And the winner is…

With less than a week of regular season I think it’s time to say who will win the different NHL awards. So here are who I predict will win these different awards with others who might have a shot.

Winner : Markus Naslund

Runner up : Todd Bertuzzi, Peter Forsberg

Wild card : Martin Brodeur

James Norris:

Winner : Nicklas Lidstrom

Runner up : Al MacInnis, Ed Jovanovski

Wild card : Zdeno Chara


Winner : Barret Jackman

Runner up : Henrik Zetterberg, Ales Hemsky

Wild card : Niko Kapanen


Winner : Martin Brodeur

Runner up : Marty Turco, Ed Belfour

Wild card : Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Art Ross:

Winner : Markus Naslund

Runner up : Peter Forsberg, Joe Thornton

Wild card : Todd Bertuzzi

Frank J. Selke:

Winner : Jere Lehtinen

Runner up : Michael Peca, John Madden

Wild card : Segei Federov

Jack Adams :

Winner : Jacques Lemaire

Runner up : Jacques Martin, Marc Crawford

Wild card : Dave Tipett

Maurice Richard :

Winner : Markus Naslund

Runner up : Todd Bertuzzi, Milan Hejduk

Wild card : Marian Hossa

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  1. Tony says:

    Can’t really disagree with many of those choices. Maybe Zetterberg might edge out Jackman, and Turco might have a chance to edge out Brodeur, but Turco was injured.

  2. Kraftster says:

    Hmm…Pretty good picks, I would make a few changes though.

    I think you’ve simply gotta give the Norris to Al Macinnis. Going into the year, if you looked at their D, he was about it. Jackman’s had an unbelievable year, but Macinnis has kept the Blues where they’re at. Leading the league in points among D-men, 3rd in icetime, quite respectably 10th in +/- on a team who has had VERY shaky goaltending all year long. I don’t think even Nik deserves it over him this year.

    As much as I like Barret Jackman and hope that he gets the Calder, I don’t know that he will, although I don’t know who I’d pick either. I think if I had to put money on it, I’d pick Zetterberg. Leading by 4 points now, second among fowards ice time, econd among fowards in +/-…I think he’ll probably get the nod.

    I might have to go with the other Jacques for the Jack Adams as well. But I think Lemaire probably will get it. I guess if there were some kind of franchise award, I’d give it to Ottawa. The way they’ve built that team, drafted well and bidded ther time to jump in…it’s great to see…


  3. matrix2003 says:

    Forsberg will win the Hart, you can quote me on this. Along with the fact he is right there with Naslund in points, is the fact that he has a +47, compared to Naslund’s +8. But, seeing how Naslund has collected about twenty more powerplay points and seeing how powerplay points do not count towards your plus minus, Naslund would be around a +30. This is still much lower. Forsberg is the all-around package, he hits, he puts up great offensive numbers, and is great defensively.

  4. matrix2003 says:

    Good picks on the Norris, Lidstrom is having more than likely his best all-around season. What is he now a +47?? My god! Almost the same stats as Pronger’s in 1999-2000 (62 points and a +52) but not quite as good, not to win the Hart. Bertuzzi has had an amazing season, but I would put Thornton slightly ahead of him. B. Jackman for Calder sounds good. Brodeur should win the Vezina, but Belfour and Turco are right there (I’m a Leaf Fan so i’m chearing for Eddie). Selke to Lehtinen damn right, definately. The rest of your picks sound good too.

  5. Obcd says:

    I looked at it again and I saw that I forgot Cechmanek for the Vezina. He might even have a better chance than Belfour to win it. It’s just that we don’t hear a lot about him and he has to prove he can win in the series. But if the Flyers go far he might get a shot at it. Giguere is my wild card since he is having a very good year and he has only one less shutout than Brodeur.

  6. Slovakiaz says:

    Hart: Naslund

    James Norris: MacInnis

    Calder: Zetterberg

    Vezina: Turco

    Art Ross: Naslund

    Frank J. Selke: Lehtinen

    Jack Adams : Lemaire

    Maurice Richard : Naslund

  7. DaAvs says:

    Alright the same discussion and the same points.

    Take a look at the results

    Forsberg will win the Hart. +47, will be a competitor for Selke (though he shouldn’t win it). And everybody has Bertuzzi and Naslund on their tell me, how in the hell can you say he didn’t have a supporting cast. Another hart nominee is on his line. Is anyone predicting Hedjuk to get votes? Probally not, because Forsberg created more then half his goals. Naslund is a shooter, if he put in 50 points even strength and allowed 40 that make him a complete player or the best…And finally what’s wht the Nucks fans here, all of them are saying they don’t have the supporting cast yet can easily say that Cloutier is strong and their D core is under-rated.

    Adams: Lemaire

    Richard: Naslund

    Art Ross: Forsberg (Needs 3 points with one game in hand against 2 good times, I believe he can do it. Another reason that he should get the Hart.)

    Selke: Lehtinen (though I think if Peca had been playing all year he’d have gotten it)

    Vezina: Marty Brodeur (Turco should win it but I think his injury cost him)

    Norris: Macinnis (I just think they’ll switch it this year and give it to Lidstrom next year)

    Hart: Forsberg (Who would rather have Naslund over Forsberg?)

  8. Glen says:

    Cechmanek gets the shaft again.

  9. pop0331 says:

    Broduer definately deserves it although I think Turco will get more votes, it would be a shame, not that Turco doesn’t deserve the trophy either but Broduer has been outstanding ever since coming into the league, not one bad season, and is a complete workhorse, even if he doesn’t get it this year, you all know who the best goalie in the league is, and don’t even go on about Roy, he is still great but THE absolute best goalie in the league now is Marty

  10. jlarge says:

    Good picks, there are good arguments for everyone you picked.

  11. Kraftster says:

    Alright, let me preface this by saying at times I am probably guilty of the same thing, as is everyone else on this site, but dude every word out of your mouth is biased. Forsberg is a good player yea, but come on man. First of all I was shocked you said he shouldn’t win the selke, but he shouldn’t even be considered!! It is not a plus/minus race. +/- is WAY over rated. It is an indication of the TEAM more than an individual player. You don’t see some guys on teams +30 some and other guys -20 something. That doesn’t happen. Forsberg created more than half his goals?!?! You aren’t even biased toward colo, JUST Forsberg. Hejduk is a freakin sniper man. Scott Parker doesn’t put in those goals that “forsberg created”…GARANTEED!!! Bottom line is that Forsberg does have a better “supporting cast” than Naslund. The Avs have far more high quality players than the Nucks, and the Avs are going to have higher plus/minus than the canucks. Forsberg is more physical than most guys that score as many points as he does, BUT he’s not this huge hitter everyone makes him out to be. He is incredibly gifted below the hash marks, but is not that great of a one on one player, he plays more D than a lot of centers and better than a lot of those that do, but there are others as two-way minded as he is. He has NEVER scored more than 30 goals I don’t believe. I would rather have Hejduk that guy that didn’t even make half of the goals he scored than Forsberg or Naslund….

  12. habs_88_4life says:

    HART: Marian Hossa

    ART ROSS: Markus Naslund

    ROCKET RICHARD: Milan Hejduk

    ADAMS: Jacques Lemaire

    CALDER: Rick Nash

    VEZINA: Patrick Lalime or Ed Belfour

  13. leafbrat says:

    Good picks but in the Calder, Zetterberg will win!!This guy can flat out play!!

    Also don’t forget about Hitchcock for the Jack Adams trophy.Or Burns in NJ!!Both have done great jobs.Although i agree with you that Lemaire should be the winner for what he has done!!

  14. mikster says:

    Hart: Forsberg

    Norris: MacInnis

    Calder: Jackman

    Vezina: Turco

    Art Ross: Naslund

    Selke: Madden

    Adams: Martin (Lemaire should win it i think, but he won’t)

    Richard: Whoever finishes the season with the most goals scored.

  15. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Hart: Naslund

    Norris: MacInnis

    Calder: Jackman

    Vezina: Turco

    Ross: Naslund

    Selke: Fedorov

    Adams: LeMaire

    Richard: Naslund

    We agree on a lot and I really believe this year’s race will be one of the ebst in a couple of years for every trophy (especially Lord Stanley’s Cup).

    Good picks and keep up the good work!

    ~Jeff P.

  16. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    roman cechmanek is like rodney dangerfield, “he get’s no respect” he’s already second on the flyers all-time shutout leaders, second best gaa and save%, is it the whole eye brows thing?

  17. Glen says:

    It’s all about the uni-brow.

  18. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    but he does have the best gaa in league history in his first 150 games played.

  19. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    why doesn’t he just shave a gap there? i don’t get it? does he like that thing or what?

  20. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi will split votes, giving the MVP to Peter Forsberg.

    Norris to Al MacInnis

    Calder to Rick Nash

    Vezina to Roman Cechmanek

    Art Ross to Forsberg

    Selke to Jere Lehtinen (Radivan Somik will win this one day)

    Adams to Jacques Lemaire with what he did with that team.

    and i think the Richard will go to who ever has the most goals at the end of the season, doe!

  21. Habfan1234 says:

    I agree with all of the above award winners accept one.

    I thinks that Mike Babcock in Anaheim should get the ADAMS trophey for the teams turn around from last season.

  22. mikster says:

    Martin’s team didn’t get paychecks and have a lower payroll.

    Lemaire put an expansion team in the playoffs.

    I think they deserve more than Babby

  23. Obcd says:

    it’s true, after looking more carefully I even think he has a better chance than belfour

  24. Obcd says:

    it’s just because of the playoffs, the flyers never won with him so he doesn’t get a lot of respect

  25. SelanneFan says:

    alright with the Vezina trophy turco probaly would have won it if he did not get injured but how can any one say he will win it now when u look at the game differences between brodeur and turco. turco has played 57 games and there is one game left for dallas so just say 58 games for him and brdeur has played 71 and the devils have 3 left… brodeur deserves it so much this year it has been him carrying the devils all year long if he doenst win it that fuked up, but turco has a long career ahead of him he will definitley win it in the future. The GM’s who vote in the league screwed brodeur over one year and i still dont get how he could not have won it this year 1996-1997 when hasek one it. brodeur had a 1.88 G.A.A. played 67 games 130 GA and 10 shotouts i dunno the save% and hasek also played 67 games had 153 GA, 2.27 G.A.A 5 SO and i dunno the s% and both of them had 37 wins but hasek had more loses (buffalo). if they screw him over again something is fuked up my vote will always goto brodeur especially this year….

  26. DaAvs says:

    I admit my bias. BUT I’ve watched about 70 of a possible 82 games, Hedjuk could sit infront of the net and just take the shot. That’s why I say he created half of his goals. And yes Hedjuk is a Sniper, but when the guy behind the net creates an empty net for you. HE created the play as opposed to the person that shoots it in. Hedjuk is great one on one. But you’re giving the man credit when his line-mate greatly help boost his numbers. No way am I saying that he is a not a great player. My point still stands, how many votes will Hedjuk get? My other point was do you rather have the playmaker or the shooter? I think anyone can take a slapshot or a good wrist shot. But only a play-maker can give the ice to shoot it. About Forsberg for Selke, he’s a great back-checker. Is good in the corners and behind the nets. He is not a main canidate, but it’s an insult to say he’s not a good defensive center. Even with a +47, and scoring 102 points you have to play D and make sure it doesn’t go in your net. Just look at Naslund’s numbers to see it. Forsberg does a lot of checking, and will take multiple hits to setup plays. But nobody gives him credit. Or his ability to create turnovers with those big hits. How can you denounce a guy getting knocked down of the puck and then making a lob pass in the air cross ice to the tape of a waiting shot and say ‘Well an assit is not as good as a goal’.

    Bias maybe, but I believe I have a ability to see greatness and this year he has it. (Years past I’d say he’s only been descent. This year I’m saying he’s been great. And it’d be a travesty to ignore all his contributions to this Avs team.)

  27. burky says:

    Who cares about Forsberg’s +/-?

    This is the Hart trophy, not the Selke people.

    You could also argue that Naslund is the better leader and plays left wing (no LW has won scoring race since ’66) and his goals and assists are symmetrical while Forsbergs stats are padded with assists.

    So what if Naslund plays with Bertuzzi?

    Thornton has Murray and Forsberg has Hejduk.

    Better Points Per Game?

    Todd Bertuzzi had the best PPG last year and didn’t get any consideration beside Iginla and Theodore.

  28. mikster says:

    But Hejduk had a bad start for the entire first half almost. Forsberg had to step up when Sakic was out.

  29. JC21 says:

    +/- is just too general of a stat to determine the Hart trophy. While he may vastly improve Hejduk’s play, the stats still show that Forsberg isn’t the one scoring the big goals. And even though he is a great defensive player, it is still Roy and the Colorado defensemen that keeps the goals out.

    Despite Naslund’s average +/- he has been scoring the big goals. In order to win a game, all they have to do is stay even during even strength, and then score a winning goal during the powerplay. While Cloutier has been strong, he’s no Patrick Roy. The Canuck’s defensemen have also been inconsistent.

    Forsberg is a better defensive player than Naslund, but that won’t determine who wins the Hart trophy.

  30. JStatic87 says:

    The only reason Lidstrom would not win the Norris is because he won it the past 2 years. His numbers and his play are just too solid. It would be a crime if he didn’t win again. I give props to MacInnis for a great year, but Lidstrom is still the better player.

    Jackman has also had a good year, but it would be rough to give the trophy to a stay-at-home defenseman. Zetterberg is solid in every area in the game, he is great offensively and plays great defense. Jackman is one-sided, so the nod goes to Hank.

  31. Kraftster says:

    High quality, very respectable answer. Actually had very intelligent comments and good insight, and even admited to your bias…I tip my hat to you! I’ll admit I don’t watch many Avs games and that I have been angry about Forsberg ever since last year when I thought he could have come back way before the playoffs, but didn’t, and then everyone made him out to be some tough savior. But anyway, thanks for the intelligent comment back.

  32. rojoke says:

    Hart: Is this limb solid? Let’s see. How’s about a TIE!! DEAD HEAT!! TWO WINNERS!! Naslund and Bertuzzi. They’ve both been on fire from the start of the year. I even thought for a while that neither one would win it because they cancelled each other out. Did Bertuzzi give Naslund the space to create plays, or did Naslund’s flash take attention away from Bertuzzi, the best pure power forward since Cam Neely? If they are equally valuable to their team, and that’s who the award is supposed to go for, then why can’t they both win it?

    Norris: MacInnis. Are we sure he’s 39? He gets paired with a rookie, which usually means that he’s dragged down covering for the newbie’s screw-ups. So all he does is play over 26 minutes a game, lead defencemen in scoring, blast the puck like he did 15 years ago, all without the team’s best defenceman out of the line-up the whole year. No offence to Nick Lidstrom, but if this vote is even close, there’s something wrong.

    Calder: Barret Jackman, and he can thank Chris Pronger if he wins. If Pronger was healthy, Jackman would have been a 5th or 6th blueliner. Instead, he’s a top four guy, playing with Al MacInnis. It’s very hard for a rookie defenceman to play as much as he does, and perform as well as he has, without hitting a wall somewhere along the way. He’s top five on the team in plus-minus, plays physically, but isn’t a liability.

    Vezina: Marty Turco. “Unproven” back-up takes over for All-Star goalie who won the team’s only Stanley Cup. Said All-Star also happens to go to hockey’s Mecca and post stellar numbers. Result? Leads league for most of year in GAA, in a dogfight for Jennings and Crozier awards, not to mention the first seed in the Western Conference. Eddie who? And as far as Brodeur goes, New Jersey always was stereotyped as a defensive, trapping team. Hiring Pat Burns didn’t do anything to deter that. He should win one before his career is over, and that will be a while, but I don’t think it will be this year.

    Adams: Lemaire, no question. Expansion team, in a market that knows hockey. One star-in-the-making, no bona-fide number one goalie. Get to the playoffs in three years? Happened in Florida, sure. But doing it in the West is a pretty big feat. Yeah, they play the trap. But they play it well, and they win with it. Sorry, Sens fans, but Martin gets over-looked, because of the fact that Minnesota was such a surprise, while Ottawa has, in many people’s eyes, underachieved in the past. The voting may be done before the playoffs start, but that doesn’t mean past playoff performance, or a lack of it, doesn’t factor in to it.

  33. Tony says:

    “if the vote is even close somethings wrong”. Not sure if you ever watched Lidstrom play but he is way better then big Al. The only votes MacInnis will get are because he is old and at the end of his career, in other words sympathy votes. Lidstrom is a better skater, puck handler, one on one player, has more goals then MacInnis, plays more minutes, has a better plus minus, and has played with Dandy and Bykov all year, who Jackman is better then both. MacInnis has more assist and thats about it.

  34. DaAvs says:

    Actually…you may have forgotten some history then. Forsberg returned to the Avs in January. Upon a physical they found a problem in his ankle in which they had to operate immediatly. He tried to come back a month before the Olympics. But the surgery sidelined him, until what was thought to be May. He sped it up and got back for the start of April. Then he went on a tear after beating his rehab by a month. He had 3 surgeries from the summer of the cup year to that point. Then had that last one. So even had he been in the NHL, he’d have been on the IR collecting a paycheck. So he took a leave to get healthy without pay. That to me is quite respectable.

  35. DaAvs says:

    So by defination, Pavel Bure could have been a canidate for most valuable player when he got 50+? +/- matters, it can be padded. But scoring at even stength and not getting scored on makes you a better player for your team.

    MVP = Most Valauble PLAYER

    Now if you have 2 canidates on the same line that are the most valuable to your team, how has that distinguished that each is more valuable then the other. Best line, I give you that. Most valuable line to a team yes. But has Naslund seperated himself that drastically from Bertuzzi? And in response, why is no one nominating Hedjuk or Thorton? They know that their centermen made a huge impact for them, and their points may not be as high without them.

    PPG can be a ridicoulous stat sometime. Someone gets hot for the first 20 games of the season ends up with 23 points. They get injured and then they have projected numbers of 80+ points. If you play a full season with that average, it’s great. But not what I look at.

    Bertuzzi should’ve gotten consideration in my opinion. But Iginla was clearly the more valuable to his team (who else on his team was in the top 5 for scoring). And THedore single handily (well nearly) got his team into the playoffs.

    My point is, it’s a hell of a line, they’re great alone and together. But one team does not have 2 MVPs and then give one of them the Hart.

  36. Aves21 says:

    Forsberg has also played fewer games.

  37. canucklehead says:

    Forsberg Sucks!!

  38. canucklehead says:

    What about the Lady Byng – My vote is for Trent Klatt. Rugged, power forward, hits, block shots, stands in front of the net, works the corners & takes a lot of abuse.

    8 PIM

    I rest my case.

  39. Glen says:

    Neither has Turco, Giguere, or Thibault.

  40. Rushing says:

    LOL……sorry…..just had to. LOL

    I can’t recall if it was you or somebody else but again, this award does not include other years. Turco beat him out in GAA and SA% period! If Turco allows 2 goals or less he will set a Modern day RECORD for GAA of 1.76 at which Brodeur has never ever done. At the same time, Turco was on a 16 game unbeaten streak that hasn’t been done in the NHL in years. That streak was broken in OT. He hasn’t been beaten since that game as well.

  41. rojoke says:

    I have seen Lidstrom play, and he deserved the two Norris Trophies he’s won, plus probably another one. He’s been the Wing’s best defenseman for the past four or five years, and he’s the most effective blueliner in terms of skating forwards out of scoring positions, especially on the rush. My point was, MacInnis has taken over the number one defenceman slot on the Blues, at the age of 39, and never lost a step. How many 39-year-old players, let alone defencemen, have done that? And he’s brought along a rookie to the point that he’s now a legitimate top three blueliner. The voting will come down to MacInnis and Lidstrom, but as I said, it shouldn’t be that close.

  42. defenestrate says:

    Once again, an insightful comment from one of the most aptly-named alleged “people” on this site. And, given the fact that the two of them are best friends, I’m not sure Naslund would agree with your assessment. Forsberg is a more complete player than Naslund. “The numbers” bear this out.

    I said you were aptly named. So am I. Look my name up in the dictionary (assuming you can actually read, and don’t have someone doing it for you).

  43. defenestrate says:

    I nominate canucklehead…

  44. NJDKev47 says:

    This Is Brodeur’s Year For The Vezina! Turco, Belfour, Chezmanic… Neither Of Them Won 40 Games This Year!! Brodeur Will Win The Vezina And Will Be In The Top 3 Fr MVP Voting.

  45. bwall says:

    Your too high on Nasland… Forsberg will win the Hart… mayber the Art Ross and Hejduk will win Richard.

    You’ll see

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