An Odd Play

Yes, the flames won. Bring it Detroit, see ya thursday, yadda yadda yadda. That’s all well and good, but it’s also not what I’m here to tell you about right now.Tonight, in the 3rd period of an exciting hockey game, there was a sequence of events that deserves to take notice of. I speak of none other than the 2nd Canuck goal.

Let me set the setting, paint the picture. The clock is ticking down, there’s about 20 seconds to go and the flames are up 2-1 in game seven. Jarome Iginla is zeroing in on a goal that would not only ensure a flames victory, but complete his hat trick. He slides a back hander in the general direction of the net.

A couple rows up on the other side of the glass, a Nuck fan has different plans. He throws his sweatshirt onto the ice in an attempt to block the shot. I don’t know what the NHL rules are in the event of such an event, but I don’t really care because we won anyway and some retard is out a hoodie. What came of this though was interesting enough to warrant a post on HTR.

The sweater misses the intended target and instead rests harmlessly on the ice. Iggie’s shot bounces harmlessly off the post – whether or not the sweatshirt served as a distraction on his shot is up for debate – and the puck swings around to the stick of Mattias Ohlund. Here’s where things get a bit more complicated.

The referee for the game, one Mr Morreouilli, bends over to pick up the sweatshirt in question. At the exact same moment, a violent slash breaks Iginla’s stick in two. He takes a quick look at the ref in confusion, expecting the obvious call, but instead just trips over a portion of his brokent stick.

Ohlund gives it to Naslund, Naslund skates in and Cooke manages to score, sending the game to ot.

I’m not mad, but it does irritate me that I had to wait another 20 minutes to celebrate a victory. Shouldn’t have there been a whistle when a fan interfered? If the puck had been smothered by the sweater, would we have observed a penalty shot on an open cage? And couldn’t the goal have been reviewed?

I, for one, believe that this game will serve as a topic for discussion amongst some folk for some time.

Also, I would like to mention the complete satisfaction I find with the current situation in Ontario. If Toronto wins, a delightful Phillie – TO matchups ensues. If Ottawa wins, Toronto loses. I either get to watch good hockey or enjoy satisfaction from a hated team losing.

Go Flames Go

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