Are the Players Sellouts? Players who Sign With European Clubs

As is reporting,

the list of NHL players running off to Europe is now at 178.

Question: Do you think that it is unfair to have players sign contracts with European clubs while the NHL is under lockout? Do you think that it kind of compromises the players position and enforces the greed aspect of professional sports, or do you think that it is a clever bargaining tool to try to force the owners into a resolution?In my opinion, the players who sign overseas are selling out themselves and their fellow hockey players. What gives a player the right to play somewhere else and collect a paycheck during a work stoppage? I know that some of you will argue that they are free agents because their contractual obligations are expired in the NHL, but I see the players who bolt to the European leagues as traitors in the sense that they are ensuring themselves a paycheck rather than fighting for the almighty players association cause and taking the easy road. (For the record I personally side with the owners in this current work stoppage). Let me know what you think, in this my first HTR article!