Another Goalie for Buffalo

If Buffalo’s crease wasn’t filled up enough, they have added recently edged out back up Michael Leighton from the Hawks. The recently waived Leighton, who lost the back-up job to Craig Anderson was traded for 1999 second round pick and recently waived Milan Bartovic.

Leighton is clearly earmarked for Rochester while Bartovic’s future is not as clear, is most likely headed to the ‘A’ as well until he starts showing some of that potential that got him drafted so high!!

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  1. Kamakaze says:

    Sounds like Buffalo is planning on unloading a goaltender… Then again, they should have/could have done this a long time ago. I could see them picking up a defenseman, while their forwards aren’t great, they are young and building, while their defense, well, it’s definitely not their strong point.

  2. skinny13 says:

    bye bye biron

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I can see Biron being traded to the Oilers for a defenseman and a draft pick. Buffalo is obviously in need of d-men, and the Oilers have plenty to spare……Outside of Chris Pronger, there is Jason Smith, Steve Staios, Marc-Andre Bergeron, Igor Ulanov, Alex Semenov, Matt Greene, Danny Syvret, and a large number of other d-men prospects to give up. Lots of quality on defense for the Oilers. I could see the Oilers trading Ty Conklin or Jussi Markkanen and a defenseman to the Sabres for Martin Biron……………Although I like our two goalies, Biron would be a step up at this point.

  4. JScottLeRoi says:

    The Sabres have 4 goalies right now. I doubt if they traded Biron, they’d want Conklin or Makkanen back. You’re probably closer when you say defenseman and a pick. Although, I think they’re more looking for forwards, since they started the season with 11 forwards and 8D (plenty of blueliners, but not even enough skaters to roll 4 lines).

  5. CaptainInsano says:

    I went to where they have the official NHL opening-day rosters, and for some reason they don’t have Markannen listed with the Oilers, but they do have Mike Morrison(!)

    But on the Oilers’ site they have him listed. So are they carrying 3 goalies or what?

    Same with the Caps; now that they claimed Brent Johnson they also have Kolzig and Ouellet as goalies listed on their opening roster?

    I do think the Oilers could use a goalie, since Conklin seemed average/brutal in the pre-season. Biron would be a nice fit.

  6. TMLsundin says:

    Woywitka for Biron a possibility?

  7. shawn_habs says:

    why would Philadelphia need another goalie? From what I hear Esche seems to be doing good enough..and Antero Nittymaki tore up the AHL last yr, might be ready for the bigs.

  8. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Markannen is out with a broken collar-bone. Will be back soon, I think……….Biron would be a nice fit in Edmonton. While I like Conklin, he has looked pretty bad for the majority of spring training. If he can get back to the form he was in the second half of 2003/2004, then I would be ecstatic. But if he doesn’t improve, then they need to get Martin Biron, who is a fantastic goaltender.

  9. rojoke says:

    Didn’t Woywitka go to St. Louis in the Pronger deal?

  10. TannerTucker says:

    Woywitka? I thought we were talking about Biron going to the Oilers? but i guess The Blues could use a goalie to..haha or did you forget Woywitka was trade along with Brewer and Lynch for Pronger

  11. Adam_0486 says:

    Biron is a very useful goalie to have if all this comotion is because of a possible Biron trade then send him here to T.O. And we can slowly begin to phase away Ed Belfour. Ottawa should at least think about getting him if he’s still available at the deadline just for insurence and the for the future. This team looks for real its just Hasek im worried about.

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