Are The Canucks the most underrated team in the league?

Lot’s of people say the Canucks won’t make the playoffs, there way too denfensive, and it just keeps going on and on. But I think tthis team could easily be a contender for the cup.First I want to talk about the Canucks drafting. Lot’s of people say that Canucks are one of the worst drafting teams in the NHL. Honestly they have made some very bad picks in the first round, but they have to be one of the best teams in the leagues at drafting good players in the 5th, 6th, and 7th rounds, and trading for players drafted in the late rounds that ended up being good players. Jesse Schultz is expected to play with the Sedins twins this year if Markus Naslund or Jan Bulis don’t), and he wasn’t even drafted. Kevin Bieska who was drafted 151 overall is expected to be 5th, or 6th defensemen for the Canucks this year. Matt Cooke was drafted 144 overall and is expected to play on the first or second line this year.

Second of all everyone says the Canucks are a very defensive team, but Marcus Naslund, and the Sedins could be playing on a line, and if so they could each get 90+ points this season, plus they have a very underrated second line, and I think Bulis, and Morrison could each get 75+ points this year, and Matt Cooke might get 60+ points, and i haven’t even mentioned Ryan Kesler, and if he has a breakout season you could expect him to get 70+ points, but for sure he’ll at least get 40 points. Alex Burrows is a good player quick player, so you can expect 30 points from him for sure. Jesse Schultz is probably the Nuck’s number rookie coming into this season, so i think he’ll get 25+ points. Taylor Pyatt could have a breakout season, and he will probaly get 35 points or so and ways. Marc Chouinard will get 30+ points at least, and he will help ALOT on faceoffs.

Next the denfense. This year there won’t be any concern about there denfense, They have probaly the second best goalie in the NHL Roberto Loungo. They have one of the best denfensive dman in the league Willie Mitchell. Mattias Ohlund will need to contribute more ofensively but I think he will and might get 40 to 50 points this season, Sami Salo is big part of the Canuck’s denfense and if he stays healthy this season he might be one of the top goal scoring dman in the game. I’m predicting 20 goals, and 30+ assists. Luc Bourdon is being described as the next Ed Jovanoski, so im guessing that he’ll get 30 to 40 points in his rookie season, and if something happens to Evgeni Malkin this season he will win the Calder award. Lukas Krajicek is described as the best skater in the juniors last year, and is an unbelievable skater.

So I think this team is veery underrated and might finish fifth or sixth in the West this year, but I think they’ll make a suprising run for it.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I expect them to look a lot like Calgary last year. the 3rd and 4th line hve got to get some production in.

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