Are the Sabres shopping Biron???

The Buffalo News is reporting that the Sabres may be looking to trade goalie Martin Biron for some injury relief. One hot rumor that surfaced this week was the possibility of trading Biron to the Panthers for Ed Belfour and Gary Roberts. Although it was shot down quickly by all parties this trade may make some real sense.

Biron is taking a positive approach to the trade rumors and is not letting them get to him. This makes good sense as anything can happen and things seem to shift quite quickly in the NHL lately.

Besides the Panthers, the article does not suggest other possible teams that may have interest in Biron but you would have to think that a team like the Kings would be showing some serious interest because of their lack of depth in goal.

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9 Responses to Are the Sabres shopping Biron???

  1. mikster says:

    I’d love to have Martin Biron, but he is a UFA and it’s not worth trading assets for a UFA player. If he agrees to a contract that the Panthers indirectly offer him before confirming the trade, then fine by me.

  2. tacitus says:

    Who wants Ed Belfour lol???

  3. etainia says:

    How about Biron to Avalanche for Milan Hejduk?

  4. TheDonkey says:

    Nothing says, "Trade me right f*%@!in now!" like a goalie sporting a plain white mask.  

  5. Raaper says:

    I would do this in a minute. I would even through Theo and Klee in for a cheaper stay at home defense man like Lyndman

  6. nukleball36 says:

    his mask is white because the one he had painted didnt fit and he's waiting for it to get shipped back from europe so he can wear the painted one…it should be here in the next couple weeks…as much as biron wants to be a starter, he wants to be apart of a potential stanley cup winning team more like the sabres, not the panthers – then again, he really doesnt have too much of a say

  7. nukleball36 says:

    as hejduk is sweet, i wouldnt do it because we need a goalie back in return

  8. leaferdude2 says:

    i hate to burst your bubble but,i doubt either one of those teams would take biron.he's a fantastic tender if you ask me but, he's a UFA this summer and he has already expressed his interest in going to a i don't think he'd re-sign with a rebuilding team like LA and i seriously doubt he'd want to stay with an organization that hasn't been going in the right direction since they made the finals in their first year in the both these teams would really be throwing away people for nothing.even if rentals are just going the other way.

  9. canadiensfan2007 says:

    i say they should get rid of him while they can and stalk up fonext year….take a player like huet and trade him for biron and maybe through a few draft picks in here and there! its a guarentee that huet will be back byplayoffs and buffalo is already a guarenteed team!!so why not i ask? perfection but its to bad no one actually looks at these thoughts of us lower class high brained people!

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