Are the Habs getting ready to swing some deals?

The Montreal Canadiens brass (GM Pierre Gauthier and consultant Bob Gainey) have fanned out over the Midwest and the West Coast of the U.S., and have been seen at games over the past few days leading to speculation the Habs are getting ready to make a deal. It is a foregone conclusion veteran defenceman Hal Gill will be dealt and likely wingers Travis Moen and Andrei Kostitsyn, as well.

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     If the Habs trade Kostitsyn, it will be worst than the Ribiero trade, on an another team i bet Kostitsyn will become a star!

     Moen, Campoli, Gill should all be gone, hopefully Gauthier manages to trade Kaberle or/and Gionta? Plus montreal need to trade one of their centers, Montreal has 3 centers that are good number twos but i dont think that either Eller, Desharnais or Plekanec can take that team to a stanley cup?
    We keep on hearing PK Subban's name, he's already getting a bad rep and doesn't have the best attitude.

     This years draft should be good for the habs if they keep playing the way they are and if they draft well, not another American Highschool defenceman!

    So I think that the habs should trade most of their assets in return of prospects and draft picks. The habs also need a couple of tough guys.

  2. mapleleafsfan says:

    No one will trade for Gionta with his injury now. Kabbys been playing decent for you guys, still don't know if he has any trade value though. Maybe nearer the end of his contract. I don't think the return you'd get for kostitsyn would be worth it. Probably worth more to you guys than you would receive in a trade. Solid player, but I doubt he'd return a first rounder so there's no point in moving him. 

    Overall trade wise it's pretty crappy for the habs. Not many people with value and the ones that do you don't wanna move. A lot of untradeables there. 
    Gill should get you at least a 2nd. Same with Moen, I'd say 2nd + prospect. Campolis value is pretty low.
    I agree you should look to move one of the centers. Pleks would get you the best return but he's also a very solid center that you probably don't want to trade. I'd hang onto eller too. 
  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Not for rentals.

    I was reading some Hab article and his value made sense. Moen will not go as high as you say…That's overvaluing a rental player that plays third-fourth line game. As well, apparently they want to keep Moen.

  4. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Gauthier needs to be fired now.

    If Derek Roy is rumored to go there…I'm pretty sure they will be buying. Statistically, Montreal can still make a run and with an easier schedule I have a weird feeling Gauthier's going to buy.

    It's hard for Montreal especially to drop…They have a huge gap for that top-spot and they do have Carey Price. He will most likely win this team more games since the others cannot stop a beach ball.

    It will be interesting.

  5. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah if Gill and Moen had one more year on their deals then maybe they go for that, I would say a 3rd rounder for each max.  Maybe they will get lucky and get 2 teams to try and out bid each other, then maybe Montreal gets a 2nd rounder.

  6. reinjosh says:

    If they could get Roy it would be huge for them. They have added some nice size with Bourque and Cole and having a legit number 1 center (albeit it of lower quality than ideal). They could make it interesting. 

    It will be interesting to watch what they do. And yeah Gauthier should be fired.
  7. reinjosh says:

    Dominic Moore is semi-comparable to Moen and has gotten a 2nd in the 2009, 2010 trade deadlnes. So I don't think a 2nd is out of the question. Probably unlikely but a team might overpay for Moen. 

  8. Steven_Leafs says:

    interesting point, some team could very easily overpay for Gill or Moen. Moore was no where near worth a 2nd IMO. 2nd rounders are more valuable this season so I still think they wont get that much for them but it is definitely possible.

  9. mapleleafsfan says:

    Yea maybe I'm overvaluing them a bit.. People always seem to go for too much at the deadline, but maybe just a 3rd each. I could see teams trying to bid for Gil though. He's painful to watch move around but he gets the job done. Good depth/pk defenceman. 

  10. HABSSTAR says:

    AK is gone.  Or at least he'd better be gone.  He's a 20 goal man, but he's going to want 30 or 50 goal man money.  Bullshit.  Ship his lazy ass out.  Will he eventually be a 30-50 goal man…doubt it, and I'm tired of bloated contracts for underperforming guys.  Any long term deal for this guy will be an anchore, he's motivated this year because it's a contract year and he's still had too many brain dead games to count. 

    I'd sooner keep Moen if he's not looking for crazy money for his skill set.  Poor guy works his ass off and is the de facto fighter on the team and does everthing asked of him and then some.  There needs to be an attitude change in Montreal and these are the types of guys we need to start keeping. 

    As for Gill, Campoli, Gionta, Gomez, Pleks, Weber.  IF there's someone willing to take them then make it happen. 

  11. albertateams says:

    What do think the Sabers would be looking for from a Roy trade. He's a decent player when healthy but injuries have to be a concern. 

  12. reinjosh says:

    I'm not really sure. Trading him hurts their depth so I would imagine they would need a center back. I'm not exactly sure Montreal is in a position to trade any of their decent centers away. 

    Maybe Eller, their 1st, and Emelin? I don't know, is that enough?
    It would hurt their center position still but they would have a nice potential one-two with Adam and Eller going forward. 
    Plus they would all but guarantee a top 5 pick this year to help improve the team. Vanek, Adam, Eller, Pominville, Stafford and Leino (hopefully with a better season next year) is a pretty decent start. The defense is pretty set with Regehr, Myers, Ehrhoff, Sekera. Goaltending is perfect (yeah I'm not a fan of Miller as a top 5 goalie, but he's a great starter to have. He's better than average). Him and Enroth are a good tandem.
    Go into the draft and grab Forsberg hopefully? Get a nice forward with size. 
    They need to make a few changes. Nothing huge but something to show the roster that complacency won't stand and to add some new blood, clear some salary. Roy for Eller isn't amazing but it would be a good place to start.  
  13. Steven_Leafs says:

    highly doubt that 1st is included, no way Roy is worth a possible top 5 pick AND Eller. Even if Montreal improves greatly and has a shot at the playoffs I still cannot see that 1st included. (I would like it if Buffalo can get it though. lol)

    Eller, Emelin, 2nd at best for Roy IMO.

  14. HABSSTAR says:

    Do you think maybe some of PK's attitude comes from being asked to play 25 mins a night in his second full year in the league with no help and, almost forgot this point, do it all flawlessly…

    While it can't explain all of it I think it explains some of it. 

  15. albertateams says:

    Yeah I agree I doubt they can get the 1st. I just don't really see a great fit for Roy to MTL. I wonder if Nashville could have some interest?

  16. reinjosh says:

    It depends on how desperate Gauthier is or how much he is fighting for his job. Getting a top line center would be a coup for him (and would very much gain a lot of love for him with the fans) and he might just overpay for it (although I'm not sure giving up a 1st for PPG player is overpaying).

    Getting Roy improves the team a lot. Maybe they put in a condition. 2012 1st rounder, top 5 protected (or top 10). If it's top 5, top 10 it moves to 2013. Something similar to what happened with the Blues/Avs last year.
    To be honest, I would not let Roy go without getting a 1st rounder back. So maybe albertateams is right, they probably aren't great trade partners. 
  17. reinjosh says:

    Maybe. I think they might be more interested in a bigger guy. There offensive size isn't exactly huge. But it could make some sense. They need a top line guy and getting one would be nice. If Radulov comes back you have a nice center for him.

    I think they might be more interested in a guy that can score though. Outside of Hornqvist, they have mainly two-way guys or playmakers. They need some finishing skill. So it would really depend on the status of Radulov. 
  18. Steven_Leafs says:

    at top 10 protected then I can see it, it would make more sense to insist on the 1st since they are not desperate to move Roy.

    Hell if the rumor to Price wanting 7M+ a year is true then I would love to see a Miller for Price swap.

    To Buffalo:


    To Montreal:


    so not going to happen. lol.

  19. Habfan17 says:

    At this point, I would rather that Gauthier and Gainey be let go! I am not confident that a) they will get proper value in return and b) they will trade the right players.

    Chicago has said that they want a 2nd line centre and a defenceman. I would send Plekanec to them for Beach and a 3rd round pick.

    I used to say no way when someone mentioned trading Subban, but given his attitude and play, it may not be a bad thing.

    I would also send Weber and Pulashaj to San Jose for Petrecki.

    LA lost some size down the side, so trade Kostitsyn and Moen for Bernier, yes Bernier!

    Trade Price to New Jersey for Parise

    Trade Subban to Columbus for Carter.

    Trade Gill, Campoli, Nokelainan, and Kaberle for anything they can get. They should be able to get a solid 3rd line winger and some picks. Then trade Gionta during the off season ad make Gorges Captain.

    Next season Montreal will have a few defencemen available from the Universities and have some offensive minded ones like Beaulieu who will be ready soon. ith a year under their belts, Emelin and Diaz will be better, maybe Markov is back next season and there will be some free agents they can sign to fill in for a year, maybe two while Tinordi and Beaulieu and developing. With Cole, Bourque, Carter, Pacioretty, Parise, Eller, Desharnais, Blunden and eventually White, the forward lines would be pretty solid and balanced. Add in Beach and Petrecki and the size and grit will also be in place. This way, if Gallagher does as well at camp next season, there would only be two "undersized" forwards on the club.

    The team would be younger and when they get together for camp next season under a coach to be named later, they will have a clean slate and overall be a better team than they are now. Bernier may not be as good as Price will be, but he will be good enough. With Parise and Bernier, Quebec would be better represented and with Beaulieu and Bournival coming along, and with Desharnias and Leblanc, the Habs will finally have some home province talent again. I know Parise is American, but I believe his father is from Quebec.

  20. Habfan17 says:

    Trading Kostitsyn would nt be anything like trading Ribero. Kostitsyn is in a contract year and is still not playing to the level of talent that he has. With his size and skill, he should be a dominant player every game and he still is not. Look at the non contract seasons and he never has played consistantly. As long as Gauthier, if he is GM at that point, doesn't screw up and give him away, they would be better off trading him, probably in a package.

  21. Habfan17 says:

    I agree, I would add Subban to your list of tradeable players, although I would not have said that earlie this season. There are a couple of play off contenders who really want a 2nd line centre and Plakanecs would probably get a good return for the Habs. Chicago is one of them and Kyle Beach would be a great addition, a Milan Lucic type although I don't think he pulls the same cowardly bull that Lucic does.

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