Another Allison Rumour!!!

On they reported 2 possible trades a three team trade between LA, Edmonton, and Boston and another trade between just la and Boston. The first rumour consisted of Jason Allison going to la, glen Murray & Vishnovski going to Edmonton, and Tom Poti and Ryan Smyth going to Boston. This would obviously be a cost cutting idea on Edmonton’s payroll and a large increase in la’s payroll.This other trade I am not sure about it states that Boston would give up Allison and Guerin for Glen Murray, Josef Stumpel, and Jaro Modry ( or possibly Vshnovski. this trade is very unlikely because first of all skill level and also the fact that I doubt Boston would want back to Boston bruins (Murray, Stumpel) not to mention that rate now no body is hated more in la’s dressing THAN STUMPLE, SO DONT LOOK FOR THIS SECOND ONE TO HAPPEN

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