Are the Bruins looking to make some moves … Keith Tkachuk? is reporting that the Bruins could be looking to make some moves that could include picking up some veteran players before the deadline.

Some of the names that are mentioned in the article include Keith Tkachuk and Erik Cole who the Oilers may find to be expendable if they begin to slip out of playoff contention.

Although Cole and Tkachuk are two big names that are mentioned in the article it is also mentioned that Chiarelli may opt for other players to fill gaps that are a little off the radar such as how they were able to pick up both Ryder and Yelle this past off season.

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8 Responses to Are the Bruins looking to make some moves … Keith Tkachuk?

  1. Boozemanjack says:

    Kyle Calder, Steve Sullivan, Tyler Arnason, Todd Marchant, would all be good fits.
    All are UFA`s at seasons end and could be had for cheap (3rd, mid-lvl prospects).

    Personally I would pick up Calder, he shows flashes of being a Top-6 and would replace a chunk of Sturm`s production

  2. Uncleben says:

    Strongly agree. with all of it.

    in reality tho, only maybe one of them will actually picked up, and they'll all fly under the radar.

    Calder would be a genius fit on the Bs if everything works out smoothly, and if things dont work out, hes UFA, and you wouldnt have had to give anything for him.

    Sullivan could also be one of the best players available if he were to recover well from injury, and return to form

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Boston needs another puckmover IMO so Wideman doesn't have to play every other shift. Eric Brewer is the guy I like.

  4. ncAvalanche21 says:

    I would trade Tyler Arnason to the Bruins for anything. Literally, anything. I wouldn't even care if he miraculously plays well for the Bruins. I dislike his play and want him out of the Avs roster. And so do all Avs fans.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     Go ahead and pick up Tkachuk, that would just guarentee that Boston would fail in the playoffs.

  6. the_word says:

    To Boston: Bouwmeester
    To Florida: 1st round pick in 09, condional 1st round pick in 10

    Boston's should be drafting late anyway. They take a bit of a gamble if Bouwmeester walks to be the front runner for the cup.

  7. UWSensFan says:

    Remember what Pittsburgh gave up for Hossa just last season?  I think it'd take about than that to get J-Bo away from Jacques Martin in Florida.  If his expectations for returns from the Jokinen/Luongo trades are any indication, he'll likely want:
    – Mid to high level prospect
    – Roster player (not necessarily an all-star)
    – 1st round pick

    Personally, I'd not give that up when J-Bo will likely be hitting free agency come July 1st.

  8. leafy says:

    Totally off topic.  Here's an interesting little statistic.

    The Bruins have the top 4 plus/minus players in the NHL: Savard, Wheeler, Wideman, and Krejci.

    Chara is just fifth on the Bruins in plus/minus.  He's only +22.

    Seriously, these stats show that the Bruins have dominated 5-on-5 in the first half.

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