Are the Habs contenders ?

When was the last time the Montreal Canadiens were ranked 2nd in points in the east…It’s been a hell of a long time. So what do the Habs need to remain contenders in the East ? I would say a power forward and a right handed D-man. So how bout this…

Micheal Ryder, Mikeal Grabovski,Francis Bouillion, 2nd rnd pick
To Dallas for
Phillipe Boucher, Nicklas Hagman

3 way trade

To Edmonton Boyes, Backman, Halak
To St-Louis Koivu, Begin,Dandenault, rights to Yemelin
To Montreal Horcoff-Stortini,St-Louis 2nd round pick

The Habs go into the stretch run like this

Smolinski-Chipchura-Kostopulos (Stortini)



If I was Carbo I would take anyone on

Come on Habs fans…. OPINIONS

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  1. harvey26 says:

    how about dandenault, halak,ryder,yemelin and a 1st rounder and a second round pick to nashville for dumont and Arnott im sure gainey would love arnott and dumont would easily replace ryder

  2. Plekanec says:

      If something (trade) gets done, it has to be done soon! So the player(s) involve in the trade get a chance to get use to their new teams. If Gainey wait until the last minute, we will get nothing but left overs, like always!

      As for Horcoff, I never realized how big and fast he was after watching him last night against Kovalchuck!"IF" Edmonton's ready to trade him,  we should try to make a deal for him! I like both your trade but the reality is Montreal was never known for dealing at the deadline or trade at all! And when we do make a trade we usually get the worst end of it, remember the Roy, Ribiero, Chelios, Leclair ect… where all terrible trades for the habs.

      BTW whatever's on the market is way too expensive for the habs, we should be the one getting rid of some dead wood Ryder, Dandenault, Begin and one of our goalies! Cause why should we give away our future for rental players like Hossa, Sundin, Richards who will cost god knows what next year? Besides I rather watch Andrei Kostitsyn score beautiful goals at $.850 000/year than watching Brad Richards winning a face-off  at $7.800 000/year! Plus we stand better chances to put a winning team together by letting our prospect grow and developed with us!


  3. jeffhabs31 says:

    the oilers wont trade horcoff hes to important to their team

  4. habsrock99 says:

    No offene but your 3-way trade is possibly the biggest joke I've ever seen, or at least Top 5 anyways.

    Just a little thing you should know about Brad Boyes, he is currently sitting 6th in the NHL in goals, behind Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Iginla, Lecavalier and Alfredsson. He has 29 goals and is on pace for 50 goals. Why the hell would the Blues, who are in the Play-Off hunt, trade away a guy who's put them in this situation for Koivu, Begin, Dandenault and Emelin? NOW, factor in that he's playing incredible hockey along-side Paul Kariya and now Andy McDonald and are producing more chemistry then Kostitsyn-Plekanec-Kovalev.

    Also, Edmonton doesn't need a goalie as they already have an ex-Hab in Mathieu Garon, who's playing very well BTW, and they have a somewhat solid Veteran in Dwayne Roloson. Plus, the Oilers have 2 solid Prospects in their system already in Devin Dubnyk and Jeff Deslauriers.

    Now, your Dallas trade isn't as bad however one little note on Niklas Hagman, he is LOVED by his team mates and is putting together a FANTASTIC season. At this moment, he's more valuable then an under-achieving RW, an under-achieving Russian prospect, a midget and a 2nd Round Pick. And Philippe Boucher wouldn't be a very smart move to make because he had shoulder surgery and it's unknown when he'll even be ready to comeback and he is going to be 35 in just over a month. Don't know about you but I'd rather stick with Francis Bouillon and Josh Gorges and I DESPISE both of them and I'd be willing to trade them for a wet nap and a plastic fork from KFC.

    Now, to answer your question about whether or not the Habs are contenders for the Cup, well the answer is "No" because they lack the one thing that makes a team successful come Play-Off time, Play-Off experience. Josh Gorges has more experience then Plekanec and Higgins, so you know you're in trouble. The only thing that will make the Habs contenders is time to grow as a team and making the Play-Offs, which will give them the necessary experience to win. Plus, losing as a team in the 1st Round isn't all bad because you learn from your mistakes and you grow as a team.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    YES I BELIEVE THEY ARE!!and they need to add one or two pieces!and i think they will do some damage in the playoffs!!they are contenders this year and for the next few years!!believe me guys this team will win the stanley cup in the not to distant future!!!

  6. bmisiano says:

    Your Title is the Habs Contenders.
    If they got where they are and are contenders like you say, maybe that's because of the players we have now. Change half the team like you're mentioning would break the whole team chemistry and 3/4 of what u said there is too much of a waste.

  7. lafleur10 says:

    harvey26 this would be a great deal for us but not for nashville!they'd never take halak as they have mason who's proving that he can do the job for them that's why they got rid of vokoun!with ryder being a u.fa. it's doubtful they'd accept him for either arnott,or dumont!emelin i wouldn't be to eager to give him up!the 1st and 2nd r.d picks i'd keep because of the deep draft this year!!but yeah arnott would be the ideal big center we'd need!

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