Anaheim Mighty Ducks Mid Season Report

TEAM: Anaheim Mighty Ducks

RECORD: 18-16-7

Place in Conference: 10th in the conference (43 points) 6 points out of the playoffs.

Injured Players: Rob Niedermayer (concussion out indefinitely)

Sandis Ozolinsh (NHL-NHLPA substance abuse/behavioral health program Out indefinitely)

Team Point Leader:

Goal leaders:

Teemu Selanne (19)

Joffrey Lupul (15)

Andy Mcdonald (13)

Assists leaders

Scott Niedermayer (22)

Teemu Selanne (17)

2 tied at 16

Point leaders

Teemu Selanne (36)

Joffrey Lupul (31)

Andy Mcdonald (29)

Current Situation: (W-L) (pre season)

Month of September Record: 3-3

Anaheim Started the month of September even and not that bad either. They came out of the lockout and surprised a few by actually being one of the top scoring teams for the month of September. They also were one of the worst defensive teams as well. They would win games like scores 5-4 and lose games like 6-5. they had all sorts of problems and duck fans were wondering what the solution would be.

Month of October Record 6-7

Long month for Anaheim and the one thing they lacked is consistency. They could not prove to put on consistent winning streaks. They also lacked the ability to prove how good they could be. They still had Federov so they had quite a bit of potential. This team at the time did not prove they could excel in one area. They proved that they are decent in every area.

Month of November Record 5-9

Anaheim improved a lot this month in 2 ways. #1 defense when Anaheim lost they lost 2-1 3-2 3-1 4-3 scores like that. #2 when defense improves your goaltending has to improve in some way. Giguere and Bryzgalov proved to be a little more consistent this month. A positive note though Anaheim ended the month on a 4 game losing streak.

Month of December Record 6-5

Anaheim’s first month where they had a positive record. There defensive style has been working a lot better then most nhl teams and they are starting to score enough goals to barely win the games. Can they have that great second half like 2003?

Month of January Record 1-2

Its early and things can change for Anaheim. They look like they might go back to there October ways of inconsistency. Only time well tell.

Strengths: Anaheim’s strength by far is easily there goaltending. One of very few teams in the Nhl where both there starting and backup goalies are above a .900 save pct and below a 3.00 GAA. Giguere has proven that he can be the go to guy when the pressure is on. Bryzgalov has also proven to be one of few solid backups in the league. These goaltending tandem must be a little thankful for there defense though. Signing Scott Niedermayer in the offseason improved both Defense and Goaltending for Anaheim

Weaknesses: Scoring plain and simple Anaheim needs more scoring and they need it now. With the recent trades of federov to Columbus and Sykora to the Rangers one could only think burke is trying to get some fire power. Whatever happens Selanne cannot do it on his own. They need scoring plain and simple preferably first line.

Needs: 1st line center or left winger scorer/play maker. Anaheim gets this then selanne has some pressure off of him to score all the goals. It has been rumored that Burke is trying to get bertuzzi. If he does Anaheim will make a strong push for the playoffs. Possible scenario for Bertuzzi is:

To Vancouver: Bobby Ryan, Low Draft pick (1 or 2) Todd Marchant

To Anaheim: Todd Bertuzzi

Remember Anaheim got rid of Federov and Sykora so that is quite a bit of Salary that is now free.

They Can possibly go to Pittsburgh for Ziggy Palffy or Mark Recchi

Chicago or St Louis could unload some players like Aucoin, Daze, Weight, Tkachuk

Expectations in Second Half: I expect Anaheim to make a strong push for a playoff spot and possibly get it. They have a decent team and could squeak in there and get 8th. But I do not see them getting any higher or going far in the playoffs unless they acquire a scorer or play maker. On a side note at least the future is bright for Anaheim

4 Responses to Anaheim Mighty Ducks Mid Season Report

  1. Gretzkin says:

    Never underestimate Brian Burke (Not that you have Mr. Sakic)

    He will make them a contend.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    I agree with ya there. If there were such things as ‘clutch GM’s’, I think he’d be one. He’ll make them better in the long run.

  3. wingerxxx says:

    I don’t think that bringing in big names like Bertuzzi from other teams is part of Burke’s plan. It’s looking more and more like he wants to build from within and with younger players. Marchant is definitely not the kind of player that Burke would want to take on, with the salary he has.

    I could see Burke maybe adding a big name player, but only if he has a really, really good deal looking at him. And only if they are in the thick of the playoff race. I don’t see him sacrificing much youth, or any picks for a guy with a big contract like Weight or Tkachuk.

  4. Gretzkin says:

    Total Clutch.

    Not sure if it will be this year, but I’m sure he’ll do something.

    But look forward to Anahiem making a bigger splash in the next few years.

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