According to the Blueshirt Bulletin, the arbitrator has awarded Sean Avery a 1 year $1.9Million dollar deal.

Not sure why this took so long, but in my opinion the target salary is right on. Avery actually won this arbitration, if you think about it. He was asking $2.6 and the Rangers offerd $1.3. The Rangers now have 48 hours to accept the ruling, which I think they will, or Avery becomes a free agent.

From the Blueshirt Bulletin:

“There are approximately 175 NHL players making $2.6Million or more, an average of six per team. That covers your three best forwards, your two best defensemen, your goalie, and one other player. Fewer than fifty of those players got their contracts as Group 2 RFAs, like Avery. Five were defensemen, five were goalies (including Henrik Lundqvist), and the rest were almost all high scoring forwards with names like Crosby, Gaborik, Lecavalier, and the like (a small handful are successful longtime two-way forwards).

The Rangers already have eight players making more than that — second most in the league along with several other teams behind Philadelphia’s nine. The salary cap is a zero-sum game — the more one player gets, the less another gets. Petr Prucha chose to negotiate, said the money was not important, and he got a good deal. Lundqvist chose to negotiate, took a one-year deal to help keep the Rangers under the cap, and still got a very good deal with the promise of more to come. Brendan Shanahan, Avery’s mentor, will make every penny of his incentive-laden contract, but there is a little risk there, and he chose to take it to help the Rangers manage their cap situation, without ever fielding any competing offers as a free agent. The guys who played it Sather’s way all made out handsomely.”

Avery has a chance to make great money as an “intangible player”, by that I mean he does more than score goals.

In my opinion, the Rangers will accept this offer and the Rangers should be ready for camp( barring any more possible trades)

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  1. mikster says:

    Seems a fair salary and i think this puts the Rangers almost to $48M (not counting Staal, Kasparaitis) in player cap salary. If they walk away, it means that the Rangers are ready to make a trade, if they take it then it means the Rangers may use the $2M room left to go after Peca, or ar eready to let one of the young players take the spot as a third line center.

    NYR can still deal away a couple of players earing around the $500K mark, which would clear about another $1M.

  2. johnrot says:

    It's OFFICIAL:

    Rangers made it official by signing Avery. “We are pleased to have Sean under contract and are looking forward to him returning with the same passion and enthusiasm he brought to our team last year,” stated Glen Sather. “He is a terrific competitor, who we expect to play a significant role in a successful season.”

  3. Decep-SoundWave says:

    First they rip him before the arbitrator then they sing his praises….gay…

  4. NHLman says:

    It's arbitration, not a tea party. Ripping is the name of the game. If the team wasn't going to point out a player's flaws the arbitrator would have no choice but to award the player's desired amount and that would be pointless for teams that take players to arbitration and would be a detriment to the league. Just because a team has harsh things to say about a player doesn't mean they don't like him, otherwise they probably wouldn't bother to tender him a qualifying offer.

  5. Milohabs says:

    maybe it's just me, but there is something I don't understand.

    The site I look at for salary cap (which has been pretty accurate to date) shows the Rangers having only .221 left in cap room BEFORE signing Avery. They also need to fill out a 22 man roster so have to sign 1 more body in addition to Avery. this puts them aprox 2.5 to 3 mill over the cap.

    What are the rules about being over the cap? Are they infact over the cap, or are my sources wrong? (see link below). If it isn't wrong, how is eveyone still talking about Peca coming to The Big Apple?

    this is all a mystery to me.  I still think that the Gomez & Drury signings will come back to bite the in the ass somewhere down the road.

    As for Avery, I hate the guy, but he's worth every penny. I thought he'd get about 2.50

  6. johnrot says:

    There will be more moves before the season starts, the Rangers will come in under the cap and I would guess that they will have wiggle room. One or two of their 10 signed Defensemen will go. Kasper will most likely be sent to waivers and there are still trade possibilities.

    You are right though, Avery is well worth the $$$$$

  7. XOXOHTH says:

    But you have to count Kasper, until of course he is dealt or sent to the minors. Currently the Rags are over the cap by about 1.6M.

    I doubt you guys will have trouble coming under the cap but even if Kasper is sent to the minors, the cap figure is only ~1.3M under and there are only 12 forwards signed against the cap. Factor injuries and call-ups into the equation and there could be problems. Also this almost certainly leaves NYR out of the trade deadline sweepstakes unless they can somehow send salary back to another team, which I think is highly unlikely.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    That's NHL arbitration for you.  There have been much uglier arbitration episodes than this.

  9. mikster says:

    There is just no way Kaspar is making it unless he really puts a great showing in September. Rangers did well without him and they have young d-men to use. Realistically, you can count him out.

    Shanahan counts $2.8M against the cap, $2.5M of the bonuses will count next season.

    Rangers have around $2M of space then. They are carrying 8 d-men, one will most likely go, and possibly the 7th may be sent down.

    They’ll be fine.

  10. mikster says:


    Gomez 7.357

    Drury 7.05

    Shanahan 2.8

    Jagr 4.94

    Straka 3.3

    Prucha 1.6

    Hossa 0.78

    Betts 0.615

    Orr 0.538

    Hollweg 0.513

    Callahan 0.575

    Avery 1.9


    Mara 3

    Malik 2.5

    Rozsival 2.1

    Tyutin 0.988

    Pock 0.668

    Strudwick 0.5

    Hutchinson 0.475

    Girardi 0.75


    Valiquette 0.618

    Lundqvist 4.25

    Total: 47.817

    That’s 22 players and one more could either be Peca or someone from the minors.

    Shanahan’s bonuses count for next season, so this season his salary counts $2.8M against the cap. I did not include Kaspar because it’s just too complicated for the Rangers to try and fit him in, and they have young d-men available. He does not have to clear waivers, so he either gets dumped to another team or will be sent to the minors where his salary does not count against the cap.

    I did not count Staal because it’s no sure shot he will make the team.

    So that’s what they got now and we can round it up to $48M. They have twelve forwards, 8 d-men. They need a 3rd line guy. They can sign Peca if he accepts a low contract. They can get rid of one d-man, and send the 7th d-man down if necessary.

    I think they are fine and the Peca rumors can hold up. But Eklund’s Jovo to NYR talk is pretty much out the window unless the Rangers find a way to clear up around $5M in salary to then trade for Jovo. Seems unlikely.

  11. pj1199 says:

    Avery is awsome and deserved a raise. It will be interesting to see next season what the salaries for Avery and The King will be. If Avery plays as well as he did this season then he most likely will look for another raise or walk as an UFA. If The King is The King then he will be looking for more $$ over about 4-6 years. I feel that this will be Shanny's last shot at a Cup with The Rangers. Doesn't seem like they will be able to afford to bring him back unless the cap goes up a significant amount next year.

    If The Rangers do wind up winning the Cup this year then I think the Rangers will have to do a lot of tinckering with their lineup. Although they should still be competitive with another year of Jagr, Gomez, Drury and some young kids.


  12. ranger_fan says:

    I'd rather wait until late September because Darius sounds like he is back and that means one of Mara[3] or Malik[2.5] would be gone.

  13. NHLman says:

    Rangers could still get Jovo fairly easily. All it really takes is Paul Mara's salary off the cap, however, I continue to believe that while Jovo is an improvement over Mara, he isn't such a vast improve that would necessitate making this move despite the salary cap ramifications. I'd rather keep the space open for someone that might become available during the deadline. For example, if Nashville is out of it and looking to cut payroll because of the ownership change maybe Marek Zidlicky will become available, who has better numbers than Jovanovski. Or maybe Dan Boyle and Kuba become available. Brendan Witt?

    There could be a lot of options, no need to jump at Jovo.

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