Are the Leafs interested in Fleury? Or….the Blackhawks?


With $5 or $6 million left on the table from the fruitless Curtis Joseph negotiations, the Maple Leafs could probably sign Fluery, plunk him on the first line with Mats Sundin and wait for the explosion, good or bad.

“We have talked to his agent,” Leaf executive Bill Watters said. “I don’t want to make it seem like we’re disinterested…”

It falls to someone else to give Theo Fleury a chance. No one knows whether he will make his life work, least of all Fleury, but there is hope. There’s always hope for the Theo Fleurys.

Which team do you think Fleury will or should go to?Theo Fleury To Become A Black Hawk???

According to a Quebec radio station, the Chicago BlackHawks would be closer than any other team in the ”Theo Fleury Derby”…

I didn’t look over on the internet if any other site were talking about this but it comes from the same radio station that had the scoop on Patrick Roy’s not going to the olympics last year so it becomes an interresting story.

My question is: Are the Blackhawks believing they can fill the spot left by the departure of Tony Amonte by adding Sergei Berezin and Theo Fleury into their lineup??

I don’t think any of these 2 guys can fill the leadership Amonte’s was bringing to the table but they would become (in my humble opinion) a legitimate playoff contender. (see, i did not say ”CUP contender”, just PLAYOFFS which means they could make the playoffs again this year)


Marco’s (Lint07)

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  1. Rotty says:

    Blackhawks GM Mike Smith probably won’t sign Fleury unless he comes dirt cheap, because afterall he’s not russian!

    Fleury should be signed by the Leafs, it only makes sense with Roberts out half the year and Fleury playing with the same intensity. And he will come cheaper than Amonte would have seeing as how they don’t want to pay these types of players any more than they payed Mogilny last year!

  2. mikster says:

    I’m sticking with the Blackhawks here. Seems to me that Toronto is thinking about Fleury, but not as willing to sign him as the Hawks. Blackhawks seriously need to replace Amonte, and Fleury is the best choice.

    Fleury is going to the Hawks, and Cassels to the Blue Jackets.

  3. bluntman says:

    leafs need a backup goalie, badly, end of story.

  4. Amazingoilers says:

    About a week ago I posted a rumor here that talked about Fleury going to Edmonton. Why they didn’t post it on this site I’ll never know (Guess it wasn’t as important as that guys Dark Horses Part 1/2) Anyways, Fleury wants to go to a team that will have great support for him regarding his personal issues and Edmonton has that. He would also be reunited with Mike York to give the Oilers 2 1st lines. Comrie, Carter, Smyth, and York, Dopita and Fleury would be awesome. He’ll still command about $4 mill, but if the Oilers move a couple guys on forward they can do it. With Rita, Hemsky and Chimera looking ready for the club some of the forwards that make between 1-2 mill can be moved. Who it will be if this happens is anyones guess. I heard this rumor a couple times and don’t be suprised if Lowe talks Fleury into coming to Edmonton. Lowe has known Fleury along time since the Old Flame-Oiler rivalries, not to mention Lowe was 2nd in command on the past olypmics that Fleury played a big part in. Anyways it would be sweet if this does happen!

  5. Gold says:

    I’m not sure at all Alex Hemsky is ready for the NHL. He was not dominant last year with the Olympic de Hull

  6. mikster says:

    Well i have to be honest with you. I looked at it and i wanted to look at it again a few minutes later but i accidentally deleted it. I went kinda crazy and i was trying to look for some info on teh CREW. I didn’t find anything and i contacted some people who couldn’t fnd anything as well. SO, in the end i didn’t post it, well i couldn’t post it. Sorry about that, but really….i doubt the Oilers would get Fleury.

    Tell me more info about The Crew, and when you want to post a rumor, make sure your source is more informative. So, don’t just say THe CREW….give a bit more than that.

    Micki Peroni


  7. Lint07 says:

    I Y D

    (In Your Dreams)

  8. Lint07 says:

    Yay for Micki!!!

    I had to whine a bit (see Cassels going to Anaheim article) but you finally post my article.

    I’ve been posting here for a while and my articles were always close to reality. I think you guys should make yourself a list of all the ”long-time users” and post their articles everytime they write some, THEN double-check all the articles from all the new users (such as ”Overrated players” article…. see what I mean 🙂 )

    Anyways, Thanx Micki.

  9. r_milley says:

    What Hull team were you watching? When he played a game in Cape Breton he was the most dominant player on the ice and was probably the most dominant of all the visiting players here last year.

  10. laurie says:

    GOD NO!

    I don’t want Fleury going to a trash club like Toronto.He’s one of my favourite players. He won’t achieve nothing in Toronto. Look at what they did to poor Anders Eriksson. He used to be good,now he’s trash. Same will happen to Fleury.Come on Avs,sign him already.Chicago is a possibility,what about Atlanta?They’re spending,maybe Anaheim too.

    He’s better off going to Europe than playing for Toronto.

  11. chewy says:

    Fleury is one of my favorite players as well, but I disagree with you, I think Theo would do well in Toronto. Roberts has a good possitive impact on players, and being an old friend and teammate of leury will certainly help with the problems Theo has been going through. Even if Roberts has to do it from the bench the first half of the year. Eriksson was not an NHL star so to compare what happened to him in Toronto is not fair. They would hardly send Theo to the minors for the better part of the year. Look at Mogilny and Roberts, they have done extremely well in Toronto and I think the same would be for Fleury. I truly think that Calgary would be the best fit for him, he is not in the spot light there, and as he mentioned at his charity golf tournament last weekend, he is sick of the spotlight and wants out of it. Colorado, Chicago and New York are not good places for that, in Chicago, everyone will expect him to replace Amonte, on Broadway, well enough said about bright lights, and in Colorado he will be exected to be on the top line with Sakic and that is also huge skates to fill. I think Calgary, a small market club in the West is a good place for a year away from the bright lights and camera’s. Theo has a lot of good years left in him if he can get back on track, I really hope he does.

  12. Aetherial says:

    I wonder if Calgary can afford Iginla and Fleury with only 9900 seasons tickets sold so far this year.

  13. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I don’t see it happening. It would surprise me if they could afford Iginla, let alone both of them.

    If Iginla ends up being traded, then Fluery may play for Calgary, but even then, I still can’t see it happening. Unless Fluery took a HUGE pay-cut, and played for 2-3 million.

    I think he’ll end up in Chicago, Toronto, or Phoenix.

  14. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    IMO, the following are the most likely destinations for Fluery.



    With a little unknown friend by the name of “Wayne” (I’ve never heard of him either 😉 in the front office, Fluery may be lured to play in Phoenix. “Wayne” was a big supporrter of him at the Olympics, and I can see him being part of the “support system” that people always talk about Fluery needing.

    Tied for 2nd:


    From what I hear there are ties between Fluery and the coach, which could lure him to play there. There have also been a few articles that have said that Chicago is the front-runner. We shall see.

    Toronto. Roberts is a former teammate of

    Fluery and could have a very positive impact on Fluery. Roberts is a fitness guru and a real good guy in general. The influence of Roberts of Fluery could really help. Fluery has said that he really wants to have a good season again, and put behind all the problems he’s had. An old teammate like Roberts may be what he needs.

  15. Modano_Fan says:

    Does anyone really think he’ll end up with Toronto? Maybe he’ll play on a line with Guerin and Amonte? Oh wait,they didnt end up in Toronto did they? Come on,when it comes to big name talent they always end up in Toronto-for road games. If Flurey can get a good offer from ANYONE but Toronto,that’s where he’ll be. I say he goes to either Chicago or Phoenix. If San Jose was going to make a move, they probably would have by now. And Toronto can try to get him all they want,but they’ll be a long shot considering you could put together and all star team with the players that left town/wouldnt come to town there.

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