An Open Letter To All HTR Readers

Okay – let’s see how “hard up” the admins are for new material.

Periodically I hear grumblings from the masses regarding:

A.) The quality of articles being posted.

B.) The fact that certain people (I have been accused of this, although I think “Leaf Expert” has me beaten handily) have their articles published on a fairly regular basis.

Now, this may never be posted, since, believe it or not, many of my articles never see the artificial light of day (“too inflammatory”). Hopefully it is, since it’s something I harbor relatively strong feelings about.

We have a saying here at work – “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. In other words, no one is allowed to complain unless they have a viable solution to the situation.

In case you haven’t noticed, there ain’t diddly-doodly happening in the world of hockey at the moment. If we just took the site name literally and wrote, as several wags have suggested, about nothing but “trade rumors”, this would turn into either “The Weekly World News” or a Larry Brooks column (same thing).

Here’s an open challenge to all of you who are content to sit back and disparage the posted articles: Instead of incessantly carping about their quality, WRITE ONE! Participate! Dazzle us with your brilliance! Don’t hide your light under a bushel!

Hmm….not as easy as you thought, eh?

Let’s get the excuses out of the way:

“I don’t have time” – I’ve never written anything for here that took longer than 30 minutes (and it shows, too…).

“I submit, and they don’t get published” – join the club. Keep trying. I can guarantee you there is no “old boy” network here, since I’m still a “rookie”.

“I don’t know what to write about” – again, join the club. Many people say I write about “nothing”. Just “wing it”, and be creative.

Look at it this way – for every article you get published, that’s one time you don’t have to hear me………that should provide some motivation.


83 Responses to An Open Letter To All HTR Readers

  1. defenestrate says:

    Let’s see – an elitist calling someone an elitist; I believe I mentioned lack of “real” hockey news (although much of what is found on here is about as “real” as an Elvis sighting); and maybe the “mainstream” is in too much of a torpor to do anything, which was my whole freakin’ point.

    Your interpretation is colored and tainted by your perception. You like to pretend you’re on the outside looking in.

    SCTP – “Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful”

  2. pantherboy says:

    He thinks that he is tough, but he knows I can whoop his whimpy ass. Boo-yea

  3. pantherboy says:


  4. Gattopardo says:

    I agree that there is nothing happening.

    Hockey has left the building.

  5. devfanman4 says:

    I’m just here to reply to articles because, frankly, I’m not a good writer. I don’t complain about the quality of the articles or some people having preference over others when posting articles. Mikster and DG and the rest of the admin have done a great job with this site. I’m on it all day at work (procrastination is my profession) and I love hearing the ridiculous rumors that come out especially in the offseason.

    I think what I’m trying to say is…Keep up the good work, I have no complaints.

  6. Leaf_Expert says:

    Once again a rookie trying to be a leader….

    I look at this as if Defensestrate is Mike Comrie. A youngster trying soo hard to be just like the leaders he grew up watching(yet trying a little too hard).

    Until you’re a vetran on the site, like many of us(titans, mantaray, pantherboy, prongerblues44, big_buuty, much more, and I). Don’t go parading around with your solutions on trying to fix a site that has had 13034604+ views since January, not to mention over 6,000 members.


    “You can’t fix something that aint broken”.

    Do not take this as a bash to you, I do however like your input and also would like to see many others post articles from new names.(Just keep in mind some people like to view, rather to than be viewed).

    Overall, not bad defenestrate…

  7. cwthrash says:

    In every bit of honesty, the lack of response that I normally get doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Strange thing though. I know some of the reasons why many don’t have even a passing interest in Atlanta (don’t doubt you can guess those reasons too). And that in itself is terribly insulting to me and the other fan here in the south. That should be enough reason for me to be pretty damn bitter, which I believe I’m starting to get just now.

    Wait a sec… Ok, it’s starting to pass.

    I’m better for now.

    Taking out some rage would be good therapy for me. Where’s titans at, I haven’t tangled with him a quite a while?

  8. pantherboy says:

    May the Southeast Fans rise together!!!

  9. starsgirl25 says:

    oh yeah i remember that now. it was when everyone was just acting really dumb and something needed to be said about the situation, but that’s already been said and addressed. i’ll send it to you if you want to read it still.

  10. pantherboy says:


  11. cwthrash says:

    From this day to the ending of the world,

    But we in it shall be remembered-

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

    Even 400 years ago, good ole’ Willie knew. Our time will come soon!

  12. calflyers says:

    i think titans has a “crush” on you

  13. Just-Checking-In says:

    Hey maybe you could help us out with a few more of these “Intelligent” articles.

  14. calflyers says:

    shut up clueless

  15. Leaf_Expert says:

    I did do my share of profanity back in the days, and I did receive a strike for them. I also took a 3month absense(to make it known to members that I am not here to curse and bash, but to give my views on hockey and contribute to the name of the site)”.

    I also ask if I have harmed you in some other life that I am not aware about? Because you seem to have been calling villian on my name for some time now.

    What ever I did to harm or offend you, I apologize. If it was I that did anything at all…


  16. Malurass says:


    MALUROUS- Name of a French children’s folk song

    I believe your the same Malurous that is known to many school children as “the tickler”. Thanks for correcting the spelling of Lindbergh. Thanks also for the lesson on “quality articles”. Your user info lists your only article(RED WINGS) which was so impactful and explosive, it got a whole 4 comments.

    Talk about the WADE BELAK of articles. Isn’t that an all time low?

    Va te faire enculer!

  17. defenestrate says:

    Gosh – I feel all warm and tingly. You can’t imagine how much your respect means to me, sir.

    You should look at me as if I was Joe Thornton and you were Mark Messier (or, better yet, Doug Gilmour)….”veterans” have to retire eventually.

  18. defenestrate says:

    Uh-oh – I sense an insurrection afoot……

  19. defenestrate says:

    uh-huh – I think it’s on you….

  20. defenestrate says:

    “Acting” dumb?

    Yes, I would love to read it.

  21. cwthrash says:

    Hush, hush. Don’t want to spoil the surprise.

    Everything in good time

  22. Malurass says:


  23. defenestrate says:

    My company is bidding on services to the Tampa Airport. Perhaps I should offer to move…..

  24. Rico71 says:

    Hey cwthrash…

    Keep those articles coming. I read everyone of them and find them to be interesting, informative and insightful.

    You take off the rose-colored glasses when writing about your team, which is quite pleasing. No pot-induced fantasies about trades and signing. Just the truth about a team that’s gonna be good in a few years.

    Thumbs up to you.

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    I didn’t give you my respect. Far from it…(And I don’t want that to even be a matter).

    I just simply liked what your article could do for other members. But not the shot it takes to me or constant posters(Because its them that have been the ones making HTR known with their contributions for the past 3years).

  26. Goldenscud says:

    I appreciate your dilligence. I really am not looking to pick on Leaf_Expert, he was just an easy target.

  27. defenestrate says:

    I wasn’t aware that “plagarism” constituted “posting”.

  28. Goldenscud says:

    I appreciate you coming forward to apologize for your sins.

    In a past life, you launched a warm beer off the second level of Maple Leaf Gardens during the confernece finals 10 years ago and it hit me in the back of the head.

    Ever since, I have been plotting my revenge. However, since you have apologized and have changed your evil ways, I will no longer villianize you and will try to promote a more harmonious atmosphere at HTR.

  29. Goldenscud says:

    yeah!!! tell that boy to know his role!

  30. Rico71 says:


    Veterans of this site??? Wow…I think we need to devise a system for the people on this site. Rookies, Veterans, All-Star, Washed-up, Bust, Prospects…*lol*

    So this means I’m a 2nd-year player. Noooooooo! It’s the dreaded Sophomore Jinx!!!


    This is not about elderly status. It’s about respect. Writers like Mantaray, pantherboy, Prongerblues44 and Big_Booty have earned it…not you Leafer.

    Its not the amount of articles submitted that gets you respect, it’s the quality that goes into writing them.

  31. Leaf_Expert says:

    Well that could be those members just having your respect. Because if I had never made a single quality article. I dont think I wouln’t have gotten recognized with my own button…

  32. JStatic87 says:

    Totally agree, that Burky character especially.

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