An in depth look at the Toros……. Kinda

Here is my in depth look at what the Toros could be like.
First goalies….

The Toros did ok picking goalies. They picked two goalies that might go. Garon and Kidd are ok. Except Kidd will have to be used sparingly. Kidd did horribly as an NHL backup but lets not forget the talent in the WHA is not as good as the talent in the NHL. Still I can only see Garon as the starter.

vs. Leafs: Leafs win by a long shot I would rather have Eddie then Garon and Telquvist proved better then Kidd.


I can see Crosby playing in the WHA for a year until he is old enough for the WHA. Gretzky actually did think while he was in the WHA he would never play in the NHL.

Thornton and Kovalchuck. Well Thornton was a stupid pick because he has his lock out plans. It would take a Toro miracle for him to play. Kovalchuck is a player who’s fate lies within the lockout. I can see him signing with a runaway clause.

Aaron Gavey I can understand playing there because Gavey is an AHLer who isn’t going anywhere. He would be a good signing for the Toro’s. Same for Holden and Leeb.Chee-choo could come. But he is just starting to make his name in the NHL. Yet another runaway clause player.

Brad May and Petr Schafer have about the same chance of coming as Travis Green. They would fit well in the Toros lineup.

I would like to see Scott Hartnell in the lineup. Hartnell is a good tough player who fits into the Toronto style lineup. I can see him there. Dougy Duoll is another tough one who will play.

Steve Thomas I think will be captain. He has good leadership and experience but plays like he is in his 20’s.

Shayne Corson I don’t think would be wanted at all in the NHL so he will play in the WHA. Battaglia will play. Sandy McCarthy I think will join this team. The final piece of the forward lineup will be Jason Chiemra who will be an impact player with a runaway clause

Vs Leafs: tie

The defence core is easy. Exelby, Witt, Simpson, Dellmore, Sellars, Henry, and Patrick.

Vs.Leafs: Toros win

the team looks like this(if there is a lockout):











Overall an ok team. It could survive in the NHL I don’t think make it past the first round of the playoffs but survive. Leafs would kill em though due to the lack of goal tending. Who knows maybe a parade this year. Unfortunately an Avco cup one if any. Rating considering that it is in the WHA I would give it an A-.

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  1. kicksave856 says:

    What the…?

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Hey sorry I forgot to say something on Phaneuf. If he plays he will prolly go ahead of Henry.

  3. mitchman says:

    excellent article i am very excited for the WHA. If the toros do a good job signing the players they picked they will clearly be the dominant team in the WHA. However i think ur overating them just a bit first round playoffs in the nhl no way. I bet they can beat the pens. bluejackets, rangers and co.

  4. Lint07 says:

    I’m actually really excited about the Qu├ębec Nordiks team as most of the players they picked have a really good chance of signing with them. I hope the league works out, should be fun to watch.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    Does the WHA have any tv contract plans, and if so, who do they have them with?

  6. dkball7 says:

    Are you trademans kid/nephew?

  7. mitchman says:

    tv contracts are probably gonna rely on wethetr or not there is an nhl lockout. but they will be broadcasting the games live on the website.

  8. RangerSteve says:

    Crosby I doubt will play in the WHA. Every kid’s dream is to play in the NHL. The kids that have been drafted over the past 2-3 years were never really exposed to the WHA(as was I). When you think of the great players such as Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier, Orr, Howe etc., we all know these guys for their NHL experience and the mark they left onteh game. As for Crosby, the kid will get a ton of money from whomever drafts him. The other day I wasp icking up a T-Flex blade for my shaft, and I was checking out a few Sherwood sticks. The kid’s already got his name on the damn thing already! The WHA’s own grave might be set by saying that they will have a very low strict hard salary cap. Why would an NHL player want to play in teh WHA where is salary is very limited, while he could sit out and see if the NHL salaries are at least some what flexible?

  9. Robp says:

    Chance of him going is more likely then not. He may feel he needs abit more of a challenge then the minors and may try the WHL one year before he enters the NHL. THis way he plays at a more difficult level and earns abit of money in the process. If Halifax drafted I think it would be a gurantee he would be go, that being his home town.

  10. eagle29 says:

    the Toronto team dosen’t have a name yet. But the roster seems to be ok.

  11. sensman99 says:

    Guess what? You forgot the draft exemption- Phillips.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No I have never spoken to Trademan befor.

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Oh yah thanks I kept thinking don’t forget him don’t forget him because him and Phaneuf were the only 2 I didn’t have written down.

  14. simplyhabby says:

    Interesting article except for using phrases such as “piece of shit” and “stupid pick”.

    May I suggest a urine soaked piece of feces and an ignorance in management regarding a pick!

  15. HOGLUND says:


    Where to begin. First off the WHA won’t even get off the ground. One of the two lawyers working with Hull to start the league and has said that they have NO CHANCE at getting it started in time. They don’t have a place to plan, TV contracts or anything for that matter. While it is nice to dream about the team….don’t get your hopes up.

    Secondly, Don’t say that Hartnell plays a Toronto style cause the Toronto you are talking about (the Toros) don’t have a style. They haven’t even played a game!

    Finally, on to the players. Kovalchuck has already said that he’s off to Russia to play. Schaefer is NOT in the same boat as Green and May. They are both old players and at the end while Peter just has his breakout season after coming back from Europe getting 40 points and he is the only real LW on the team. He’s not going anywhere. Same thing goes for Cheechoo, Hartnell, Exelby, and Garon. They are all young players with bright futures. To turn there back on the NHL like that would definitely look bad on them. Furthermore, there is a reason why Garon was taken so late by Toronto. It is because there isn’t a chance in hell of getting him over there. Same thing goes for most of the Toronto team. You didn’t think that the other teams just looked over Witt or Simpson. The other teams took players they know that they can sign. Did you ever stop to think why Green was taken in the first round? It is because he probably expressed interest. In fact, by looking at the Toros lineup one thing is for sure and it is that they did NOT bother to contact the players to see if they were interested which again is why they were all available. And finally Crosby. His agent has already stated that he would rather stay in junior then play for the WHA. He realizes, as I stated before, that it will hurt the images of the young players who go. Crosby’s not going anywhere.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but IF, and that’s a big if, the Toro’s even have a team, it will NOT look like that.

  16. electro says:

    What the *****? If I was a whore, I would use this article as a tampon!

  17. electro says:

    the avco cup is actually a jock (penis protector). I would love to see the nitwits who drink out of that especially if Peter Worrell has worn it!

  18. N25philly says:

    Like everyone else in the WHA, they’ll be sitting at home waiting for the NHL to work out the CBA while laughing at the league theat drafted them and never played a single game.

  19. heartofleafs says:

    Can I just ask what the *****?????/

    Why are you writing a post for a team that is most likely not going to exist and even if they are they are going to look nothing like this. Nobody has a clue what anything in the WHA is going to look like so lets not waste any of our time debating who is going to be on what team and what team will win it all.

    Lastly- how the hell is the defense you mentioned for the Toros better than the one the leafs have. The only player on that list that would improve the leafs defense would be Witt. The rest of them are nothing more than depth defensmen at the NHL level.

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The only defense men on the Leafs that don’t suck are Belak who is only good for beating the shit out of people Klee who is oft injured and Leetch who is not selfish enough with the puck. Keberle Berg Martchment they are all urine soaked pieces of fecies.

  21. x says:

    So who’s the coach of this first round playoff fantasy team?

  22. Enigma says:

    Hoglund sucks too

  23. Enigma says:

    LOL….u’d think so by the way trademan posts leafies articles.

  24. kgeisen says:

    1. Why would any future hall of famer sit out for a better salary? The last thing a 16, 17 or 18 year old prospect wants to do is lower his stocks by sitting out for a season, not to mention he’s not that big so he’ll need a season to get bigger for the draft.

    2. Crosby wont enter the draft unitl next year…meaning he has to play somewhere in order to still be recognized and keep his stock up. The WHA is the best thing for him right now. You’ve got experience with these veteran NHLers and physical play of the career minor leaguers trying to get back in the spotlight.

    3. Gretzky played for the Indianapolis Racers (WHA) before he played for the NHL. Messier also played for the Racers and the Cincinatti Stingers. Howe played for the Aeros and the Whalers…all WHA teams, all who played a big part on how they “left the mark on the game” both in the NHL and the WHA

  25. Leafmania says:

    You have to be kidding right? ARE YOU INSANE!

    The Leafs defense is the highest scoring D in the entire league. They have a legitimate Norris candidate in McCabe (4th overall), and a two time Norris winner in Leetch. Both of them posted +50 points, McCabe had +22 and Leetch was +11 after he came over. They have a strong defensive d-man in Klee, a good transitional d-man in Kaberle and some decent filler Berg/Pilar. They desperately need another top defensive d-man to round them out. But my god man, they are really good, open your eyes.

    Kaberle may not be the physical defenseman that the Leafs need, but he sure knows how to play positionally and can pass the puck with the best of them. Berg and Pilar are by no stretch the answer to our problems, but are decent with limited minutes. Leaf’s D would run all over the Toro’s 9 times out of 10.

  26. Leafmania says:

    Also, as far as your “tie” for forwards goes…

    If you think that this:





    EXTRA: Leeb

    Can in any way shape or form compare to this:





    EXTRA:Perrott, Belak, Druken

    Well son, you have some serious issues. Kovalchuck is great. Chee-Choo is pretty good. Crosby is far from being the great one yet! Where exactly are they gonna get their offense from? May and Schaefer?….well you obviously don’t watch very much hockey now do you. The Leafs have stars and they have depth. Last year the Leafs had 12 players with 11 or more goals. They had more players in double digits goalwise than the league leading scorers from Ottawa. How many are in that group, maybe 5 at best! Even with Joe Thornton the Leafs would walk all over that sad bunch.

  27. SabresAreCool says:

    I heard Ted Nolan was asked to coach the Toro’s but then an interview with him said nothing was definite. If, and it’s a super big, monstrosity of an if, the wha actually plays a game this season, then the toros are bound to suck. Some of the other teams actually drafted players who might be interested or likely to play in the WHA. They wasted there picks on thornton and kovalchuk who are both set to play overseas…(thornton in swiss league, and kovalchuk to his native country of Russia) The wha will not get players in their nhl primes. The players drafted who might sign and play are the theo fleury’s, doug gilmour’s and travis green type players.

    Doug gilmour was drafted by vancouver and has expressed interest in playing.

    Theo fleury was drafted by hamilton and might play since the nhl has blacklisted his stupid ass.

    So the toros will suck

    there is no way they could be an nhl playoff team.

    put down that crackpipe

    The one move that toronto had to make was drafting crosby. Even if crosby doesnt join the wha, they would be fools not to draft the best prospect in years and make an attempt to sign him.

    I wonder how the prospect draft will influence the nhl???? for instance, tomas Vanek was taken 2nd overall by i think quebec. He is the 5th overall selection by the sabres in 2003 and hasnt signed a contract with the sabres yet. I am terrified that he’ll play in the wha yet somehow the sabres will lose his rights…..we really need his scoring for the future of our team since we never draft players who get to the nhl and score…..

  28. Rancid says:

    Mel Lastman

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