Atlanta perfect trade partner

If Bob wants Price in the big show for good he’s got to give him the #1 job and bring up Halak for back up. With Lethenon out for Atlanta this is the perfect time to move Huet who has really helped out his value with the way he’s been playing. But I say if we can add more offense then lets go with Price and Halak. Trade Huet, Ryder, Kostopolous, & Grabovski (as Atlanta also needs a European centre with speed to play with Kovalchuk) ask for Hossa & P. Dupuis & 2 minor leaguers G. Desbiens & B. Valabik or even one of the 2 minor leaguers. We give up roughly 7.6 mill in salary and take on 6.8. Dupuis would be a good fit for our third line with Smolinski & Latendresse he brings more speed & offense to the table then Kostopolous and still plays with lots of grit. Then that leaves Koivu, Hossa, Kovalev, Plecanek, Higgins & Kostitsyn for our top 2 lines. Also there had been a rumour ogf Kovalev to Calgary for Tanguay I’d make that move in a heart beat. Then our top line would be Koivu, Tanguay & Hossa with a second line of Plecanek, Higgins & Kostitsyn as they were great together at the end of last year and I can’t understand why Carbo hasn’t put them back together. There is one more piece I would try and get and that is a fouth line tough guy to play when needed. Zack Stortini who policed the baby Habs to the Calder Cup last year would be good. Maybe trade Milroy or Locke for him.
Then we look like this:

Goal: Price, Halak

Defense: Markov Komy, Hamarlik-Briseboise, Bouillon-Striet, depth Gorges & Dandenault

Forward: Tangauay- Koivu-Hossa, Higgins – Plecanek – Kostitsyn, Smolinski – Latendresse – Dupuis, Begin – Lapierre – Dandenault and maybe rotate Gorges in on the fourth line and also Stortini when needed. I guess you also figured out Chipchura is gone back to Hamilton to play everyday as I think Lapierre got the message and has played awesome since being sent down. This also leaves Murray in the picture when he gets back and he would be a fourth line file in also. Go with Murray, Begin & Stortini for the fourth line for extra toughness when needed.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Montreal isn't going to win the Cup this year (most likely), so why rush Price? Also, why bring in Hossa, who will be a Free Agent at year's end and won't sign with Montreal in all likelihood?  Why reward Chipchura's good defensive play by demoting him to Hamilton? I've said it more than once, Lapierre isn't all that good. Yeah, he's doing good in Hamilton but that's the AHL not the NHL. As for Tanguay, I'd do it in a flash, especially since Tanguay still has another year or two on his current contract. I've stood up for Gorges in tha past but he's proven once and for all he's not an NHL hockey player and I'll be the first admit that I was wrong about him. Same goes with Garth Murray. Come on, he's a no talent bum. He offers very little upside when he's on the ice and really is a lousy fighter. Why he still is in Montreal boggles my mind. I'm also gonna stand up for Kostopolous, he had one bad game so far and already this is like the 3rd post saying he should be traded. Kostopolous is a decent offensive player but plays very good defence most nights and to top it off, he can fight when he wants.

  2. THEGREATHAB says:

    Perectly put, I wish all of our fans would be a little more patient, lets not gut our teams future for the sake of having Hossa for one year. We should definately let Price develope slow so he doesnt end up like Fleury. I agree with Kovalev for Tanguay and anything we could get out of Murray. If we were to trade a goalie, in my mind it would be Halak, that still leaves us with Danis and Desjardins in the system. As far a Kostopolous goes, he is one of the proudest guys to be wearing a hab jersey, he is a team leader, and in my mind a more talented Begin type of player. He is the type of player we need more of. One more thing, I have been the first one to bash Dandeneault before this year started, but I love the job he is doing on the fourth line.

    If Gainey listened to every Hab fans demand, there would be no players left, again we are rebuilding and are 1-2 years away from being a strong contender if and only if we develope guys like Gabovski, Latandresse, Price, Higgins, Kostisyn, Komisarick, Chipchura, and Plekaneck. So lets not trade away our young talent for a guy who might get us in the playoffs this year, and leave us in the basement next year.

  3. darcysucker says:

    Do you really think Gainey would trade away a guy he just signed?  Besides Kostopolous has been playing pretty well, granted he had that lapse against ottawa, but he had a big game on saturday.  As for Halak, I've lost confidence in him, have you seen his stats in the ahl?  He's playing horrible.  I think the current duo of Price and Huet is perfect, let Price learn a little from the veteran, and let Huet take the pressure off Price (and vice versa) As for the Kovalev rumor, we all know that was false, besides Kovy is playing well.  I think we just need to be patient with this team right now, they'll come around.  Besides who cares if they're not playing so well now, it's the end of the season that matters, remember last year?  The team was playing great hockey, skating like crazy, dominating almost every team they played for the first half of the season, and then what?  I also wanted to mention how good Dandy is playing, he's perfect on the 4th line, keep him there!

  4. Fuzz16 says:

    There is no way we can trade Huet rite now…..He is playing really good…..Just cause we have a goalie that will be amazing in like 3 years does not mean we have to give up opur goaltending rite now.  Huet will be our number one this whole season and its because of him we will have a chance to make the playoffs……I agree with a previous post….why Rush Price….. He will have his chance next year to take the reigns or maybe later this year but he is not ready to be a starter as of yet….. If Danis is outplaying Halak rite now…why not trade Halak, Ryder, Locke, Brisebois and 2 2nd round picks or something…..We need Huet

  5. habz2007 says:

    the Trade makes no sence for Gainey to make cuz gainey wants to improve the team now and future and does not want to give up alot for someone who he may not be able to resign like hossa and y not wait til deadline when u can get him for next to nothing besides that they don't want to rush price  also your lines makes no sence why would you seperate higging and koivu they play well together and why put all your best players on 1st line that makes it easy for teams to shut you down  if gainey makes a trade for huet it will be something that will help the habs in the future as well as now hossa isn't it the kovalev for tangay trade would work well for montreal to get rid of the off ice garbage that kovalev keeps bringing in. But Bob Gainey never rushes into trades but i think we need a move somewere  to help us get to the post season

  6. habsgod says:

    great article but instead of hossa i’d try to get kovalchuk!!he’s younger and more dynamic and is better than hossa!!and with kovalev on a line with kovalchuk these two guys would be the best 1-2 punch in the league!!!i’d give up ryder, huet,emelin and a conditional1st r.d pick i think that atlanta would take this package! the conditonal pick would be incase atlanta couldn’t resign ryder after the season!!!

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