Anaheim to deal Bryzgalov?

Minneapolis Star Tribune/ZUMA Press/Icon SMI is reporting that Anaheim goalie Ilya Bryzgalov is back on the trade market.

Apparently many teams have been scouting the Ducks and GM Brian Burke has yet to return their present backup goalie to the minor even though number one goalie JS Giguere has (or is about to) return from injury. The Ducks may be in a world of hurt this season without Scott Niedermayer or Temmu Selanne in their line up. In addition Todd Bertuzzi has been injured off and on since his arrival in Anaheim and Mathieu Schneider is also out with injury. HTR believes that it is possible that Brian Burke may move Ilya Bryzgalov in order to bring in reinforcements to stabilize the Duck team.

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  1. getzlaf15 says:

    Here is the most likely deal to get done:





  2. turdfergusson says:

    Interesting angle man. Don't u think adding Brown in that mix would be a little too much though?

  3. Wings19 says:

    Most possible trades

    To LA:

    To Anahiem:
    Frolov or Brown

  4. Rysto says:

    You guys are nuts.  Anaheim trading a goaltender as skilled as Bryzgalov within their own division?  Not on your life.

    Anyway, Bryzgalov being on the trade block is hardly news — Burke said that in the summer.

  5. elburito says:

    Brian Burke is a piece of monkey $hit

  6. Rico71 says:

    So…you are an Oilers fan?


  7. Rico71 says:

    What are you smoking?

    Frolov scored 71 points last season! Dustin Brown 46.

    They are not going to give their top 2 LWs to get a backup…even if he is good. This guy showed his character last season and seems to not bbe liked by the other players.

    I would say…maybe Brown for him. That's all. I would rather think LA would give a prospect that is NHL ready or a 2nd rounder.

    Though Burke owns a ton of draft choices courtesy of Lowe.

  8. elburito says:

    yuppers… but I thought he was a piece of monkey $hit when he was with the Canucks.. why do you think they let him walk 🙂

  9. neilios says:

    Just some news peeps from the Vancouver PPv today they where saying some interesting speculation.The speculation was that the Canucks and Sabres where talking about a possible trade.The names mentioned where.

    To Sabres-Kesler,Cooke,and edler
    To Canucks-Pomminville and a 2nd rounder

    I guess that wouldnt be a bad trade for both teams the Canucks get a top 2 RW cause the sabres have enough Rw as it is in Afinoganov,Kotalik,and Stafford,and Kesler would probably slip into #2 C and Cooke would be a #2 or #3 LW not bad for both teams.Thats what I heard so dont bash me.

  10. intelligentscorpio says:

    I wonder if Burke would take Malone, Ruutuu and a pick for Bryzgalov. What term he has left and how much a year?

  11. habs_punk says:

    I'd take Burke over Lowe any day. At least Burke is straightforward with his intentions. Lowe's a weasel, driving player prices way up while managing a team that complained about the skyrocketing free agent prices before the lockout. When the Oilers' top players become RFA's and Edmonton, once again, can't afford to keep them, or they get poached by other GM's around the league, you'll have Kevin Lowe to thank for it.

  12. MR40 says:

    How do we see who's winning the HTR pool? I can't get to that page…

  13. GoKings311 says:

    You can get to the page by going to  –  then type in htr2008 for the user name and the your user name as the password. It is case sensitive so make sure you type it out correctly.

    In your case    htr2008    MR40.

    You're doing pretty well.

  14. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    This is just a rumour most likely. I doubt it will happen.

    HOWEVER, if it is true, Dave Nonis should jump on that trade. I would try to avoid giving up Edler if possible though. Maybe Kesler, Cooke and a draft pick for Pomminville.

    He would definitely round out the top 6 nicely.

    Kesler and Cooke would bring much needed grit to the Sabres.

  15. Rico71 says:

    Burke said it. The asking price for 2nd year players like Penner who managed 27 goals on a great team will all want 4-5M a year now.

    Wh y Lowe setting the example…other GMs are now free to try and steal players from other teams.

    What happens in 2-3 years when young stars like Malkin, Ovechkin and Stasny receive these ridiculous 50M for 6 years deals?

    Lowe handcuffed Burke knowing full well Burke would never pay Penner that kind of money? Who would be proud to have Penner at 5M a year on his payroll?

    Teams will try to steal players from teams that are close to the salary cap. I know it is a rule that has existed for a while…but there was a good reason why the GMs were not using it.

    A guy like Vanek in Buffalo gets this enormous contract offer and refuses it? Bull$hit! He signed that piece of paper the moment his agent gave it to him. $hit man…50M for a guy that is in his 3rd year in the League? How stupid is that? He signed that…and nevermind team loyalty. Its a business now.

    I hope Lowe gets that shoved back in his face if a team tries to steal one of his players. Maybe somebody in 2-3 years will go after Gagner and offer him 10M a year. Try and match that.

    Habs_Punk said it…Lowe was the 1st manager to complain about his inability to retain his players, that they played in a small market…yeah right. A real turncoat.

  16. Rico71 says:

    You going to offer those players to every team ?

    Its getting repetitive you know.

    This is starting to look a lot like the Berg for everyone else trades…lol

  17. A-Train24 says:

    I like that trade, though Burke may want a high draft pick (2nd) or a more offensively gifted player (Christensen) instead of one of the two named players… but I think that’s a fair trade.
    Despite it being a fair trade, IMO penguins fans are judging Fleury to harsh and he should be given some more time… this kid is too good to play that bad for long.

  18. jonnygf40 says:

    neilios. neilios. neilios.  When will you stop with your stupid rumors?

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