Anson Carter in Montreal?

I have heard from indirect sources that a sports radio station (i believe Team990) have announced that Glen Sather has been in discussion with Montreal GM Bob Gainey about an undisclosed trade.Seeing as Anson Carter and Tom Poti are on the block for New York and Montreal is in dire need of a goalscorer. There might be some truth to the rumor although the Rangers have the high ground on this one and are probably asking for a lot. Will Gainey bite to add scoring to his team?

Personal opinion, Gainey should trade anyone except Komisarek to get Carter, and if he can unload Craig Rivet, that’s even better. D Ron Hainsey might make good trade bait, he’s bound to be excellent in a few years, but he’s expendable.

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  1. DohCanada says:

    Carter is not the answer for the Habs! You said it yourself, they need a goal scorer. Carter has 4 points this year. His best season was something along the lines of 60 points and 28 goals. That definitely won’t increase on the offensively inept Canadiens squad. “Sather has the upper hand”. Pardon me! How do you figure?
    Because they’re loaded with talent, leading the league in every category, and can afford to wait for the best offer?? (Insert buzzer sound here!!) WRONG!

    Both of these teams, for different reasons, need a shakeup. If Carter AND Poti were to head Montreal’s way, I could see Gainey giving up a youngster (…maybe), but I’d prefer if he could unload the likes of Perreault, Audette and Rivet.

    I would MUCH MORE PREFER to see a trade with the stars to see Jason Arnott suit up in the red, white and blue, along with Philippe Boucher! I believe Perreault, Rivet and a 2nd rounder for these two has a much better chance of happening.

  2. Donovan says:

    If they Habs do aqquire Carter, it may not be enough. Now maybe Berezin, but he sucked on them the first time.

  3. 24cups says:

    If we can get rid of Audette and Rivet, the Habs would be a much better team even we get nothing for these guys. Everytime they’re on the ice, it seems like we’re killing a penality. And you’re right about Jason Arnott, that would be nice!!!

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Carter does not seem to me to be the answer. He prefers the Western Conference. His career goals/game is .31 vs .29 for Perrault whom he would replace on the second line. Not much of an upgrade considering that Perrault is the better faceoff man.

    This trade would not make Montreal better, unless the NYR’s wanted someone that did not fit into the Habs’ plans, like Audette or Brisebois. But that is highly doubltful.

    I still think that a physical third line center who can score 15-20 goals would really help. My vote is to trade Kilger and a pick to the Isles for Dave Schatchard (once he is back from injury).

  5. simplyhabby says:

    I don’t know why everyone is stating having Carter is a bad thing. Yes he has only 4 points but he is big, strong, and can check.

    Montreal does have a lack of goal scoring. The main reason to this is that no one likes to park themselves in front of the net.

    I should correct myself, Montreal does not have anyone big and strong enough to cause havoc in front of the net. Montreal already has great finesse players. They need a big mean solid checking forward with some talent. Carter fits that mould perfectly.

  6. infoengine says:


    Carter is comming to LA DUH!!

    GO KINGS GO!!!!!

  7. HabsNick says:

    Carter is just having a crummy start to the season, as a right wing, lets compare him to our starting 4 on the right wing :

    Zednik – They’re similar except that Carter can actually pass the puck

    Audette – Carter is better, Audette used to be a sniper but stick a fork in him, he’s done

    Dackell – *cough*

    Ward – Ward is a solid checker that *can* play irregularly on the top two lines but he won’t get as many points as he got in the AHL, but i love him with Begin and Langdon/Sundstrom, thats a good line and we should keep it as is

    Fed by Ribeiro, Carter would surely get more goals than anything else we have playing on the right wing so it makes sense getting him if he’s available.

    Getting Arnott could work too, but the trade you’re proposing doesnt make much sense for Dallas, money-wise, neither team get any advantage. Arnott is a better overall player than Perreault although Perreault does have his specialties that a team might want, and Boucher is better than Rivet, i dont see why the Stars would want to trade him. A 2nd round pick wont cut to tip the balance on that trade.

    And i said Sather has the upper hand because frankly, not many teams would want the players the Habs would like to get rid of. Sure, if you use Theodore, the first round pick, Komisarek or Hainsey as bait, then you have something.

  8. TC_4 says:

    They don’t need Carter, they need a superstar in the worst way! Theodore was thought to be the answer, but I don’t believe he is. You know, it’s said that a GREAT team should have 7 impact players. They have 3 thus far(Koivu, Zednik, and Theodore???). Komisarek may become one(I believe he will be)and maybe Kastitsyn will be, but they need one guy who stands out above all these guys to be succesful. When was the last time the Habs had an offensive superstar?

  9. 24cups says:

    St├ęphane Richer hehehe no!!! Guy Lafleur!

  10. 24cups says:

    no way, not Berezin. He’s the suckiest player we ever had.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    How physical can he be if he averages 25 penalty minutes per year and weighs 20 lbs less than most defensemen?

  12. markjohnston says:

    where are all the whiners when countless stupid trade rumours get posted about montreal?

    I’ve read koivu for sundin, koivu and breisbois for jagr, now this.

    if these were leafs rumours, the you know what would be hitting the fan.

    as for the article, no doubt carter will be moved, but I doubt it will be to montreal. LA seems like a more realistic option.

  13. habsoverserver says:

    You didn’t hear about the planned habs first line of Jagr Iginla and Carter with Zednik Sundin and Hossa on the second ine and Bulis Dackell and Comrie on the third line? They plan to announce all the trades six hours before the Heritage Classic game and have all the new players fly up by charter minutes before the puck is dropped.

  14. simplyhabby says:

    He was very physical in the World Championships and that actually says a lot. He is able to solidy forecheck and take the man off the puck without drawing penalties. PIM is a measure of physicality but should not be used exclusively because it really means that the physical play has been ineffective because it got them in the sin bin.

  15. NHLman says:

    But who are the Rangers getting from LA for Carter?

    Deadmarsh? Palffy? Allison? I don’t think so. LA really has no one to offer

    I see Dallas or St. Louis as a much more likely place considering they want to lower payroll and have specific assests to use as bait and that would drop payroll at the same time (eg. Guerin, Weight, Tkazchuk, Demitra, Arnott?)

    Anyway Carter definitely should be in the West

    I’d like to see Dvorak back to complete the Czech line, damn!

  16. GretzNYR99 says:

    hmmm… so much for being reunited… the last time I checked, Nedved and Hlavac were reunited, and they haven’t done anything special. I wouldn’t hold your breath on something like this. If Deadmarsh is healthy again, I’d gladly trade Carter for him. Deadmarsh and Norstrom for Carter, Poti, and a pick. I don’t think that would happen but yeah… I like to dream. Realistically, something like that could happen. I doubt Norstrom would be in it, but I’m not sure. As for Montreal, I’d like to get Andrei Markov or Sheldon Souray from them.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    Do you realize that they can’t afford a superstar unless they dump Koivu and Brisebois? Not happening.

  18. TC_4 says:

    You don’t know that buddy.

  19. TC_4 says:

    Maybe I missed something. Why(not talking about the article, talking about the comments)is Anson Carter all of a sudden on the block? I know he is underachieving, but I thought that’s how you fit in with the Rangers?

  20. rojoke says:

    Maybe they’re freeing up a spot for a long-rumoured trade for Jagr.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    I don’t know that? Then Gainey doesn’t know it either, seeing that he was talking to George McPhee about bringing in Jagr and the only way that would have worked is if Koivu and Brisebois ($8 Million) went for Jagr ($11 million), and that’s still a 3 million dollar difference. Plus, realistically, Montreal’s not getting rid of the team captain and a large portion of the fan base, bad PR. So, it makes it that much harder to get a superstar when you can’t unload a similar salary figures, unless Montreal plans on giving up Ribiero, Ryder, Komisarek, and probably Andrei Markov, depending on how good the player is.

    I know what?

  22. OldNord says:

    This kind of crap is built up by the medias, don’t be credulous, gms rarely (see never) discovered their talks, media only speculating.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    It’s not the media, it’s salary figures.

  24. OldNord says:

    You miss the point but about salaries, Gillett has money, if it’s well invested. The rest is bullshit.

  25. HabsNick says:

    Perhaps you’ve missed the whole point about this website, it’s all about speculation! every suggested trade doesnt have to happen and this one wasnt a suggestion, it was a genuine rumor AND i thought it was believable enough to write an article about it.

    Frankly, i didnt even pay any attention to the Jagr rumor since i thought it was silly, neither have i paid any attention to the “hey, let’s swap captains” rumor. The Carter one was believable since Montreal is in dire need of a good winger and the Rangers are desperate enough to maybe want a shot at one of our sub-par players.

    I didnt go proposing 4th liners for Carter either like most of those Leaf trades you mention, i merely mentionned my wish for the Habs to unload Craig “look! i can play just as bad on offense too!” Rivet, but frankly, the Habs would get future considerations for him and i’d be happy.

    IHMO, you were the only one who whined in this thread, except for your fourth sentence, which was a good contribution.

  26. GretzNYR99 says:

    Cheap ownership.

    If he has money, then why doesn’t he use it?

  27. GretzNYR99 says:

    Jordin Tootoo of the Nashville Predators is 5’9 and 195… and he hits like a mack truck. Your point is?

  28. TC_4 says:

    Dude, maybe they want to unload Koivu(which they don’t)and Briesbois for Jagr maybe because they want some money spend in other areas, just maybe. And why doesn’t he use it? How long’s he been there for? Oh yeah, 6 months. Maybe, just maybe…he’s waiting for the right player to come along.

  29. OldNord says:

    This year isn’r the right time, when Juneau, Perreault, Traverse, Dykhuis, Dackell will be gone after this season and the youngsters will have played a full year, then maybe they would make bigger moves.

    Spending wisely like I said is the opposite of bringing Jagr in MTL. I think they will be more active on the free agents market next summer or the one after, all depend where the club will be situated towards the others. But cash, sure Gillett has to spend…at the right time.

  30. habsoverserver says:

    My point is that he isn’t big enough to go to the net and take abuse. Many smaller guys can hit hard in the corners and get a loose puck, but in order to park in the slot you have to be at least as big as the defensemen who will be crosschecking you.

  31. habsoverserver says:

    My point is that he isn’t big enough to go to the net and take abuse. Many smaller guys can hit hard in the corners and get a loose puck, but in order to park in the slot you have to be at least as big as the defensemen who will be crosschecking you.

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