And now for something completely different…..

This is ludicrous: I personally don’t think the Rangers have the personnell to pull this one off. But when it comes to the Broadway blueshirts and Glen Sather you just never know.

Report: Rangers target Iginla Staff


The New York Rangers may not be finished adding to their expensive payroll.

The New York Times quotes an NHL team official who says Rangers GM Glen Sather is interested in prying Jarome Iginla away from the Calgary Flames.

As TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie first reported earlier this month, Flames GM Craig Button is not actively shopping Iginla but he is willing to consider all options. Iginla is scheduled to make more than $7-million next season.

However, the Flames would be interested in receiving established players with manageable salaries in return, something that the Rangers do not have in abundance.

Iginla has been hot of late, scoring 11 goals and 20 points since the start of the new year. He struggled through the first three months of the year with just nine goals and 22 points.

MY THOUGHT: Not gonna happen in a million years.

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  1. doogie2756 says:

    well,it seems to me the september 11th terrorists came down in from canada,yes they did,come in to the U.S.A. from canada.if the next terrorist attack is on canada we will see if you people in canada have a different far as the economy,is’nt the AMERICAN dollar worth much more than the canadian dollar,that’s why all the hockey players would rather be paid in AMERICAN sum this story up the line has been crossed when you refer to a gm as a terrorist plain and simple.

  2. jacosta says:

    You’re joking me with that crap. How dare you say that the terrorist came in from Canada and you think you are high and mighty. They came in from Florida on Visas that your country gave them to study there in the States. You taught them how to fly. Why? cause they paid you in “american dollars”. Whenever I travel abroad I always make sure people know I am a Canadian, so that I may not be confused with the ignorance that you have shown. Not all americans are that way and I acknowledge that but you have chosen to call all us Canadians one way.

    Get a life, and keep blaming other people for your problems

  3. matteo says:

    You stupid ass….How can you honestly sit there and bash America. I have no problems with Canada, I have been there many times and I can honestly say the people have been pretty nice. Then you see a bozo like you spouting off against America and you just have to laugh. Truth is you have been under our protection for so long you don’t know what it is like to stand on your own.

    Idiot….we use chemical and biological weapons on our own people all the time….yeah and Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and the Abominable Snowman are all sitting around right now waiting for Santa Claus to get there so they can all pile in their UFO and take a trip to Atlantis.

  4. amazing_jesse says:

    Rangers suck.

  5. amazing_jesse says:

    Rangers suck.

  6. Aetherial says:


    If there is a cap, first, it won’t be that low. Second, it will likely have graduated penalties (which the Rangers will pay anyway) Third, there will be a phase in period.

    Finally, the Leafs will not be in trouble they have been careful to not commit too much in contracts past 2004. A lot of their too expensive under-performers will not longer be under contract. In fact, no longer with the team (Corson, Lumme, Erikkson, Reichel…)

  7. KnownStrangers says:

    you definitely need to stop watching T.V., not everything shown in it is true…

  8. TrojanMan says:

    It doesnt matter if this happens or not. In a year and half there will either be a new CBA which will include a salary cap or the league will fold. This means that the ranger$ will pretty much be screwed for the duration of their guaranteed contracts. Its actually quite fitting. All these years many ranger$ fans have been saying they MUST start building from within and in a year and a half they will have no choice. AND NO MIKSTER, the idea of a 60 million dollar cap the first year and slowly bringing it down to around 35-40 doesnt fly. the other 25 nhl teams or so with 40 million or less payrolls would be hurt by that and thus keep the problem going even longer.

    If a cap isnt put in place im done with the sport. Its a bore to watch as it is.

  9. TheMinister says:

    I’d post links but they aren’t to any hockey sources…

  10. amazing_jesse says:

    You have just provided definitive evidence why the Rangers suck. More money SHOULD mean more depth.

  11. TheMinister says:

    Protecting us from whom exactly? I would love to hear one instance when America has ever done anything altruistic towards Canada.

    The other topics are theories… however the US government has released documents that between 1955 and 1975 they conducted an average of 20 biological tests per year on US populations in LA, NY, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco… if you are really interested in knowing the truth I will send you the links.

    BTW, funny you mention Atlantis since I’m sure you probably beleive in Noah and that antediluvial civilization….

    Canadians will always be nice to Americans b/c you are generally nice people… it’s your government and your media that the rest of the world doesn’t trust.

  12. wingerxx says:

    But it doesn’t. Never has. Never will. the Rangers’ healthy payroll this year is about average with the rest of the teams in the NHL. So once again, your gripe has no merit.

  13. TheMinister says:

    I guarantee you that if Canada is hit with a terrorist attack it will be on a powerplant that sends energy to the US or some other target of American interest. And we will be very humble in realizing that we are partly to blame. We will also not have the choice of dealing with it in our own way. Uncle Sam will reply without our consent.

  14. ew77 says:

    Tell me you are a Leafs fan or a fan of some other team that hasn’t won a cup in 10yrs so I can excuse your jealousy. Hate the game not the player. You can’t blame the Rangers for seeing opportunities to attempt to make their team better and going for them. You wish your team could do that. Although the Rangers haven’t made the playoffs in 5 years, I saw them win a cup and I can deal with the hard times. They will get better. Hang in there Mikster.

  15. KnownStrangers says:

    i want some of that sh*t too man… =)

  16. rojoke says:

    Based on the Kovalev deal, maybe Slats will get Iginla for Ron Duguay, Eddie Giacomin, Jean Ratelle and Ron Greschner.

  17. mightyp says:

    Iginla was the first star in the Calgary-Vancouver game scoring his 8th goal in the last 6 games. He’s nearly back to last year’s level and his trade value increases. The Rangers have little chance and I wouldn’t trade him for Gagne, Williams, Woywitka and Seidenberg. While Pitkanen is clearly a stud defenseman it’s forwards the Flames need. Aside from Gagne the Flyers don’t really have the young, established forwards that aren’t too expensive yet.

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