Are you really a Hab fan?!

I hope everyone who is SUPPOSEDLY a HABS fan will read and truly listen to what I’m going to say!  Bob Gainey is exactly what Montreal needed and NEEDS! He is doing everything that a GM should be doing… Does he make mistakes? Well, EVERYONE on this planet makes mistakes. But let’s look at what the positives are, and that is: We will be a team that EVERYONE will fear in the coming seasons. Look at Ottawa… years ago, they were horrible, but after drafting the right players, look at them now! The Baby Habs (Bulldogs) just won the Calder; doesn’t that mean something to you “fans”? Is Montreal going to win the cup this year? NO NO NO… and why is that? Because were not ready yet, but, we will, in the near future, be a contender. So be happy for your team, and stop worrying so much, we will get there again, and it’s all because of Gainey and his management team! As for Brisebois: Everyone is crying that we got him back. But remember a few things: a) he WILL NOT be looked upon as our leader on the defense anymore. So with less time being played, he will be that much better. Realize facts people. And B) after all the booing everyone did to this guy (me included!!) he WANTS TO PLAY HERE!! That leads me to believe, that he is very much a HAB!!

So stand with me and cheer him on, as he actually came here to play, NOT FOR MONEY, but to play for his beloved habs!! Where’s Briere? I’ll tell you where: Playing for money, that’s where he is!!

So lets go out there and have a great season, and urge our team to play better, not Boo them, or disgrace what I truly believe is to be the best sports franchise in any sports history. Our Montreal Canadiens! Ole, Ole ole ole… Ole… Ole!!!!!!

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  1. alex_nrv says:

    Totally agreed.
    People are worrying to much. Bob knows what he's doing, that's why he's a GM.
    What I don't like about the habs though… is the fact that the coaching is mostly DEFENSIVE minded… that's why Kovalev is not playing to his full potential.
    To this I include the draft… FINE, we have a lot of defensive back there now! And the only problem in Hamilton is the defensive players. None are stars. They play well though! Don't get me wrong on that!
    We have good talent up front, but they are all small! (Locke… Urquhart… Grabovski). We'd need some major star CENTER to draft!!

    I don't cheer for the Leafs, but Sundin's a very good center to have. We need that kind of center in Montreal. Briere is not that kind we need… definitively not! Neither Patrice Bergeron.

    Brisebois back is great. He's a good veteran. He can play very well defensively, and is able to control a Power Play (not scoring… but controlling). At MAX 1.4M a year… it's quite good. If he doesn't deliver… he'll only get 700K!

    Anyways, Habs are good and fun to watch all winter long! I like hockey overall, and the Habs are my team!

    So, well said dude, I agree with your entire post.
    PEOPLE, STOP BOOing. How a team can win if people are BOOing their players?
    BOO the refering if you want to boo something!
    Not the team you're supporting! That's stupid!
    Brisebois doesn't deserve the boos. I never booed and never will.


  2. The_Dynasty says:

    Good article, but I will no longer blindly support Gainey, as that has not worked, I don't think we should fire him yet either. People are all saying we should get a big name player now, when it is the worst possible time. You get big name free agents when teams that have superstars are struggling during the regular season and need a shakeup (a la Thornton).

  3. DoubleDown says:

    you don't think lapierre has a spot sewn up? i'm assuming he does because he's the perfect 4th line centre…native Montrealer who's a real sh!t disturber who's tough to play against..

    as for kost and latendresse, i'd rather see kostitsyn on one of the top 2 lines because he does look a bit more polished. i think latendresse could benefit from playing with a greaybeard like smolinsky

  4. mtl_prince says:

    montreal didnt offer him more money, 42 million, how is that more money then 52 million that he got from philly? Jean Beliveau even called Briere and he didnt sign.

  5. mtl_prince says:

    Fire Gainey, get the new G.M. to trade away all our prospects, and watch as they all bloom into nhl calliber players with other teams, and the habs stay in the bottom 3rd of the league for another 10 years! Some people dont have a clue.

  6. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Good post.  I agree.

    PS: Urquhart isn't small, he's 6'3", 200+Lbs.

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