According to the Blueshirt Bulletin, the arbitrator has awarded Sean Avery a 1 year $1.9Million dollar deal.

Not sure why this took so long, but in my opinion the target salary is right on. Avery actually won this arbitration, if you think about it. He was asking $2.6 and the Rangers offerd $1.3. The Rangers now have 48 hours to accept the ruling, which I think they will, or Avery becomes a free agent.

From the Blueshirt Bulletin:

“There are approximately 175 NHL players making $2.6Million or more, an average of six per team. That covers your three best forwards, your two best defensemen, your goalie, and one other player. Fewer than fifty of those players got their contracts as Group 2 RFAs, like Avery. Five were defensemen, five were goalies (including Henrik Lundqvist), and the rest were almost all high scoring forwards with names like Crosby, Gaborik, Lecavalier, and the like (a small handful are successful longtime two-way forwards).

The Rangers already have eight players making more than that — second most in the league along with several other teams behind Philadelphia’s nine. The salary cap is a zero-sum game — the more one player gets, the less another gets. Petr Prucha chose to negotiate, said the money was not important, and he got a good deal. Lundqvist chose to negotiate, took a one-year deal to help keep the Rangers under the cap, and still got a very good deal with the promise of more to come. Brendan Shanahan, Avery’s mentor, will make every penny of his incentive-laden contract, but there is a little risk there, and he chose to take it to help the Rangers manage their cap situation, without ever fielding any competing offers as a free agent. The guys who played it Sather’s way all made out handsomely.”

Avery has a chance to make great money as an “intangible player”, by that I mean he does more than score goals.

In my opinion, the Rangers will accept this offer and the Rangers should be ready for camp( barring any more possible trades)