Andy's Not So Dandy

Did Andy Van Hellemond’s actions compromise the NHL’s integrity?In his latest edition of Spin-O-Rama, Editor-in-Chief of Kevin Greenstein takes on Andy Van Hellemond’s past behavior and how it could affect NHL’s credibility in the future.

I suggest everyone to check out the article. As usual, you can comment on it here.

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  1. Rysto says:

    I agree with most of the conclusions in that article. Clutching in grabbing, especially in important games, is choking all life out of the game. The NHL should have gotten control of that years ago, but the officials have not, and the Director of Officiating has to take the blame for it.

    However, I do doubt that Van Hellemond used his influence to seriously impact Kovalev’s penalties for/penalties against ratio.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    That’s a very hard hitting piece by Greenstein. The big question would be did Van Hellemond ever borrow money from players or an agent. I wonder if the mainstream Canadian press will look into this story.

    It is impossible to say if Kovalev has been permanently affected by the 1994 slashing call. Some players seem to get reputations with the refs as divers, insitigators or slashers and the refs are much quicker with the whistles on them.

  3. ALMO-TML says:

    I also read that Van Hellemond was known as the “Godfather” and or “Pusher” for the league’s cocaine trafficking. It is alledged that Hellemond’s accusers are merely those who are in debt and owe pockets of money to Van Hellemond for supplying them with narcotics. Unable to repay those debts and with the threat of losing their jobs, certain individuals fabricated a story implicating Van Hellemond as a devious money grabber.

  4. fiveforfighting says:

    If there are two seperate MAJOR accusations against the guy then there is someting wrong.

    A rumour is not a rumour, if it doesn’t die.

    If the guy is allegedly trafficing cocaine and loan-sharking (borrowing and lending scandal) this is enough to make THEADORE’s family look like saints.

    Either way having a guy like him in charge or involved in any part of the league is discrediting. Especially if this guy is incharge of officiating.

    No matter what, the guy needs to be removed.

    Even if he is innocent, there will always be people to accuse him and not trust the courts decisions.

    Bottom line is that the game is in terrible shape. Between the Alan Greenspan fiasco, the drop in numbers, the bad-officiating, the clutching and grabbing (which was a large part for MArio’s innitial retirement, and is complained about by the likes of Joe Thornton, Joe Sakic, Brett Hull, and Jeremy Roenick), the league salaries and CBA, to name a few, the league is in dire need of reparations.

    Is Bettman the one to do it, doubtful, but he is the start with the Salary Cap/Cost Certainty. The league needs an overhall not an adjustment.

    Rule changes might be onething, but not to likes that are being mulled over right now. The only ones i like is the tag up rule, and the shrinking of the pads. The rest should be left well alone. Or put everything back to the pre-bettman days, when hockey was great instead of just good (despite the terrible jersys) so that there is more flow to the game. MAybe increase the ice size too.

    But for gods-sake call the game properly, the point of the article, because as we have seen with the salaries, decisions cannot be left up to the players to solve.

    What do the rest of you think?

  5. Havlat_hasit says:

    If something as serious as this is going on among the refs it makes things like favourtism and biased calls look commonplace. If Andy called games as quick as he could so he could hit the race track then I could see a lot of refs making crazy calls for some benefit.

    Makes you wonder if the penalty called in the final minutes of game 7 of the cup finals were due to some hidden agenda. Then I begin to think of all the questionable calls made during the playoffs. I’ve always been suspicious of many calls but only now do I really worry that this will leave a lasting impression on the future of the NHL.

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    What about that Hiesman Trophy winning RB from USC who was aquitted of murdering his wife and her boyfriend? That was proven in a court of law that he was NOT GUILTY but the rumor persists that he is a murderer!!! 🙂

    Also the rumor that the Leafs will be signing every free agent available at every trading deadline won’t die but it too is proven to be false.

    Fight on….


  7. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Bravo to Kevin Greenstein for taking a closer look YET another UGLY black eye for the NHL. If you are not familiar with his work at, take a look. Very insightful.

    Anyone else wonder why the league SWEARS that they are going to crack down on the clutching and grabbing EVERY year but at best they do so in the pre-season? Could it be Van Hellimond causing the lack of attention to the qulaity of officiating? I guess we will see when there is hockey again.

    This scandal is yet ANOTHER reason why it is NOT time to go to war over a CBA. Bertuzzi is another one. Could Bettman and Goodenow be this stupid as to lock out the players?

    If they are – the damage done will be PERMENANT in the US. This is NOT CANADA and kids DO NOT grow up plaing hockey in MOST of the NHL cities. In Philly, where I grew up it took 2 cups and about a generation of fans following an extremely successful and dedicated franchise to have such a great following. There is a 4:1 ratio (if not higher) of cities in the US where this is NOT the case (think Columbus, Anahiem, Miami, Tampa, San Jose).

    The league needs excitement about the game and that comes from SCORING. They need HYPE about Crosby and then have him be the real deal. Imagine what he could mean to hockey if he (like Tiger with Jack) starts getting on pace to break The Great One’s records. THE ONLY WAY THIS COULD HAPPEN is with better officiating and possibly rules changes BUT IF IT DID – NBC might find themselves a lucrative little TV property in the NHL and the league could start to hope to grow it revenues like the NFL, NBA and MLB.

  8. rojoke says:

    Between the Alan Greenspan fiasco…

    Care to elaborate on the fiasco involving the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and the NHL?

  9. kicksave856 says:

    I don’t remember that USC running back story…

    just kidding.

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