As the Rangers Go, So Goes the NHL

I am not a Rangers fan. In fact I hate the Rangers and their free spending ways. I place part of the blame on the out of whack finances of the NHL on the Rangers.

They have had plenty of overpaid contracts which they have dealt out that has caused a domino effect to the rest of the teams in the League. signing Tim Taylor to a contract worth over 2 million a year raised the bar for all 4th liners. signing Stephane Quintal and Sylvain Lefebvre to contracts close to 3 million also raised the bar for 4th,5th and 6th defenceman. Even the deals to Mike Keane and Brian Skrudland were too much. so much so we now see many role players being paid like 30 goal scorers. And even after all of that, the Rangers continued to make things worse with the signings of Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparaitis. The Holik deal may be the worst in the sport.

But despite all of that, I really want the Rangers to win. It is them who drives the game in the US. Though places like Philly and Boston and Detroit are big too, none of those teams successes had as much of an impact as the rangers would have. And when there is success in the US, it makes good for the whole game. If you dont think so, see how popular the game got during the Rangers president trophy and stanley cup winning season of 1994. That terrific final, that terrific playoff with Messier guaranteeing a win against the Devils really brought the game to great heights. From that point on, Hockey was suppose to permanently join Football, Baseball and Basketball among the elite sports.

But as the Rangers faded so did the game. Messier moved to Canada and that hurt the game even more leaving the rangers faceless despite the presence of an aging Wayne Gretzky. All star after all star could not bring the blueshirts out of the doldrums of last place and for 7 years they have missed the playoffs. Instead of the exciting brand of hockey the rangers play showcasing the game, we find ourselves watching trap clutch and grab hockey.

This can no longer happen. The Rangers need to be successful as their success means greater things for the league. The 94 playoffs which they won was the last time we saw a playoff not filled with trap hockey. They play in the media centre of the US which drives ratings for US TV. When the team and players are doing well, everyone knows about it. seeing places like Carolina, Florida, Tampa and Anaheim put teams in the finals has really killed the game. Yes we want parity but we need the Rangers to be contenders every year. it is them make or break hockey in the US. their success mask the failures of the Nashvilles and Carolinas of the world. When the rangers are winning, the league and the big media outlets in NY make it known to all. We talk of how good the game is and not how dreadful things are. The voices of Peter Karmanos or Craig Leipold become drowned out because nobody cares since the Rangers are winning.

Certainly we can blame Goodenow and his greed driving salaries and pretty much killing franchises. certainly we can blame bettman for his horrible job he has done as commissioner. he is suppose to be the leader of the game and to grow it worldwide but all he cares about is money. but despite all that, we need the Rangers to win again.

Hopefully they are on their way. They are basically starting over and building from scratch and building from within. They have some of that young talent now like Montoya, Korpikoski and Tyutin, and more to come. Perhaps having a phenom like Sidney Crosby being part of the team as the new face of the franchise will bring the team and the league back to life. Whatever happens, we need the Rangers to be back on top again. So if you are a ranger fan or not, do yourself a favor and cheer for the blueshirts because if they are winning, it makes things good for everyone else.

This is very odd for me, a Leaf fan to say this but:

Lets Go Rangers!

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    there were some big arguments not too long ago on HTR about blaming the rangers for the rise in contracts$$$$$.

    they need another goalie to have the statue of liberty on their helmet….that is a good draw for the average american.

    i think tim taylor is a third liner myself…his last year in boston helped him get all that money (which was way too much).

    stephan quintal…another bruin….was the worst case….such a cry baby….cried his way out of montreal just to cry his way back. he couldn’t define the habs better in my opinion. glad he got traded from boston….should of picked sakic with that pick as it turns out.

  2. mikster says:

    Very nice post.

    I won’t defend the Rangers when people partially blame them for the rise in players salaries (although you are only talking about a few players out of 700 and one team out of 30).

    Neil Smith, Checketts, and Dolan screwed up big time. They let Messier walk away to then just sign a total headcase in Theo Fleury, a total nobody in Val Kamensky, and the biggest whiner Stephane Quintalez (the Jose Canseco of hockey, Mr. Steroids).

    Mike Keane and Skrudland were landed in trades, and those weren’t too bad. I don’t think they gave up too much for those guys. They ended up getting LaFontaine, back and forth with Petr Nedved. They ended up getting the slowest defensemen in Pilon and K. Hatcher.

    It was money poorly spent on players that had little value.

    I’m absolutely defending the Holik signing, and since you are a Leafs fan you ought to know that Pat Quinn admitted it himself that he matched the Rangers offer as well. Except Holik prefered to stay close to home. The Devils rejected Holik’s request of a contract renewal before July 1st of that year, which was a 5 year deal worth $6M a season. Holik did not appreciate that, and so the Devils were then stuck negotiating with Holik within the $8M per season range.

    It was a bidding war mainly concentrated between the Devils, Rangers, and the Leafs. The last Devils offer ended up as $8.2M a season. The Rangers and Leafs then both went up as high as $9M a season.

    So either way, Holik would have gotten $8.2M a season, or $9M a season from the Leafs. I don’t have any blame on the Rangers for trying to acquire a player that would have gotten that kind of high salary.

    As for Kasparaitis…… was a battle between the Isle’s and Rangers, where Milbury was mighty pissed about Kaspar going to the Rangers. I don’t know any details of the bidding that the Isle’s made. All i know is that Kaspar stated that he prefered the way the contract was structured on the Rangers part.

    That could mean that the Isle’s may have offered a deal that basically matched the Rangers’ offer, but the difference was the yearly salary. Maybe the Isle’s did a low/high or high/low contract structure. Maybe the Rangers ahd more bonuses/incentives.

    So…Kaspar would have gotten a very similar contract if the Rangers did not sign him.

    Acquiring Jagr was a no brainer. The Rangers will always have a big name star on their roster, all NY teams should have one. It’s part of the NY sports culture. I was all for it to get Jagr for one main reason: I knew he’d be an easy acquisition.

    I got slammed by some Rangers fan, oh how i love my fellow Rangers fans, because they believed the Rangers would give up too much for Jagr. Yet in the end, the Rangers only had to trade Anson Carter. Not only did the Rangers get Jagr, but the Caps pay a portion of Jagr’s salary, and a hefty amount too.

    Now though, the Rangers are rebuilding, but without losing key veteran players like Holik, Kaspar, and Jagr. They put up a fire sale last year, and in return they received some good deals, specifically the Leetch trade.

    They got a good group of young players the past years. Montoya has the tools to become a damn good goalie. Even better, for now, is Henrik Lundqvist who is the best goalie in Sweden, and arguably top 5 in Europe as a whole.

    A quote from Theodore said: “He must have a ‘normal’ night some time…right? He can’t play like this all the time.”

    As far as defensemen go. I am very intrigued with Tyutin and Kondrietev. These two should be a solid pair as they’ve been playing with each other for a couple of years.

    I was at the Panthers game, vs. Rangers, when Rangers were on a 5 on 3 PK and Tyutin just had the guts to join a rush and score on Luongo.

    When a defenseman is tough defensively, shows strength, and charges the net…… he is a definite proimising d-man.

    Korpikoski had a decent year, not too flattering, but he keeps showing his amazing abilities, physically. Immonen did quite well for himself too.

    You are correct, the Rangers need to be a winning team once again for hockey to get attention.

    I would love to have Crosby on the Rangers as he’d be a hyped star and get tons of publicity. I am not sold yet on this guy, though. Still…..with Jagr….he should be pretty damn amazing.

    Rangers are going in the right direction, but they should have taken this direction before last year. So far, though, Sather has done a good job with the rebuild as i think Tom Renney will be a big helper for the young players.

  3. mikster says:

    Another goalie with the statue of liberty is like another goalie wearing Richter’s jersey.

    No way!

    It does feel strange, in a good way, when i watch Montoya. A proud American….emotional, competitive, and a team player, who currently wears #35 for Michigan.

    I sure in hell hope he will be the next Richter for the Rangers. Even if Lundqvist is an elite goalie in Sweden and LaBarbera a top goalie in the minor leagues.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    it was a great deal in fact getting rid of quintal cause it landed your B’s Adam Oates.

    Quintal is a whiner. complaining about ice time and about being benched during the playoffs when really it is all about winning and taking one for the team shows the selfish attitude he has had for his career.

    now hockeyhead, sit back and watch dozens of habs fans defend this guy.

  5. NjDEVSFN says:

    i have admitted the same about the Rangers needing to be successful in order for the NHL to be a draw

    however, the Rangers need rivals so their games can be on TV

    thankfully, they have THREE in their DIVISION: Devils, Islanders, and Flyers…you obviously knew that

    I think the NHL should stack division play, make it 8 games between divisional opponents…if the Rangers, Flyers, Islanders, and Devils are all “good” and killing each other to make the playoffs, thats GOOD for TV and ratings

    whats also good, is the Devils usually sell out those games 🙂

    anyway, as a fan, i love knock-em-out-kick-em while theyre down hockey….fast paced, hard hitting, close game…the Atlantic Division is full of that once the Rangers move away from spending money on nothing and the Penguins rebuild

    the NHL has good games GUARANTEED in the BIGGEST MARKET in the US…instead of scheduling Detroit only, if the NHL can get the Rangers on ESPN(provided theyre good again), we will see the NHL ratings rise once again

    althought i’m not bored with the Devils control of the Rangers…id like the sport to grow beyond the non-team sport known as basketball at least

  6. hockeyhead says:

    did you like that little jab…it is playoff time or should be….last year i remember many verbal wars with hab fans. the last bruins game played.

    ya, craig janney and quintal for oates…what a steal.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    yes i did! habs fans deserve plenty of shots.

    your battles were with people who think Joe Thornton is a terrible captain and leader when really he is just growing into that role. and these same people booed Koivu after he knocked some sense into Ribiero.

    yeah sure thornton has no heart and soul when he played while broken in half while Ribiero is a hero though he dropped like he was shot after a love tap by Lapointe and rolled around pretending to be hurt. what a joke.

  8. hockeyhead says:

    it is just another chapter in the never ending disappointments playing the habs in the playoffs…it is beyond rediculous. why do the hockey gods insist on helping the habs.

    what if joe was 100%? well i have my opinions.

    what kills me the most of all was how many people were in denial over the ribiero play….it was plain as day to me……when he gave that smerk over to the bruins bench i could of thrown my tv to montreal.

  9. werdo says:

    That kind of myopic attitude will doom the nhl to obscurity. They say the same thing in the cfl – The argos have to be strong in order for the league to survive. It’s pathetic. The game has to grow in popularity on its own merits, not the success of one team. All the talk about trying to get crosby into a big american market is saddening. However they decide to run the next draft, that should not be a factor in how it’s conducted.

    Look at the 3 big leagues in the states – people still watch if the packers, marlins or trailblazers make it in the playoffs. That’s the kind of fan base the nhl should seek – fans of the game, not just the team or the stars.

    Are you also in favour of the “market system” for the players – where the big markets have payrolls 5 times that of the smaller markets? As long as the Rangers can buy up all the stars, the game should excel right? Does it help sell the game when the Rangers plunder talent from other teams, leaving the small market teams frustrated and the Rangers even more dysfunctional?

    Pandering to the popular teams is a sure way to diminish the league. You may have waves of popularity, but it will cultivate a disingenuous fan base.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    what would be even funnier is if crosby turns out to be another alex daigle or brian lawton.

  11. simplyhabby says:

    I would so agree about the Riberio Koivu incident. I am tired of definding Koivu to ignorant Hab fans. how could you not want a guy like Koivu on your team goes well beyond me.

    I must ask, who thinks Riberio was a hero? I have not heard that one.

    Speaking of fans, you nord fans were infamous for booing injured players a la Pat Roy. I am not stating Hab fans as a whole have that much class but the nord fans are worse. (Stereotypically speaking as I do not classify myself as the “typical habs fan” nor do i know you weel enough to call you the “typical” nords fans. ) Damn that was a great rivalry. I love the 93′ series.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    i was overexaggerating with the hero comment just to prove my point that many habs fans love and cheered for someone who was a faker and played like a chicken while booed a character guy like koivu. he battled like hell from cancer and showed his true leadership skills only to be booed because he isnt french yet again and that he attacked their precious french superstar ribiero.

  13. hockeyhead says:

    nords is a leaf fan…..

    oh i wish the bruins were playing the habs right now that is if the habs made the playoffs this year LOL.

  14. werdo says:

    Uggh – I’m a sens fan – I wouldn’t want to wish that kind of agony on anyone – except maybe the leafs.

  15. habsoverserver says:

    The irony is that for the NHL to make money, the Rangers have to win. But the Rangers don’t have to win in order to make money.

    So the Rangers pretty much have the NHL by the balls.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    yashin wasnt that much better as a team guy….

    the leafs dont have draft picks…they are all traded for old vets.

    remember daigle trading cards? he was dressed up in all kinds of uniforms….like a nurse…LOL

  17. Rico420 says:

    Love it or hate it Ribeiro pulled something that that was despicable yet effective..Koivu is the man there is no denying that and he is the leader that every team in the NHL wishes they’d have on their team..a little guy who plays like he’s 90 feet tall and bulletproof, yet he’s a china doll.

    And do I have to point out he’s the only first rounder the Habs picked in the 90’s to actually have some kind of an impact on this team?

    Ribeiro had one good season..wait and see what next year brings, Quintal was a joke, if he “loved” Montreal as much as he said he did he wouldn’t have bolted in the first place, and the fact that we were able to land a player capable of 70 points for a washed up has been who would have left via UFA this summer makes me want to kiss Bob Gainey.

  18. hockeyhead says:

    what bothered me 420, is that the next day on HTR i was outraged at the antic and about 100 canadien fans were saying he was really hurt.

    it is one thing to love your team but to be completely blinded in that love is a problem.

  19. nordiques100 says:

    hockey in the US needs an identity. a team fans across the country can know like the yankees in baseball. the rangers fit that bill. they play in the biggest media centre in the world. if everyone there is talking rangers and the rangers are successful and doing well, then they can spread the word and with their big voice, people will hear about it.

    when the rangers are big, hockey is big because of the kind of media coverage they can get in new york. no other place can provide that. and when the game gets big in a big market like that, it will help the smaller markets when a big name team like the rangers comes to their city much like how the yankees are one of the attendance leaders for road games. and when the rangers are out there in the smaller markets, they can get the word out on the good teams that play in these markets and the on the top players like kovalchuk and heatley in atlanta or luongo in florida.

    so a successful big market helps, not hurts the league and is exactly what the league needs to have.

  20. simplyhabby says:

    I really could noy have set it better myself. Ribs has great hands but a skinny guy like him should really have a major attitude adjustment before someone does it for him.

    I have always maintained that Koivu is one gritty powerforward (yes too small to be prototypical but he hits, skates, gets his nose dirty like the big boys). He proved to me that he is not a typical Euro specially with his playoff performance last year.

  21. simplyhabby says:

    Well I have no doubt he was hurt. “A paper cut is being hurt” Its how he reacted. I really have no problem trying to draw a penalty. The trick is not to act like a whine ass and brag to a disgruntled Marty. Bad move considering they will play 6 times a year.

    What really outraged me is that how people think he did it for Montreal’s favor. Thre was no penalty (good thing) and in fact, it was stupid because if Montreal did not gain control of the puck, the B’s were one man up because of it.

    I think I said it to you the day after this HH, I lost respect for Ribs when he smiled at Marty, otherwise, I would have dismissed it as typical french euroness.

  22. werdo says:

    I agree that a successful rangers franchise will increase interest in the league – it’s just that the interest will be fleeting and superficial and that it will ultimately damage the fan base. The more you cater to the casual fan, the more you alienate the true fan. This would make the game more subject to fluctuating support and destabilize the league. They need to focus on the quality of the product first, then grow the fan base. All Bettman has done for the last 10 years is try to suck up to the US markets. It hasn’t worked out so well.

  23. simplyhabby says:

    You knew I had to comment about Jumbo Joe. I am a huge fan of the guy but injury or not, he had a poor playoffs and could have done a lot better. He was constantly out of position and tired.

    Koivu was injured, Komisarek was injured and they both out played JJ by exploiting him. Komisarek muscled him (Komi is a big guy but that suprised me) and Koivu used his speed. The injury may have held him back but he was probaly one of the worst players out there for the B’s.

    Its really too bad because Joe is a great hockey player and i love him on Team Canada.

    The hockey gods are hab fans BTW. What other explanation is it when the Leafs can’t win a cup and the B’s can’t beat tha habs (most of the time) You were lucky when you got blessed with Bobby, Cam and Ray. Don’t press your luck. LOL

  24. hockeyhead says:

    this is why i miss hockey…..when we can come on HTR and do some chatter.

    i can’t wait til walter and mondou reverse the curse on the habs LOL. (if they make the team)

  25. hockeyhead says:

    because it was cheap or because marty is french LOL.

  26. 19Yzerman says:


    Thats funny as hell!!!LOL

  27. 19Yzerman says:

    Just as any player is expendable to his team. So is any team to its league. This article holds no merit as the league cannot get in any worse shape without completely folding. Hence you could axe the Rangers off the list of NHL teams and things will not change as they are right now.

    If we as fans have to have learned anything from this lockout. Its that No player, No team and No individual who represents either are above the league or the game its self.

    I was enjoying seeing the Rangers pay out the nose and lose out the well (where ever) and no matter how you present it to me I will still feel this way. I have come to understand that there are those who enjoy seeing the Red Wings have to cope with misfortunes when ever they happen. Its the nature of the sport that there be teams that fans enjoy to dislike.

    Since that market is so big it would a shame to have Devs and Isles and no Rangers. However I do not agree with the title of this article.

  28. NYRules says:

    haha that is good and i guess quite true

  29. ranger_fan says:

    And the Rangers also have the best 2 blockered goalie as well!

  30. big_booty says:

    The last three comments bring up excellent points, and I tend to agree with them.

    The “Original Six” arguement is complete crap – the kind of tripe that short-sighted minds like Larry Brooks and Al Strachan seem to keep as a holy dogma. Just because the Rangers are an original six team in the largest TV market does not warrant special treatment, consideration, or favoritism in any way.

    Hell, most Manhattan residents don’t even miss the Rangers this year – that currently makes them no different than any other franchise.

    Sidney Crosby shouldn’t be in a Rangers sweater any more than he should be in a Toronto sweater. The kid should go to the team that needs him the most, not to the team that you think the league needs him to go to.

  31. RichterFan says:

    While on the subject of the Devils. The Devils are a very big reason why hockey won’t take off in this country. THE TRAP!!!!!!!! is so boring that the average fan can’t stand to watch it. Scoring sells not a defensive system. Sure they won those cups and I’m not taking anything away from them but other than Devil fans who really cared about them winning the cup?

  32. NjDEVSFN says:

    who other than Devils fans are SUPPOSED to care that the Devils won the cup? the Devils may have played a trap in 1995, but they destroyed the Wings OFFENSIVELY and DEFENSIVELY in that sweep…they also opened the 2000 Finals with 7 goals and scored 15 goals at home in the 2003 finals in 4 games

    in 2000-2001, the Devils scored 295 goals and had the best PowerPlay%….

    the Devils aren’t a big reason why hockey wont take off in the US…its teams that try to play the trap once they score the 1st goal

  33. Beckfan5 says:

    Wanna know what I hear every time this shit talker has something to say about the Rangers?


    Always the same thing every year, someone young is great, this other young guy is going to be phenominal, blah blah blah.

    Hey Mik, when was the last time the Rangers drafted and produced someone to be an all star? C’mon, tell me! Amonte? NO. Weight? NO, Kovaloaf? NO.

    What happend to all these “awsome” prospects? Wheres Barry Richter, Jammie Ram, The Ferraros, Daniel Goneau, Vladimir Vorobev, Maxim Galonov, Ronnie Sundin, Manny Malhorta, Johan Wiethal, Christian Dube, Milan Hnilika, Peter Smrek, Thomas Kloucek, Andres Johannson, John Tripp, Ales Pisa, Jamie Lundmark, and my favorite, Mike Mottau.

    You guys love Mike for some strange reason when it comes to Ranger hockey but the guy just keeps bullshiting all of you. Why is it? Is it because he reads hockeys future. OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!. Guy doesnt know his ass from his elbow when it comes to the Rangers. Probably never been to a game in his life. Probably couldnt tell me who Rick Middleton got traded for without looking it up.

    Hey coward! How come in the three years ive been out here you never seem to back yourself up when I post something against you. You did it again last week. Panzy. A nice long article in your post and you fail to reply to it. You are such a wus. Go ahead, dont defend your hockey knowledge because you know someone else will come to your defence.

  34. Beckfan5 says:

    Hey Richterfan, NjDEVSFN has something for you……………SMACK!!

    And if I recall, the Red Wings were the first team to pull off a trap like defence with the left wing lock.

  35. mikster says:

    I don’t usually reply to imbecils, and i didn’t even read yuor post to my article.

    I never said any Rangers prospects will be a super star, or “phenomenal”. You are making that up and you prove to show yourself as a bashing idiot.

    The last time the Rangers produced an all-star? Aside from his bad seasons, Kovalev is probably the last one.

    All those “awesome” prospects were never marked as “great”, especially by me since i criticized Neil Smith’s drafts continuously after he was fired. I don’t think he was committed to building a Rangers core of young players when he dumped the Bob Errey’s, Brad Smyths, and the Derek Armstrongs in the farm system.

    The only prospect from Neil Smith that is doing just fine right now is Jason LaBarbera, who i am not convinced of yet.

    All of the players you mentioned, that were drafted as Rangers came from the Neil Smith era in the 90’s.

    We’re in year 2005, and you have not even listed one Rangers prospect from the year 2000 and on. Not one.

    Are you stuck in the past?

    And, Andreas Johansson was never, ever, a prospect for the Rangers. Were you drunk when writing this?

    I don’t read Hockey’sFuture. As i said, they are an opinionated site with the quantity over quality strategy. I read McKeen’s, and i look at the Central Scouting Bureau site.

    I never mentioned any Rangers prospect as a “sure thing”, i actually have criticized the media for overhyping prospects, as they are doing so with Crosby.

    I’ll gladly talk about my opinions of prospects if you’d like. But,…the more recent prospects.

    I’d like for you to point out where i ever said that a Rangers prospect, or any in general (aside from Ovechkin), will be a phenomenal player.

    And…..don’t try to be so “offensive” and “tough”… would never have the balls to say such things face to face. So….go buy some pubes, eh?

  36. Flyer_Fan_In_CT says:

    1 the rangers are not an original six team….

    2 there werent originally 6 teams when the nhl started

    3 the phrase should be “pre expansion six”

    4 the rangers were pretty much non players in the 80’s and edmonton of all markets was red hot and the nhl did great.

  37. 19Yzerman says:

    I looked into your statement about the Original six to either prove or disprove it. This is what I found.


    Four NHA teams reorganize to form the National Hockey League. A new Toronto franchise, the Arenas, is added. The Arenas will become the Maple Leafs in 1927.

    The Seattle Metropolitans of the PCHA become the first American-based team to win the Stanley Cup, after the Cup’s trustees rule that teams outside Canada can compete for the trophy.


    The Boston Bruins defeat the Montreal Maroons 2-1 in the first NHL game played in the United States.

    The NHL increases the regular season schedule from 24 to 30 games. Players on the first place Hamilton Tigers refuse to compete in the 1925 playoffs unless they are paid for the extra games played. The players are suspended and the team is subsequently sold to become the New York Americans.

    Ice hockey debuts at the Winter Olympics, with Canada winning the gold medal.

    This in my opinion is the point in time where the NHL and its six teams view as the begining. However the above info indicates that technically it was formed earlier with only 4 teams from the NHA.


    The New York Rangers, Chicago Black Hawks and Detroit Cougars (later renamed the Red Wings) join the NHL.

    The Western Hockey League disbands and sells most of its players to the new NHL teams, leaving the NHL as the undisputed top hockey league in North America.

    Wouldn’t you know that the RANGERS were a team sold to New York because they refused to compete in the 1925 playoffs unless they are paid. This is to funny.

    Thank You for stirring my curiosity.

  38. ranger_fan says:

    The Rangers also have Weekes, and Nylander was signed. There are still enough vets for this team to be a surprise in a season or two.

    Jamie Lundmark, another Smith pick, I don’t know what to think of anymore. He just isn’t producing in NY like many others have.

  39. mikster says:

    Not even in the minors (Lundmark), although the Wolf*Pack play a heavy duty two-way game with a defensive bias.

    I think he still has a chance to surprise in his late 20’s. It took St. Louis a long time, but Jamie will never be like St. Louis………..still….he is always a potential 45 point getter.

  40. NYRules says:

    who gives a shit when the rangers came into the league. They are in the largest city in the country and larger athan any canadian city as well. The point is, that if the rangers do well they can brin the largest fan base to the league and that could really help the nhl.

  41. 19Yzerman says:

    You make valid points regarding fan base size and its revenues which cannot be disputed. However what was the intention of this article? If the NYR have the largest fan base then why lobby for more fans? Or at best other fans to wish your team well. Once the dust settles from this lockout its every team for them selves again. If the owners get their way the Rangers could fall off the earth and the NHL would have the finance to continue without them.

  42. wheresthesoda says:

    what ur saying is that the nhl should want real hockey fans to be watching, bc this past year..thats all that is watching. when the rangers are winning, and have a damn good team, more people come to the games, and there wont be any empty seats and that will give the game good publicity..this means more people are coming to the games and whatnot, making money for the nhl

  43. anionnat says:

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