Are the Sens For Real?

With recent lopsided victories, the senators have caught the eye of everybody around the NHL…With an abundance of offense, good goaltending, and solid defense, could this group of players be this generation’s 1980s Edmonton Oilers? or will they continue to choke in the playoffs like they have the last several years????

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  1. FlyersFanForever says:

    Ok, I’d thrown in a snickers bar too.

  2. SensfanVone says:


    Im glad they aren’t.

  3. drewblue says:

    Referring to the article i don’t think the sens are going to be the edmonton oilers of the 80’s. In the current era of hockey I cannot really forsee a team winning 3-4 cups in a single decade. The Senators are looking damn good this year though. As a die hard leaf fan i hope the senators, or any canadian team, can bring ole Stanley north of the border.

  4. TheCrosbyShow says:

    Will they choke in the playoffs? Thats what your thread is all about? You must be proud it was posted…cause I dont see anything thats worth posting in it.

  5. N25philly says:


  6. cgolding says:

    yeah… the Flyers are going to trade Handzus to Ottawa… Cole isn’t going anywhere either…

  7. muckies says:

    You as a Flyers fan are saying the sens need to toughen up when after the Sens smoked the flyers in the second round a couple of years ago (o.k. you had a bum in net) but hitchcoke said his team just couldn’t win the one on one battles down low with ottawa’s big defencemen and in his own end with their forwrads because the flyers D wasn’t big enough. So they go out and get 3 big defencemen.

    don’t say this team needs to toughen up, they need timely scoring in the playoffs and thats it.

  8. muckies says:

    Yeah, hasek said he wants to play for a couple of years so they will sign him next year unless he wants 5-6 million. If he comes back for a 2-4 million they will be able to fit him in.

    look for the sens to go after a veteran leader like Doug weight instead of Cole or handzus who are on playoff teams and in there own division. muckler doesn’t trade within the same conference so he will have to get a ceneter froma non playoff western team and weight is gone from st. Louis next year and he wouild be a good second line center for this team.

  9. muckies says:

    You’re an idiot, the team doesn’t have much playoff experience, they’ve got more then the leafs, a Stanley cup winning goalie

  10. canadaownshockey says:

    right on very well said, I agree with everything

  11. EmptyNetter says:

    A dynasty will be difficult to maintain in this new CBA era. Ask Tampa Bay. Who ever thought they’d be trailing Carolina and playing .500 hockey this year?

  12. Tweek says:

    last time i checked pentalties are part of the game so yeah the flyers did mess with them but I really dont see the flyers beating the sens in the playoffs because of the hasek factor

  13. EmptyNetter says:

    I’m not a fan and I’m not a hater, but yeah. The Sens always do well in the regular season. And the better they do the deeper they’re expected to go in the playoffs. All eyes will be on them this season.

    The comparison to 80’s Oilers is a good one. Gretzky said that the first time Edmonton faced the Islanders in the Finals they thought they had a really talented team and would do well, but got swept. It wasn’t until he saw the amount of effort the Islanders put in that he realized where his team was lacking. Ottawa has tons of talent but let’s see if they figured out the rest.

  14. CSakicGAP says:

    They have to ride the bikes to work the lactic acids out of their muscles so they dont get stiff or sore and then you end up putting them on some IR for two weeks.

  15. SensfanVone says:

    Ahh Crosby show we meet again you always criticize a post but you never say anything constructive……:)

  16. muckies says:

    Tampa as a Dynasty my ass, this isn’t a Dynasty.

    the Oilers, the islanders those are dynasty’s.

    tampa is about 2 more cups away from even getting the dynasty lable.

  17. EmptyNetter says:

    Your ass is a Dynasty?

    Would it make a difference if I said “Who would have thought Carolina would be ahead of New Jersey?” Or do you just want to talk about your ass?

  18. Marky2Fresh says:

    Belfour has won a cup.


  19. Marky2Fresh says:

    He’s just mad AO is kicking Crosby’s ass in goals.

  20. muckies says:

    O.K. O.K., you got me, i didn;t want to talk about hockey I wanted to talk about ass- and my ass in particular.

    I thought this was, did you hear that J-Lo’s ass was traded by Sony to Fox for Halle Berry ass’s and 2 spanks on Queen Latifa’s ass? I wouldn’t have made that trade, J-Lo’s ass is so good in the back-end, probably the best in the world, Halle Berry’s ass is good, but doesn’t have the size and intimidation factor that J-lo’s does.

    I think Fox won that trade.

  21. WYflyerfan says:

    You have to win something before you compare them to a team like that. They blew out the Leafs and Sabres. That does not make a dynasty. Keep in mind they lost the game between those blow outs. I think they are definitely one of the top teams. They have also been good for several years and did nothing in the playoffs. In case you did not know there are other teams that are blowing teams away besides Ottawa and they are not claiming to be great. These blow out are going to change by the end of the year there will be less penalties called.

  22. TheCoach says:

    Penalties have had nothing to do with the Ottawa blowouts.

    7 of the 8 goals Ottawa scored on Toronto were even strength and 8 of 10 against Buffalo were even strength goals.

  23. WYflyerfan says:

    You are still talking about the Leafs and Sabres. Montreal is the only real team that they have beaten. The rest of those teams are like 1 game over 500. Lets see them blow out Detroit, carolina, philly, or hell even the Rangers then you can start calling the a great team. Until we get further into the season you can’t make any calls. Ottawa right now is a healthy team. If you look at alot of these teams there are alot of injuries. There’s Toronto, Boston, Philly, NJ. Ottawa is in a good position right now. Wait until they start getting injuries and see how they play. Oh the 3 goals they had in the loss to Philly were on the Power Play.

  24. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    grey cup a couple of years back

  25. nhand says:

    Easy muckies. I didn’t say Ottawa isn’t tough. I said they need to be more consistent in that department. That will make them a much more effective team, especially come playoff time. Consistent physcial play leads to good things like turnovers (we all know what Ottawa can do with a turnover…can you say lights out?). Lack of consistent physical play has also factored into unnecessary early exits for Ottawa in series against Toronto. The Flyers consistent physical play against Toronto is what has seen them through in the last two years.

    You do bring up a good point in that they need timely scoring. Yes they do, and so does everyone else in the playoffs. That’s why the Devils weret so successful for years (besides that trap thing). I agree with you there, but it’s not the only thing. Don’t forget the physical stuff!

    On your Flyers comments…the Sens didn’t beat the Flyers back in 2002 using their physicality (laugh…laugh…smirk). The Flyers were smoked by a hungry, quick-puck moving, solid defensive team. I don’t remember any of the Flyers crying about how they had been physically abused in that series (except maybe the mad Czech goaltender…ha…ha!) The 2003 second round exit courtesy of Ottawa was again due to a hungry, quick-puck moving, solid defensive team. Not physical play. In fact, the Flyers haven’t been beat in the playoffs by a superior physcial effort since before their first cup in 1973-1974. The Flyers have been beaten in the last few years by the quicker, hungrier, puck-moving teams. Ottawa in 2002, 2003 and Tampa Bay in 2004.

    I don’t think Flyers forwards have struggled in the past with with the physical part of the game. They struggle with quickness and more importantly, moving the puck quickly (the skill factor). I don’t mean to discredit the fine defensemen that Ottawa possess, but they didn’t beat the Flyers with physical play. They beat the Flyers to the puck and made that first (all so important) pass out of their own zone before the Flyers could get in to forecheck. Quick puck movement is the key to beat the Flyers (it takes a Flyers fan to know this…I watch every game…I know what the Flyers weaknesses are).

    So what do the Flyers do to combat the reason they’ve lost in the playoffs the last 3 years? They sign 3 big defensemen (Hatcher, Rathje, and Therien). As a fan I’m skeptical of this one, especially since none of the three are what I’d call a top puck mover (the new NHL demands this!). However, let’s not forget that the Flyers also have 4 other defensemen that can skate and move the puck well (Desjardins, Johnsson, Pitkanen, and Seidenberg). So I think the Flyers not only have the size they will need to handle the big forwards they might face in the playoffs (Lecavlier, Heatley, Spezza, Thorton, etc), but they also have the speed to deal with the likes of quicker guys (Alfredsson, Havlat, Richards, St. Louis, etc). There is some thinking going on there on GM Bob Clarke’s part (I have my moments of doubt, but in Bob Flyers fans trust). We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out. It seemed to work well in the Flyers win up in Ottawa last week. I was surprised by the effort on Ottawa’s part…I know they played the night before…that’s what happens in the playoffs.

    That’s only one game though. I can’t wait to see Flyers/Sens again. I can only hope that is a conference final matchup in the playoffs this year. Then we’ll see what it takes for the best team to advance.

  26. nhand says:

    Nice comments. However, the Sens shouldn’t being choosing to be physical when the game dictates. They should be physcial and dictate the game and they should do this on a consistent basis. Even in the new NHL, the physical play is important. I think we’ll see it more come playoff time. Picture this…Ottawa not only plays its hungry, good defense, quick-puck moving game, but also add the physical component to every game. Sorry, I wouldn’t want to play them. That’s a complete team.

    Also, I’m not so worried about them necessarily running Hasek over (I should have clarified that). I’m worried how he’ll react to a great deal of traffic in front. They don’t have to literally run him over to have success, just stand on his toes a bit. He is a smaller goalie and might have trouble contending with this. Teams have had success in the past against him playing this way.

    Which center would you like to see Ottawa get? Any ideas? I’ll keep an eye on Mesaros and Volchenkov the next time I watch the Sens. Thanks for giving me the names.

    Enjoy those Sens. I can’t wait until the Flyers play them again. Nothing like having a good measuring stick to see where your team is.

  27. thatleafsguy says:

    ………………………………..i stand corrected……………………………………………

  28. muckies says:

    I agree for me, the Sens-Flyers playoff matchups are the best of the playoffs, it’ll be even better with our new Coach Murray.

    the one thing i’d say about your team compared to ours, is we have the goaltending advantage, and you have the best player in forsberg.

    Everything else is even, and there is lots of pressure.

  29. nhand says:

    Have to give you the goaltending advantage. Hasek has proven himself and won a cup. Esche has played well in the last two years, but two years isn’t quite enough to annoint him a top goaltender. Still, I’m more comfortable with Esche than Chechmanek or Burke : ) I’m also excited about the future of Flyers goaltending in Antero Nittymaki. He played extremely well in the AHL last year. Could be a few years away though.

    What is the pressure like on the team in Ottawa? I assume they lead off the sports news in town, are discussed on every radio program, expected to win the cup, etc. The Flyers are, at best, the number two team when it comes to sports talk in Philly (Eagles are number 1). The pressure is there for the Flyers. It’s been a long time since winning a cup. The team looks like it has the personnel, but it will be interesting to see if they can put it all together.

    In the meantime, I love watching the Sens play on the Center Ice package. Spezza, Alfredsson, and Heatley are just incredible. What was Atlanta thinking with that trade? Hossa is a great player, but Heatley brings so much more to the table. Could be one of the pieces Ottawa needs to take the step to hockey immortality.

    Of course I hope that doesn’t happen. Best of luck!

  30. habswinthecup-again says:

    Almost any Eastern team would skate the RedWings under the ice. The only teams that they would have a chance against would be the Flyers and the Leafs, and neither of those teams will get near the Cup Finals.

  31. TheCoach says:

    The combined record of the teams that Ottawa has beaten is 35-23.

    And Montreal is the only real team they’ve beaten? I guess beating the defending Stanley Cup Champs twice doesn’t count.

  32. TheCoach says:

    Ottawa is definately for real. They have arguably the best core of forwards in the league, the best core of defenseman and Hasek is playing like he’s one of the best goalies in the NHL.

    These people who say, “Oh, they’ve lost in the playoffs before, so they won’t win” are just stupid. First off, this is a very different team with a different philosophy. Secondly, many teams have gone through growing pains before winning the big one. Look at all the struggles the Red Wings had in the early and mid 90’s before they won it all. Even the mighty Oilers got swept by the Islanders before becoming champs.

    Every team goes through it, and if you use this argument against Ottawa, you also have to use it against Philly, Vancouver, etc.

  33. rojoke says:

    They’ll play the Canucks on December 9.

  34. dcz28 says:

    lol Yeah right any team from the east would skate the Wings under the ice…you really dont have a clue when it comes to the Wings do you…have you even seen the Wings play this year? my guess is no…sure the east is stronger right now but dont think the Wings cant compete with any teams from the east since they have great skill and speed with a top rated PP and PK and just incase your wondering who on the Wings is fast here it is: Draper, Maltby, Cleary, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Samuelsson, Kronvall, Woolley and Williams just to name a few…dont be fooled this Wings team can skate with the fastest teams in the league not to mention their skill level

  35. dcz28 says:

    Oh ok i see what you meant now but traffic infront of the net is a problem for every team in the new NHL and players can’t do much without taking a penalty now

    As for Mesaros you probably don’t know him because he is a rookie (just turned 20 years old) he is 6’2 208 pounds and has good speed, good passer and is very smart (he looks like a veteran out there) he weirs #14 and i think the way he is playing everyone will know him soon enough

    Volchenkov #24 (6’1 237 pounds) is young(24 years old) fast and gives hard open ice hits and that is why his nickname is “The A-Train” in Ottawa…players better keep their heads up when he is on the ice but he has missed the last couple of games with an injury

    I am a Wings fan first (have been since berfore the Sens came to Ottawa) but since i live in Ottawa i’ve seen all the Sens games for the last few years and know the team and how it plays very well and they remind me of the Wings with all the great seasons and playoff failures like the Wings had in the early 90’s but the Wings overcame that and won the cup so i think (hope) the Sens can do the same

    For centres i would like to see Brad Richards with the Sens (i know that will never happen) but he would be exactly what they need since he has proven he can contribute in the playoffs and would make this team almost unbeatable….but being more realistic i think they might get a guy like Doug Weight at the trade deadline or a guy like him since they have a young team…maybe Keith Primeau would fit lol just kidding lol i dont think the Sens and Flyers will be trading again anytime soon since the Daigle trade i think was the only trade they have made together

    Like you i can’t wait to see the next game between them since it should be a good one

  36. WYflyerfan says:

    Tampa is not playing well at all. They are no where near the team they were 2 years ago. They will get better but right now I would not call them top team. They are playing streaky, like toronto. They will play a good game then follow it up with a clunker. Like I said you can’t call any team great after just 12 games. We will see in about 3 months where they stand…..

  37. SensfanVone says:

    I hope they got it figured out!!

  38. SensfanVone says:

    According to people on this site…….

    Washington beat the leafs so in there mind that means the caps are gonna be the champs because they got past the great leafs.

  39. SensfanVone says:


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