defence core is easy. Exelby, Witt, Simpson, Dellmore, Sellars, Henry, and Patrick.

Vs.Leafs: Toros win

the team looks like this(if there is a lockout):











Overall an ok team. It could survive in the NHL I don’t think make it past the first round of the playoffs but survive. Leafs would kill em though due to the lack of goal tending. Who knows maybe a parade this year. Unfortunately an Avco cup one if any. Rating considering that it is in the WHA I would give it an A-.