Are They Underrated Or Overrated?

When I’m watching, or thinking about hockey there is just one thing that really annoys me……. And that’s when a player or a team is under or overrated. So I just wanted to post you those players or teams and if you want, you can write back and tell me what you think…..

First I’ll start with the underrated players:

Ryan Malone-Penguins

Has put up 21 goals and 17 assists for the worst team in the league, and it’s only his first year! On top of that they haven’t even mentioned this guy for Rookie Of The Year. Sure Michael Ryder will probably get it, but I don’t see any other guys besides Trent Hunter with more points than Malone, and someone has to challenge Ryder for it. Malone is third in points for rookies, and imagine how many points he’d get if he was playing for top teams like Tampa, Toronto, Ottawa, Philly, Detroit and Colorado instead of the lowly Penguins. So I think he is definitely underrated and should be nominated for Rookie Of The Year.

Eric Lindros-Rangers

Before you disagree with me let me just give out some reasons why. This guy may have like 10 concussions but he’s playing pretty damn well with them. Played only 39 games this season and has 32 points, that’s not really close to 1 point a game but it’s pretty close and right now there’s only 12 players in the league out of about 800 that can do that. Plus this guy has the heart to play. He’s one of the few guys who aren’t in it for the money, he’s after the Cup. And that’s why he’s still playing. All you Ranger fans shouldn’t boo him, that’s just pathetic!

Kevin Weekes-Hurricanes

Whenever I see this guy play he makes amazing saves, and always has a good outing. The only reason he hardly ever wins is because he has a team in front of him that can’t score. If you can’t score, then you can’t win it’s simple. Kevin Weekes would make teams like Philly, Colorado, and New York Rangers better because they need a goalie, and I think this is the guy to get.

Ladislav Nagy-Coyotes

Among the top ten scorers in the league and he’s only earning 1 million? That’s less than almost every all star player. This guy should ask for a raise and I mean big time.

Overrated Players:

Marian Gaborik-Wild

Sure he posted up a 60 point season, it was luck, and I haven’t seen him do it again and now he’s asking for a raise? Minnesota should get rid of him as fast as they can.

Alexei Yashin-Islanders

Do I even have to tell you why?

Shayne Corson-Stars

I thought this would be a great addition to the Leafs when they got him. He held off Yashin for a year and then didn’t do it again. He didn’t get points and he was always whining. I was glad they got rid of him. I haven’t seen do anything for the Stars either. I just don’t see this guy as NHL material anymore.

Robert Reichel-Leafs

I am a Leaf fan, and I can’t believe how much this guy is earning! He’s like the fifth highest paid player on the Leafs but he shouldn’t be. He’s earning more than Gary Roberts, Joe Nieuwendyk, Tomas Kaberle, Darcy Tucker, Nik Antropov, and Alexei Ponikarovsky. These players are all better than him. JFJ should get this salary off his team it’s worthless.

Mike Modano-Stars

He must be having a bad year or something. If he has a good run in the playoffs and leads his team to the Stanley Cup I’ll easily take his name off this list.

Underrated Teams:

Los Angeles Kings

Have all star players like Jason Allison, Jozef Stumpel, Adam Deadmarsh, Luc Robitaille, Martin Straka, Zigmund Pallfy, Anson Carter, Aaron Miller, Mattias Norstrom, Alexander Frolov and Roman Cechmanek. But don’t get me wrong they’re not underachieving, most of those players are just injured. The only of those playing I think are Robitaille, Carter, Norstrom, and Frolov. The rest are injured and they’re still in a playoff spot. if they had all their players back they could make a run for the cup but probably not this year.

Overrated Teams:

Ottawa Senators

They won’t win the cup I guarantee you! They may have almost won the cup but they didn’t! they played an easy Islanders team and than played a banged up team of Philly from the Toronto-Philly series and then lost to New Jersey. I just think they’re not as good as people say they are. Ottawa is still a great team though.

If you have some, write down your under or overrated players and teams!


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  1. bruinexpert says:

    agreed about lapointe..overrated and overpaid are 2 different things..he was overrated when they got him i guess which is why they paid so much but he’s a great player for the team and nobody thinks he’s more than he is..which is a very solid role player….another note…daigle was overrated and now i think he’s way underrated..i picked him in my pool last year (which was a mistake) and now i wish i had done it this year..he seems to fit in really well with the wild.

  2. Furlong19 says:

    you’re just a boob aren’t ya Purplehelmet. You’re obviously another one of these ignorant leaf fans who think the world revovles around the Maple Leafs. Guys like you are the reasons why the leaf fans are known as idots and retards. Why don’t you go jerk off to pictures of Alan Bester. Stupid inbred loser.

  3. greatlife15 says:

    am i sure i wrote it??? r u a freaking idiot??? check the archives, its there!

  4. Komic-J says:

    You’re right…maybe overpaid more than overrated. And believe me, I was the first one to hope that the Canadiens would sign him when he left Detroit. I how important his presence can be, on the ice, and in the locker room…but still doesn’t worth his salary in my opinion…

    …so change Martin Lapointe to overpaid then…

  5. cwthrash says:

    He still has a lot of work to do, no doubt. But he does back-check, not award winning quality to be sure but the effort is definitely given. According to today’s standards, where the stress is put on every single player to be good defensively, then no he isn’t decent. But in the scheme of what the team does (which I grant you isn’t what you would always call good defense), he is decent.

    My worry are some of these high risk passes, like the one that got him benched against Philly. When the talent on the team hopefully rises, he won’t have to try and do so much. But at 20 years old, I’m not worried. He gives the effort and is willing to learn, sometimes the hard way. That’s all you can ask of a youngster.

  6. TheCoach says:

    Are you referring to Ottawa? Because if you are, they have had significant injuries. Volchenkov has been out most of the year, so has Varada and Fisher. Thats 3 regulars. And for the past month, their top 2 centers in Bonk and White have been out with broken feet.

  7. TheCoach says:

    Ottawa has 11 cups in their history. 11 banners at the Corel Centre means 11 cups. They average more cups than the Leafs as they were out of the league for 50 years. Anyways, neither of these arguments are relevant because these teams won their cups decades ago. So don’t go saying Toronto is a playoff team and Ottawa isn’t because the Leafs won the cup 37 years ago. Look at the recent history and to my understanding Ottawa has gotten just as far as Toronto in the playoffs.

  8. TheCoach says:

    It pisses me off when Leaf fans say Toronto is a playoff team. Their not and neither is Ottawa because they haven’t won the cup in the past five years. The playoff teams are: NJ, Colorado, Detroit and Dallas. Why? Well they’ve actually won the cup pretty recently. Until Ottawa or Toronto win the cup, neither will be a “playoff team.”

  9. garyroberts7 says:

    I seriously don’t know where you got these 11 cups from when did they win it?

  10. poulin20 says:

    He’s is definately up there, that’s for sure. Works hard every shift. If underrated = hard worker without the flashy stats, I also like Konowalchuk of the Avs, DiMaio of Dallas, about half the Tampa team (Modin for example), and Adrian Aucoin (although he’s been getting alot more props lately).

  11. poulin20 says:

    I’m a Flyers fan, and he does amuse me at least.

  12. matrix2003 says:

    Hold the phone, you forgot someone very very underrated! Bryan Berard! The guy has 41 points in 46 games with the Hawks, and he’s a defenseman. That’s pretty damn unbelieveable especially with the eye injury he sustained a few years ago.

  13. MAniac29 says:

    do you know how sad it is that this is the only response that you replied to?? Come on man, if you are going to write an article that is going to warrant this many replies, please at least follow up and respond to them yourself. Don’t stop short again please, it just it just brings down the site…

  14. TheCoach says:

    Ottawa Cups: 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906 1909, 1910, 1911, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1927

    Ottawa was not in the league from 1934 to 1992.

    Thats where I got the 11 cups from.

  15. TheCoach says:

    Everyone has success against the Southeast division, so its not just Ottawa. It’d be a problem if one of the top teams didn’t have success against that division.

  16. TheCoach says:

    Ya, but the Sens have also scored an empty net goal in about 11 games, so basically those were 1 goal games. Thats why people shouldn’t always take states so seriously. You can twist them around anyway you want.

  17. garyroberts7 says:

    All those cups are from when the league only had four teams. That’s right 4 teams. I only remember the league starting in 1917 too. So I’d say they only have 4 cups.

  18. TheCoach says:

    Why don’t you take off your Leaf pyjamas and look at the situation objectively. Ottawa won 11 Stanley Cups. Regardless of the number of teams in the league, their name is on the Cup 11 times. Stop trying to twist the facts to make yourself feel better. Face it, the Leafs are not head and shoulders above Ottawa.

  19. cwthrash says:

    That was wrong on so many levels.

    This board was never known for its tact anyhow. But to each his own…

  20. garyroberts7 says:

    Your a bunch of shit! The league started in 1917. How can they win cups in 1903 to 1911? Were they playing themselves, or are you talking about World War 1?

  21. TheCoach says:

    The Stanley Cup was still being played for before the format of the NHL came in. Why don’t you go to the Corel Center and look at the banners. They’re all there. Do some research before you make stupid posts.

  22. OilersRush says:

    Imagine how he would have done if he had 2 eye’s. The Leafs would not have needed Leetch he would have been the number 1 guy easy.

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