Antrpov done in Toronto?

It was reported in today’s Toronto Sun that JFJ is actively trying to shop forward Nik Antropov to rid the team of his $1,000,000 salary so they can put that money towards the signing of forward Anson Carter.

It is going to be tough for any team to take a chance on Big Nik because it seems like the only people in the world who see any kind of potential in him are the Leafs Brass….and we all know how quick they are to admit they made a mistake, like drafting Antropov in the first place.

I agree with the reporter of this article, that if this were the case, why wouldn’t they have just signed Carter to begin with and not signed Antropov to his million. Also, Paul Maurice has been quoted a number of times saying that Antropov is a number one line winger. I like Maurice and I respect everything he has done, but who is he trying to convince by saying something like that? The Leaf fans or the GM’s of other teams? Either way, the only problem is Leaf fans and other GM’s have watched Antropov float around the ice and spend a lot of time on the injury list over the last five years.

If Ferguson is able to move him, even without signing Carter and giving someone like John Pohl or Jeremy Williams a shot at staying with the club, it may easily be his best move as the Leafs’ GM. That million may even come in handy at the trade deadline.

We will see where this goes over the next couple of weeks.