Atlanta Chooses Different Rhodes, Chris Nogood in NYC, J.Al in Ruins With Bruins

How does Jason Allison feel? Allison feels like Big Angry Al, and not so Super, so thanks for asking. The Rangers are in the middle of crossroads, which goalie should they get? Sergei Federov could loose his Red Angel Wings and could join Hell’s team in NJ, while Arnott and Allison could get their Wings. The things that are going on this summer are very interesting, too interesting to not talk about. Jason Allison has gotten too far with his whining. It got him so far that he has made foolish remarks. Jason Allison is 26 years old and he tied 4th in points. He has put up impressive numbers, especially for his age, he scored 282 points in 282 games. Is this what makes him think so highly of himself? Allison believes that no player who could score 95 points would file for arbitration. Well, isn’t that funny? Why is it funny? Has Allison been living in “la la land” and not paid attention to the hockey world? Kovalev and Straka both filed for arbitration, and Kovalev also closing the season with 90+ points.

This is when players look ridiculous. Allison thinks that he is a star or a “hockey god”. I know Allison is a good player, but compare him to Alexei Kovalev. Kovalev wore a Rangers jersey for a good number of years, and I seen him play….still do with Pittsburgh. This guy has amazing skating skills, and amazing shooting skills, and he is still young. Personally, I think Kovalev is better than Allison is. They are two different players, but Kovalev has the ability to make players around him better, Allison doesn’t. Allison denied the fact that he wanted 9 million dollars a year and that he wanted to be paid like a 15th ranked paid player. How confusing is that? He couldn’t say that he wants around 8 million dollars a year? Maybe he does not want to make himself “look” too bad. Hey Jason, give me a break. It’s bad enough you want to be over-paid. Allison would make almost as much as Sakic makes. You won’t even have to make a comparison between these two players, it is a given that Sakic is much better. Also, let’s not forget that Sakic filed for arbitration last year as well, along with LeClair.

Who is also to blame here? The Bruins management is to blame. The Bruins signed and threw big bucks to Martin Lapointe and Rob Zamuner. Lapointe is a good addition, but did you ever hear of a 3rd liner, 2nd most, who might put up 30 points and get paid 5 million dollars a year? Lapointe knows he does not have to score 25 goals, and he is right, it is not his job. His job is to play an aggressive and a rough style of game. Boston kinda screwed up here because Guerin has also a big question mark. Bruins have two choices, either trade Guerin to then keep Allison, or the other way around. Obviously, Allison should be upset at the Bruins for spending money on new players and forget about him. After all, Allison is the 95-point scorer, as well as the Captain.

We all know that Chris Osgood will be traded. Where is he going though? Well, there are a few teams who need Osgood. The St. Louis Blues, Atlanta Thrashers, New York Islanders, and the New York Rangers are the teams. Here is the team which is the most questionable, the New York Rangers. New York Rangers still have a top10 goalie in the league, Mike Richter. Richter is recovering from an injury, and he is ahead of schedule. Although ahead of schedule, Richter might be back around the 10th regular season game, and it could take him more than 5 games to get back in shape. The Rangers want to wait to see how much Richter’s trade value is worth when he is back in shape. There is always a possibility of Richter being traded or kept….depending on Sather. This is why Osgood is not a good fit in the Big Apple. If Osgood is traded to the Rangers, what if Richter is back in shape and performs like he is a top10 goalie? Richter is known to do this. He recovered from serious injuries and always came back to play like a top10 goalie. Here is to prove that. In the early 90’s, Richter was injured with a pulled hamstring and was injured for almost a full season. In 93, he came back by playing as a top3 goaltender and won the Cup that season. Richter’s famous save was the one that stopped Pavel Bure on a Penalty Shot twice, one in the All-Star Game and the second one in the Stanley Cup Finals. Then, in the 99-00 season he was injured on his ACL, and came back this previous season, again playing like a top10 goalie. Unfortunately, he re-injured himself on his other knee. Could he come back and play like a top10 goalie again? He is known to do so, and I would not be surprised if he does great. To have Osgood or Richter would be pretty stupid. It would mean that one of them would have to be traded. But, I do not see Mike Richter playing back up for 5 games, he is not a back up goalie. Osgood is a good goalie, and could be a top10 goalie, and he still is young. The question is, how would he perform on a re-building team like the Rangers?

This is when another “known to depart” goalie comes to mind, Jeff Hackett. Jeff Hackett knows how it is to play for a young re-building team. Osgood always played for a veteran team. If Richter will be traded, then Hackett is a good fit on the Rangers. Well, let’s not get too sure that he is a good fit. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Hackett. Hackett knows how to play on a young re-building team, but he has little playoff experience, he is 33 years of age, and he is not the goalie who comes up big in important games, which does not make him the right goalie for the Rangers. Personally, I think the Rangers should stick with Richter and give Holmqvist or Yeremeyev a chance to be back up. Then, look at Richter’s trade value and Sather should evaluate what he could get in return.

Osgood could be traded just before the regular season starts and possibly be traded to the Islanders or the Thrashers. If he is traded to the Thrashers though, where will Rhodes end up? Rhodes has not been a steady goalie for the Thrashers, but is it because he needs a better team, or is it because he plays better on a playoff team and not on a re-building team? Rhodes could end up as a back up for a playoff team, maybe the Canucks could try and get him? The Thrashers need Osgood, also because he is young. They have a good young team and a bright future. Ozzie could give them a big step forward to their future success. My predictions would be that Osgood joins the New York Islanders and the Blues and Rangers will make a deal 20 games into the season. Obviously, the Blues will not trade for a goalie right away. They need to see who is better, Brathwaite or Johnson. Both the Blues and the Rangers will wait to see their goalies perform, and then strike a deal. This is why I predict that the Blues and Rangers will make a deal.

Let’s take a step back with team Detroit, Allison, and let’s add the Devils. Detroit has shown signs that Sergei Federov could be dealt. Sure, Federov might need a new scenery, a new team, a new city, and new teammates. Could a deal of Allison for Federov happen? It is a possibility. The Wings could use a 26-year-old player who could put up points, and the Bruins could use a couple of millions less paid player, who is good. What about the Devils? Fetisov is a great Russian hockey man, especially in the NHL. The Devils could use a Federov. But, for who? Well, again….let’s throw in another young power-forward who is also capable of putting up points for a cheaper price, but less points. Jason Arnott for Federov, and other players, could be a possibility as well. These are just some ideas, however, they could work and they do make sense. Devils could use a Federov, and GM Lou would pay Federov’s salary for a year or two. Time will tell…..time will tell….

Micki Peroni

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