Another Lockout? Not Going to Happen ***UPDATE***

You know me by now, I have been pushing this optimism regarding a CBA deal for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve been doing so for a reason.

I will continue to push and I’m going to make my claim that we will have hockey in fall.

ESPN drops contract option. My reaction is…….. (scroll down in article).Another hockey site owner, that I somewhat know of, has also claimed that a deal would most likely be reached by both sides.

While I am still waiting on my source, I will make the claim that we will go back to our couches this fall, with beer and hockey playing on our television sets.

I’ve been saying it folks, ever since Dallas Stars president, Mr. Lites, basically said that there will be hockey this fall….there was just no doubt in my mind about it. I’ve challenged you fans to be more optimistic for the reason that good things are happening. Forget what happened in the past, I know it hurt us a lot….but there is just no way that there will be another lockout.

Who really took the hit for this lockout? Us fans and the game of hockey. Not the players, not the owners. Some players still received salaries by playing in Europe, where European clubs can barely afford them for another year (and where would that leave those NHL players?), and some other players (the millionaires) got a whole year of vacationing. And, I am not forgetting, other players got that great $10,000 paycheck by the NHLPA.

So the players did not really lose that badly. The owners didn’t do so bad either. Some owners lost less money with this lockout.

That’s pretty much the idea, and we lost a lot. The game lost a lot. But this time, if there would be another lockout for this fall then the ones losing the most would be the players, and still us and the game. But, not the owners.

The players will start losing jobs in Europe because they are expensive players to keep for those Europeans. Other players vacationing will realize that they are losing part of their careers. More players will still be unemployed.

Us fans would be more frustrate with the sport, and probably demand to get more AHL, NCAA, and junior league coverage. Or, we’d just lose interest in hockey and follow another sport.

The owners? Well, the owners have a very cool option now. They are not all that nervous about this lockout. They want to get it done, of course, and want a fair CBA that helps the NHL get healthier. If, however, Goodenow would give them a much harder time and would be risking to have another locked out season, then the owners will definitely listen to Bain Capital’s offer of…..

…..ready? Just picture Dr. Evil saying this……



Ok, back to being serious. The owners could still bail out and get a fair deal from Bain Capital, who would overpower the NHLPA by all means, and the players would definitely be screwed then.

So, what is this worth to the players and owners? Just come up with a CBA deal. And, they will come up with one shortly.

I have even posted that new survey poll a couple of weeks ago or so, mentioning a CBA deal reached by mid-June, and yet it could even happen sooner.

Currently, on the FAN in the NY-Metro area, it was said that the Minnesota Wild, from their marketing VP, will sell season tickets.

That does not mean a CBA is definitely in place, but fellow hockey fans……please, be optimistic. I understand the mentality of “won’t believe in it, till I see it”. But, I’m risking my own credibility here saying that there will be hockey this fall, and that a lockout will not happen in 2005-06.

I am feeling quite positive about this, and I will be totally shocked if it turns out that the lockout will continue in the fall. If my source gives me an answer, and it turns out to be similar to what other people have said, then I will make a more concrete claim that a CBA is in the works. This deal could be announced as far as mid June, but I truly believe it is basically done, and I am willing to bet my money on it.

Keep your fingers crossed with me if you want to believe my faith and optimism, if not…well…….have a nice night!


AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEN! Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrraisssssssse the Lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrd-ah!

As I had my doubts when it was previously reported a few months ago that ESPN would pick up the option, it turns out that ESPN does not pick it up.

My reaction? I am glad, I hated ESPN’s coverage on hockey. I hated Thorne, Bill Clement….Panger. All get on my nerves. The ridiculous NHL2Nite aired at 12 am, or even at 1 am was pathetic.

ESPN can’t handle a major sport, maybe baseball, but definitely not hockey, and not like they are doing so well with basketball. Word of advice to the NHL, follow NFL’s footsteps. Get on NBC, or CBS.

Now, seriously talking about this issue, I see a plus and a minus.

Plus: The NHL can show to the NHLPA now, and the NHLPA can understand this, that TV ratings have been so bad that ESPN won’t air hockey. It should also allow the players to interpret this as ESPN telling them that “you’re not worth it on TV”.

Minus: The owners can try to trick the NHLPA by leaning towards some more tweaks to the deal that benefit them and not the players. Or, it would mean that Mr. Goodenow would see this as a way to take advantage and sweeten his deal for his benefits.

So, while this ESPN issue may be great, it could also mean it could blow everything up and we all go back to square one, which would mean that the NHL will be done forever and I would encourage the owners to sell the NHL to Bain Capital.

I am glad ESPN bailed out, no matter what. They were also a reason for the NHL’s decline as they were incapable of marketing hockey, but rather neglect it and mistreat it. Very unprofessional on ESPN’s part, and hopefully the NBA ratings will decline enough to give ESPN a bad reputation, and deservedly so.

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni


20 Responses to Another Lockout? Not Going to Happen ***UPDATE***

  1. rojoke says:

    Based on the media reports that I’ve seen, the last couple of negotiating sessions have been based on one thing and one thing only. Revenues. And not just dollar figures. They seem to be discussing what the teams are or have been reporting as revenue, how they justify it as revenue or non-revenue, and the means by which they account for non-hockey related events. This discussion is, in my eyes, the foundation for both sides developing new offers and parameters for negotiation.

    One of the main sticking points between the two sides has been the argument that many owners, not all, have been under-reporting revenues to the league. Whether they have or haven’t, I really don’t care, because I don’t know exactly how each club operates in regards to the arenas they play in. Some teams, such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Vancouver and others, own them outright. In some cases, the entity that owns and operates the arena also owns and operates the team. But neither side seemed to be able to sit down and settle on a system that set a groundwork for each and every team, regardless of its organizational structure. The meetings of the last couple of days appear to be the first in doing just that.

    There are three sources of revenue for NHL clubs; ticket sales, marketing revenues (including broadcasting rights) and auxiliary revenues like concessions, and parking. It appeared to me that this last category of revenues was the primary focus of the PA in their belief that teams were making more money than they were reporting. It was felt that by diverting money to shell companies, the books weren’t telling the accurate story of how much money the teams were making. But it was also suggested by some members of the media that instead of bickering over every last penny that the teams may make, focus on the money that you could measure independently; namely, tickets sales, broadcast rights, advertising revenue, and merchandising. Every night they announce the attendance. Broadcast fees could be obtained directly from the rights holders. Advertising fees could be obtained from the advertisers themselves. And since the PA and the league have had a seemingly co-operative merchandising agreement over the past few years, that shouldn’t be difficult to agree to. So my advice to the PA would be to forget about the parking lots and concessions. The revenue generated from these sources is so small when compared to the others, is it really that much of a deal to nitpick over it?

  2. hockeyhead says:

    i cant understand why we havent seen more AHL. here in new england nesn was the proclaimed bruins channel and they have shown one maybe two p-bruins games this year and that is not counting their current calder cup run.

    some of us bruins fans would like to see a cup run…even if it is the baby b’s. someone has really dropped the ball this years past.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    I did not expect the NHL and NHLPA to meet productively this summer. I don’t know what has changed to get them to the bargaining table.

    I think the NHL is looking at a mid June near term deadline to (1) hold a draft (2) secure sponsors (3) notify season ticket holders.

    If we see a deal in principle, it will likely be in two-three weeks, otherwise, my guess is they don’t meet again until mid August.

    It is possible that the lower key this remains, the easier it will be to get done.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    I suggest you and all B’s fans call your cable company and tell them to cancel NESN off your your bill right now sighting that they didn’t play enough hockey last year to warrant keeping it on your bill this year. Tell them that IF they show some hockey next season and you see a pattern which gives you good reason to think you will see at least 40 games that only then will you re-subscribe to NESN. If enough Bostonians and New Englanders do that it will give NESN something to think about. Actually ever hockey fan in every city who misses hockey should be calling the cable or sat service provider and ask how to reduce their bill based on no hockey. We should be acting as though we have been short changed by them and are owed for what we consider to be major discrepancy between what we paid for and received. Tell them that anything outside of hockey can be picked up with the rabbit ears and we don’t any cable at all.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    i know it. the BIG thing is that nesn carries the beloved red sox…..those folks would never get rid of nesn….unless the sox keep losing. i hope the band wagon empties off.

    anyway…game 5 tonight. baby bruins vs philly…down 3-1. could be the end of the cinderella roll. wish i could see it.

    go baby b’s go.

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    something (as a specter) apparent to sense but with no substantial existence or something existing in appearance only.LOL

    I hear ya about the whole sports networks and the various sports other than hockey.

    everyone around here is now focused on the pistons including myself and I can’t even tell you what the Wings AHL affiliate the Griffins have been up to if anything. I feel shame!

    Well good luck to your baby B’s.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    they had 86 points but not good enough to make the playoffs.

    what happened to adirondack?

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    Adirondack Red Wings!

    Well I would say that unlike the NHL trying to cling on to small market team. The AHL let it fizzle out and brought the players closer to the home of its NHL affiliate in Grand Rapids.

    Michigan is a big state so they put the AHL team a good distance from the NHL team. You can travel the equal distance of NH to MI and not leave Michigan.

    Hey have a good memorial day weekend hockey head.

    Try to think of those who gave what Lincoln called the “Last full measure of Devotion”

    “…from these honored dead, we take increased devotion to that cause for

    which they here gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here

    highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain…

    ~Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address~

  9. Lint07 says:

    have you seen that, Mik? I’m sure it’ll make you dream a little! 😉

    (From Eklund)

    The Draft.

    Rumor has it that a hotel has been booked in New York for the weekend of June 26th to hold the draft in New York City. Word is that the expected first-rounders will be flown in and of course Mr. Crosby will be in the big apple. Talking to many journalists in the states, the feeling is that the NHL almost should rig the draft to make Crosby a Ranger…”If they don’t do it they are more stupid than we all thought, “said a respected hockey writer, “The kid is perfect for New York, and the NHL needs him there. We need a Jordan in hockey in a major hockey city.” I have talked to half a dozen who feel the same exact way. I’m sure all you in Canada will have an opinion on this. I’m staying out of it.

  10. mikster says:

    I thought they already decided where the entry draft would be held?

    If it’s in NYC, then great…draws a big crowd.

    As far as Eklund, he was wrong on a number of things before, in past months, but i feel quite confident that both the NHL and NHLPA know that they will lose way too much if the lockout enters the month of October, or even Spetember.

    Players will start to lose out way too much, the NHLPA will have to once again send out those $10,000 checks per month…..

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    There is a very notable difference of camera operating and game commentating skills between the Canadian and USA networks. I know Boston, Detroit, NY/NJ do have some pretty good game commentators which most of the time run in set pairs.




    ESPN did a BAD JOB in 1997 when they had to switch cameras from one angle to the next 1.5 seconds after Bettman handed Yzerman his first CUP.While Yzerman is in his moment of glory hoisting the CUP and fans are in jubilation.Here is ESPN switching camera angles and missing quite a few of those precious seconds.You know that thought that runs through your mind when something like that happens.

    I heard that ESPN took 60 million that they had set aside for the NHL deal once the new CBA was established and when it took to long they used the money for a buy out on the Monday Night Football deal. Both sides were sitting their saying look that is our money gone to MNF now.

    The net works want the market on hockey to be down when they go to set the new deal with the NHL under the new CBA. To them it will be like buying stocks at a low rate knowing the stock will go up after time passes.

    I would not be surprised to here ESPN has been sending subliminal messages to “BASH HOCKEY”.

  12. NjDEVSFN says:

    thankfully the NHL is now out of ESPNs biased programming

    the only hockey talk ever is “its hockey, so its gotta suck”

    the only REAL coverage of hockey: Bertuzzi/Moore, Mike Danton, and the Cancellation…whatever happened to the GAMES

    every NHL team just lost $2million, however. the PA’s slice of the pie just got a LOT smaller

    whoever picks up the NHL, make Mike “DOC” Emrick one of your announcers…he wrote the book on pronunciation and he made water-polo sound exciting in the Athens Olympics…John Davidson is a good color-commentator for the Rangers and he and Doc work well together

  13. distance7 says:

    I think everyone agrees that ESPN’s marketing of hockey was terrible, but now we all must wonder where they’re going to go with this. NBC is 7 games for this season, right? So are they going to sign a deal with Fox to air national cable games some, or what? A major sports league is basically required (when they play more than 1 game per week) to have games nationally televised on cable. And unless NBC wants to become THE hockey network and show games 3 or 4 times a week, then they’re going to have to look somewhere like Fox, who I really don’t know how they’ll work national broadcasts with all of their networks showing local games.

    ESPN can only show football well, the basketball coverage is just as terrible as the NHL and no one watches the NBA either. And I hope the NBA locks out just so ESPN has completely screwed themselves. And if hockey does end up with a kind of deal with Fox Sports nationally, then I’d just hope they don’t do things like the glowing puck and all of that…hockey games in HD are going to be the best things ever….I just hope I don’t get one Saturday game a week for 7 weeks.

  14. Serdy says:

    No ESPN is fine with me, they were brutal with their coverage anyways, but Hockey Tonight wasnt bad with John Buccigross. I rarely heard them say anything about hockey that wasnt bad, all they really care about is football, or poker. I just hope the money is made up elsewhere

  15. hockeyhead says:

    gary thorne and bill clement will still do hockey whether it is on espn or on life time…

    they are hired guys for hockey….there arent many around who do a good job like em or not.

  16. Aetherial says:

    One small correction about neither side being able to work out a structure…

    The PA simply said “No” to both a salary cap and linkage.

    They were offered the chance to negotiate this and they simply refused. NOW… they are negotiating exactly that, what revenues to split.

    They are also currently negotiating a number of smaller issues. Apparently the PA wants to work bottom up and tackle the big issues last. Obviously their plan is to give in on small stuff and then attempt to mitigate the damage they will take on big stuff.

    I agree that there *may* be another deal forthcoming over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I can also see the owners starting to play hardball again and the whole thing collapses (I hope so!)

  17. Aetherial says:

    What happened was the players told the NHLPA leadership to get to the table and get something done.

    So, the NHLPA has finally decided to accept what they should have accepted all along, a cap, tax, and linkage system.

    Now, they are finally sittind down and deciding what they should have decided months ago… “how” revenues are calculated.

    They were offered this opportunity a couple times. They simply said “no”… then complained that they had no dance partner.

    Nothing would make me happy at this point except seeing the union busted. Sadly, I think they will get a deal done and the owners will still give too much.

    Hockey is a sinking ship and it will only be worse now.

  18. Aetherial says:

    As a Torontonian… I have already stated that the best place for Crosby to go is to the Rangers.

    But he will probably end up in either an already-solid market… or some place like Phoenix or Florida 🙁

  19. Aetherial says:

    No fan of ESPN either. Their coverage NAUSEATED me.

    However, it is not a positive thing.

    You can’t just go get a contract with ABC or NBC or Fox or whoever, unless you want to get raped in the process.

    The game needs to change and then there will be a few years at least until inetrest is high enough in the U.S. to warrant a network contract.

    I am not optimistic that that will ever happen.

  20. kicksave856 says:

    Wow. I always liked Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. I can only think of one other booth I’d rather listen to do a game and it still includes Bill Clement (Mike Emrick and Bill Clement did Flyers games together for a while and I always really liked those guys together). Panger’s a tool, but he’s harmless.

    Oh well.

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