Are there any interesting players out there for the Stars to add?

As we referenced earlier, the Stars are in jeopardy of slipping beneath the salary cap floor when healthy, and are looking for a player to add who could help the team and boost the payroll.

So who could be available?

It appears that for a new player to help the floor situation, he would have to make $1.2 million or more a year. Young winger Tomas Vincour is on a two-way contract, so he would be the candidate to move to the AHL to make way for a more expensive player. Because Vincour makes $800,000 a year and because the Stars could fall about $300,000 under the floor (it’s a complicated formula in which that number changes daily, but that’s pretty close), the Stars need to add a pretty healthy paycheck.

So this is going to be tough for Joe Nieuwendyk.

Mike Grier is familiar to Stars fans, playing with San Jose for three seasons. he spent the last two with Buffalo and was solid last season with 5 goals and 11 assists in 73 games. He’s 36 and is a right-handed shot, so he fits.

John Madden would definitely add a veteran presence . He has won three Stanley Cups, most recently with Chicago in 2010. He played last season with Minnesota and had 12 goals, 13 assists in 76 games. He’s a left-handed center, and the Stars are thick with left-handed centers, but you take what you get at this time of year. Madden is 38, and that’s probably why he hasn’t been signed yet, but he’s been a very durable player.

Sergei Samsonov would bring some scoring to the top six , and he should be motivated. He’s only 32 and appears to have washed out in the NHL after playing for six different teams. Still, he had 40 points (13 goals and 27 assists) in 78 games with Carolina and Florida last season and is a right-handed shot. He lives in the Detroit area and wanted a tryout with the Red Wings. It would be a risk, but he does have a bit of a high-end payoff if he puts it together.

6 Responses to Are there any interesting players out there for the Stars to add?

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think Bozak would be a good fit. Young guy, decent player at reasonable salary with potential. They could probably have him for a halfassed pick as both teams would be helping each other.

  2. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Stupid Question.

    Is McCabe signed yet? They could take him if not.
  3. alpalstewart says:

    Omark and Gagner are on the trading block. we need a top 4 defender so perhaps goligoski or trevor daley will be made available

  4. alpalstewart says:

    oh i forgot to add that Gagner is a right handed shot, but we want a right handed shot defencemen, and thats goligoski. 

  5. mojo19 says:

    Do they really need both McCabe and Souray? Also Souray is off to a hot start, already with 3 points early in the year, he provides that big slow lug on the back end, but he will play physical, bring some offense, and of course has that big clapper for the PP. McCabe would have to play 2nd unit, but maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea.

    I think JP Dumont would be a good UFA signing for the Stars. He's a good two-way winger and I think he's still got a couple years of really good hockey left in him.

  6. senators_choke says:

    Would be a good move for Bozak.

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