Atlanta looking to add a goalie?

With injuries to their top 3 goalies so early in the season, there are whispers in Atlanta about Potvin, or Biron coming to the Thrashers.Eklund has reported on his site that the Buffalo Sabres are interested in Defensman Mark Popovic and since they have Biron to spare (with Miller and Norrenen in goal) a deal with Atlanta is possible.

Eklund also said the Thrashers have interest in Potvin as do the St.Louis Blues. Personally I think Atlanta should look at Roman Turek, and see if he wants to come back to the NHL as another possibility.

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    Ah Eklund… he can sure come up with some great rumors, and post them after other site speculate them. Atlanta will not trade for a young goalie unless it cost very little to get him. Dunham should be back within a month, and I think Kari will be back in a little over a month, so adding Biron will not pay dividens. I think Potvin may be signed. I think you will see the Blues trading for a backup goalie, most likely Noronen.

  2. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Eklund is so funny hes never right they WONT trade biron unless he requests a trade, noronen is out the door and he wont be going to atlanta because when Lehtonen and Dunham come back there is nor room making a waste of cap space

    BTW Turek went to sweden to play…….

  3. burnz30 says:

    This rumor makes no sense. Biron is making over $2mil and the Trashers have zero cap space. They couldn’t possible add to the payroll without subtracting something from it. Popovic is in the minors right now, so the Thrashers wouldn’t decrease their payroll. As for Potvin, the Thrashers need help now, and Potvin hasn’t had a training camp or anything so it’s hard to say how much he will help. Plus Lehtonen and Dunham will be back in less than a month. If they go get another goalie what do they do when these 2 are ready to come back?

    I think that if/when the Sabres trade a goalie, it will be Noronen given his salary $665,000 and the fact that he has shown he can compete at the NHL level. Time will tell if he can handle being a starter, but I think he has earned a chance. Teams already have their starters in place, so a team interested in a goalie would most likely be looking at something inexpensive. The only way Biron gets delt is if a contender looses it’s starter to a serious injury and they have enough cap room.

  4. burnz30 says:

    Actualy Turek went to the Czech Republic to play for HC Ceske Budejovice. He was born in the Czech Republic, so he is going home to play. Turek can’t cut it in the NHL anymore anyways. He only had 2 really good years, the rest was just .500. There are plenty of good up and coming goalies, no need to call a washed up 35yr old who doesn’t want to be here.

  5. archemedes says:

    why trade for a goalie now, then have 3 guys in a month or so, if they do get another guy it should be someone who’s almost ready to be an nhl backup, but still really a minor league guy (so you can send him down) but to pick up Potvin (who I never thought was that great overall) you’d have to send Dunham down, that doesn’t work either. The cap space won’t matter, when a guy is on IR his salary doesn’t count towards cap.

  6. JScottLeRoi says:

    The Sabres would rather trade Biron. It makes less sense for them to keep a $2.2mil backup. The problem with them trading him to ATL is that the Thrashers won’t want to take on his big salary just to rent him for a month or 2. With Dunham and Lehtonen healthy, they have the great young talent with big potential and the veteran backup as an anchor. Neither Buffalo goalie fits into their equation (especially since neither can go to the minors w/o waivers).

    It would make more sense for them to land Potvin until the 2 are healthy, and then plan on getting rid of either Dunham or Potvin in the end.

    Besides, Buffalo has been dead set against trading one of their goalies to another Eastern team (until they get desperate). I think it’s more likely to see Biron go to LA or Noronen go to STL.

    Atlanta should try to stick to getting a veteran guy who they can count on for a month. Potvin is the easy choice.

    If Atlanta trades for Biron, and picks up that contract (which would cap them, depending on who they trade for him), the fans should be mad at the irresponsbile use of money they don’t have.

  7. Buffalo_Sabres_Fan says:

    Last week in the Buffalo News it was reported that Atlanta proposed a 3rd round pick for Noronen and then uped it to a 1st round.

  8. JScottLeRoi says:

    I thought it was a 3rd rounder upped to a 2nd rounder. That’s the article I read. Do you have the article where they upped it to a 1st?

    And as far as I knew, that was in the preseason, before they got Dunham. No real offer had been made since. It made more sense for them to want a backup then, now, they’d be trading for a rental player. They’re probably willing to give up less now.

  9. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    wtf atlanta wont give a first rounder for Noronen for a first rounder you can get a top 10 goalie and i know for a fact it was only uped to a second rounder

  10. SabresFan220 says:

    Yea, the rumor I’ve heard is Noronen for Exelby and a late rounder. At first I thought that this was a great offer for the Sabres (which makes me skeptical about Atlanta actually making that offer) but Exelby isn’t what people first thought he was. Last season under the old rules he looked like the next Scott Stevens, under the new rules he looks more like the next Wade Belak.

    Darcy Regier is playing the waiting game, when a team makes an offer he can’t refuse he’ll obviously take it. Considering the way Miller has started the season and the fact Biron has been dressing as the backup for every game so far, Noronen only played 1 preseason game and got shelled. Yes he was shelled by a surprisingly good Minnesota team (who I’m disappointed the Sabres won’t play during the regular season so that Vanek can play in Minnesota again) and he didn’t get much defensive support that night. He still hasn’t played or even dressed for a game in nearly a month. However, in the dire straits Atlanta and even the Blues are in goaltending wise Noronen would still help them.

    Potvin is a possibility for the Blues, Thrashers, and the Kings (especially since he’s played for the Kings before). You just wonder if Potvin still has it at his age. No one was in a rush to sign him even as a backup during the offseason. The same goes for Turek and the other goalies still out on the free agent market.

  11. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Roman turek is no longer in assosiation with the NHL and I see Potvin going to LA as the most dominant probability

  12. PSU_Penguin says:

    While we’re talking about older, possibly washed up goalies; what’s Irbe doing these days?

  13. wheresthesoda says:

    atlanta is just screwed, they better wait it out…..bc nothing else is good

  14. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    He still has a contract with Columbus but i doubt he will return i think he is finished

  15. rojoke says:

    Atlanta has been a kind of schizophrenic team. They Washington in back-to-back games by a score of 15-3, and lose – to put it mildly – to the Leafs 9-1. If they could figure out what kind of team they are, they might be able to wait for Lehtonen and Dunham to heal and stick with Garnett for a few weeks. Then again, they may be able to that anyway. If they do try to get some help, it will probably be the free agent route rather than a trade.

  16. Aetherial says:

    A team with Hossa, Bondra, Kovalchuk, Holik, Savard and Kozlov can only score 2 goals in a league playing with fairy-princess rules…

    I would say that even if they have to go to their minor league backup that goaltending is NOT their problem. Their goalie was completely left hung out to dry against the Leafs. I felt bad for him. It was a helluva nice welcome to the NHL.

    Heart is their problem; as in Hartley.

  17. cecilturtle says:

    Hay, I see a “?” at the end of the heading… I don’t know how badly hurt the 3 goalie’s for Atl. are? But if they are back playing within 2-3 weeks??? It does not pay to get another goalie for that short period of time unless it dont cost nothing.

    But if your goalies are out for an extended amount of time??? What do you Thrashers fans think of the Rangers goalie Weeks? He might be available if the price is right? His salary is 1.9 million for this year and next.

    Cecil Turtle

  18. archemedes says:

    the problem is all of those great players don’t know how to play with each other, they can deal with one other guy, but 5 and they aren’t sure who the go to guy is, tehy will get that figured out pretty quick

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