Are we as smart as we think we are, the playoffs

Well the playoffs are over and I decided to bring out my list of what we said as the season ended and we geared up for the playoffs. There were not as many predictions as I would have expected from people and I tried to limit my quotes to comments made before the playoffs began, however one or two did slip into the mix, however they were not later than game two of the 1st round. I thought everyone might enjoy these, so here goes. (Any misspellings, typos or omissions are the original authors work.)

“I refused to place predictions, especially after reading the bad predictions some of us made for the regular season. This is going to be a fun post-season, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the best sport on earth.”

Micki Peroni

“When I posted my article “Winners and Losers at the Trade Deadline”, I classified Detriot as a loser because Colorado beat them to Kasparitis. But all of the geniuses on this site said that I was wrong, scored me a 1 for my article, and lambasted me because they know nothing about hockey.

Well, looks like Colorado is kickin some tail now in the first round, whereas good old Detriot cannot seem to do anything.

Too bad they didn’t get some grit at the deadline.

I am not proud, just correct. Detriot lost in the dealing, and that is the bottom line. You can try to sidestep the issue all you want by employing a thesaurus, but Detriot looks to me exactly like the 1993 Penguins, and they are in trouble.”


“You heard it here first, the Flyers will make Patrick Lalime look like Dominik Hasek.

On a side note I’m proud to say that although I’m at college in NC ’til mid-May and won’t make it to any Flyers games unless they make the Finals, I will be in Raleigh Friday night to do the next best thing after rooting for the Flyers…BOOING THE DEVILS!!!!!”


“A couple of things about your match-ups. Yzerman, Forsburg, and Hedjuk are all coming off of injuries so there has to be some questions as to their abilities versus their normal healthy self.

Second even with match ups a bounce here or a little luck from someone can really change a game. Just ask Tommy Salo what a fluke goal can do to a team.”


Granted, I’m a biased B’s fan, but I just don’t see them losing to Montreal. The bruins outclass them in every way except in net. The bruins play good D and have an outstanding offense, don’t get rattled, have two 40 goal threats and three good scoring lines. The third line center (Rolston) has 31 goals! Doesn’t Perrault lead the habs with 27?!

The Koivu-returning factor is not gonna win the series for them. It’s a fantastic story and great news for hockey that Saku’s back, but it’s not enough to change the outcome of the series. Les Habitants will simply not be able to handle it when the b’s roll their three dangerous lines at them every night.

Theodore will make it respectable, but I think boston will win in 6.”


“Wow, so Hurricanes fans do exist!”


“Canes should not be a big match for the Devils. The Devs had a bad 1st half, Canes had a good 1st half, who had the better 2nd half? Devils come in as a tougher team. Those regular season stats mean squat to me, this is playoffs. If the TB Lightning were playing the Devs, they’d have a few better stats than the Devils and they won the series against the Devils too. Does that mean that they would be tough to beat for a hot Devils team? Doubt it….

Devs also have Nieuwendyk and Langenbrunner, playoff players. Barasso also gave the Canes a very good 1st half, Irbe had an abysmal season.”

Micki Peroni

“I think home ice is being under-estimated here. The Devils are VERY good when they have home ice and can put holik against the best line (francis line in this case) and will probably shut them down. However, in Raleigh that aint gonna happen and youll note from last years playoff series with the Devils we responded much better when we got the last line change.

Anyway, Im not arguing that the Devs are the favorite (they clearly are) but I think saying the Canes are a “cakewalk” is a bit much.”


“ok first of all checkmanek wont make it out of the first round still starting… my prediction is a 6 game series it could go either way. it just depends on how much a a cocky bastard barber wants to be. if he decides to stay with checko(like year in that diaster) then were out in 6. if he gets checko outta there then we win in 6. maybe 5.”


“my picks

flyers over sens (barber will get smart quick)

devils over carolina(this is a joke)

islanders over the leafs( they’ve been better all yeah and leaf’s fans are too damn full of themselves and i still dont see what everyone else does with cujo. frankly a hot boucher is WAY better)

boston over habs(this one i think will be close. it all depends on montreal goaltending. and frankly i think they might pull it out. 7 games.)

wings over vancouver(sry if i spelled ti wrong. but c’mon they got too much fire power)

kings over av’s(they have mroe heart and better players)

sharks and blackhawks will also win”

Brian Albany

“Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues

I call this the unpredictable series, anything can happen. Either team could win in a sweep, or all the way through game seven.”

Micki Peroni

“What about Sami Kapenen? He’s really talented, fast, nice hands, solid shot. He’s their best winger, damnit!”


“At least Kapanen is more important than O’Neill. And Malik! ..”


“Here are my picks, which are rarely correct…

Boston over Montreal in 6

Philadelphia over Ottawa in 7

New Jersey over Carolina in 6

Islanders over Toronto in 7

Detroit over Vancouver in 5

Colorado over LA in 7

San Jose over Phoenix in 6

St. Louis over Chicago in 7”


”Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins

The predicted series win goes in favor for the Bruins, but the Canadiens can pull off an upset. Theodore is the most important player of the whole match, and the Canadiens have to build a defensive shield in front of Theodore.”

Micki Peroni

“I think the winner of the Vancouver Canucks/Detroit Red Wings tilt has a great chance at winning the Stanley Cup.”


“Patrick Lalime is a streaky goaltender and is “beat-able”. The Senators will win against the Flyers if they dominate on power plays. The Senators will win if their offense gets shots on goal. The Flyers have the size to plow through the Senators’ defensemen, Primeau will be a huge factor and must come up big.”

Micki Peroni

“Here’s what I think could happen in the play-offs:


8. Vancouver 4, 1. Detroit 3

2. Colorado 4, 7. Los Angeles 3

6. Phoenix 4, 3. San Jose 2

5. Chicago 4, 4. St. Louis 0


8. Montreal 4, 1. Boston 3

7. Ottawa 4, 2. Philadelphia 2

6. New Jersey 4, 3. Carolina 1

4. Toronto 4, 5. New York 2”


“Vancouver/Detroit – Wings in (single tear) 6

In order to win this series, the Canucks would need Bertuzzi and Jovo to dominate, Naslund to continue to slip under the radar, Linden, Cassels and Hlavac to provide secondary scoring, the Sedins to step it up, Ohlund to continue to play like a rock, and Cloutier would need to play excellent. Not entirely impossible, but considering that Jovo and Ohlund are still only 25, the Sedins are only 21, and Cloutier only has one (two?) games of playoff experience it is highly unlikely all those scenerios will play themselves out. One thing is for sure, the Nucks are on the rise, and this will be great experience.

Col/Kings – Avs in 7

Roy duals out Potvin in one of the most entertaining series. Not high scoring but still entertaining.

San Jose/Pheonix – San Jose 5

Why haven’t the Sharks been to the finals yet? This team is the definition of the phrase “built for the playoffs”. I know this has been said before, but this is San Jose’s year.

Chicago/St. Louis – Blues in 6.

I don’t know why – this series is difficult to predict.”


“I really think that the Habs will beat the Bruins. Theodore is one of the hottest goalies in the NHL right now and he could steal the series. Also the Habs have an emotional lift with the return of Koivu and Audette.”


“I disagree with everything Peroni said just because Peroni said it. It’s the principal of the matter.”


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